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May 29th, 2014

There’s an App for It ? Part 4 of 10


You’ve been spending countless hours designing, planning, and coordinating your upcoming event. However incredible these plans may be, anyone in the industry knows it’s time and money down the drain if you don’t get the word out and get attendees through the door. Enter the miracle of promoting!

Happily, with a few clever Apps, a few keystrokes and a little social media luck . . . . your event can become the most talked about and anticipated item on the calendar! Here are the top three Apps that make it a cinch to generate some buzz!

Bizzabo – this amazing free App is designed to connect event organizers with event attendees. Bizzabo divides its services into two camps—those who create events and those who attend them. It walks event planners through the planning before, during, and after! For event creators, the App is a one-stop shop for planning, networking, and marketing—offering a dedicated server, complete with company branding and logos. Messaging, calendars, agendas, polling, marketing and sponsorships are all covered by this game-changing application!

Foursquare – while we’re all used to this location-based social network App being great for our personal lives, be certain to maximize its potential for your event. Add your event as a venue in Foursquare as soon as possible, and create check-in possibilities for each of your event’s unique aspects, areas or gatherings. Foursquare is a fun way to “virtually” guarantee that your event attendees will make the most of the possibilities that you’ve organized. Feel free to engage your attendees’ competitive sides with competitions, giveaways and other special offers that are linked to their check-ins! Let Facebook and Twitter linked accounts distribute the details through hashtags. For more ideas, check out our related article,

Hootsuite – your attendees (or future attendees) need easy access to all of the vital information on your event, as well as teasers to drum up excitement and increase attendance. With so many social media opportunities and outlets, Hootsuite is the answer for delivering your messages simultaneously across all platforms. Some of your guests use Facebook and some may use Mixi, but Hootsuite is the best way to reach your audience at whatever social media platform is home for them!

Stay tuned for “There’s an App for It – Part 5,” as we delve into APPS that help you figure out the technology Before your event!

Utilize the App’s discussed above to promote your event and contact CRE Rentals for the technology needed to make your event memorable. Whether you’re looking for WiFi Boosters, iPad Rentals or Audience Response Systems, we’re ready to help make your next event a success. Give us a call today! 877-266-7725


May 22nd, 2014



You thought the next article would be on Technology Apps Before your event…but I need to call out one program that encompasses Planning, Technology and Promoting on the Pre-planning side.  I’m calling it the IDEA Organization app.

That program is Evernote and the program is free and the App is available for iPhones, Androids etc.

Evernote has become a go to program for filing and organizing all info you find (or put online).  It would be a Series of 10 articles to just discuss Evernote and all of its capabilities,  especially for Event Planning…but let’s start with some simple uses of this program/App.

Wandering through an event (I’m sure everything seems like an event to you at this point) you notice something brilliant or something not working…you take a note, you take a picture, you send a text…what happens with all that info now?

You upload it to Evernote where you file, tag, capture and store that tidbit so it’s easily found and referenced for another event or two.

I start by creating “Notebooks” for specific events or clients.  I also have Notebooks for random ideas, mistakes I want to avoid and active To-Dos.

So I am walking through someone else’s event and I come across a logo of a sponsor that would be a perfect match for Event XYZ … take a picture of that logo, tag it with sponsor, and name of company (and contact if I get that lucky).  It goes into my XYZ Event Notebook and tag it as a To Do.

From the App you can take a picture (a receipt, an agenda, a brochure, an itinerary,  etc.), attach an existing photo or document, write a note, set a reminder, create a checklist…and File, File, File…all from your phone.  This is especially great for all of us who aren’t really sitting at our desk very often.

And for those times when you are at your desk researching, trolling the web, reading blog articles (such as this one) you can use the Evernote Web clipper to clip any Webpage…no longer do you have to bookmark on your browser and later try to find what you book marked with no help of tags and notes.  Put it directly in an Event Notebook or a “To Read” Notebook.

Emails that are critical to an Event can be forwarded to your Evernote account and put in that Event notebook.  And use Evernote program Skitch to draw on your Evernote docs…great for communicating Tradeshow Floor changes.

In this article I’ve only scratched the surface of the robustness of Evernote.  So whether you are a one-person show or part of a large event planning team…Evernote can make things easier.   So Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter or Join our Circle on Google Plus for this 10 week series on what is out there in App land to make your next event less stressful and more spectacular.  And if you can’t do that immediately…then Evernote can remind you!

Go ahead and put “Call CRE Rentals” as an Evernote To-Do for your next event.   Whether you’re looking for iPads, WiFi Array systems or AudioVisual equipment, CRE Rentals has the technology you need to make your event stand out.

May 15th, 2014


Ever wonder what all those little icons on your iPhone are used for…ever watch those Apple iPhone commercials and wonder…does my iPhone really do that?

I’ll tell you about a few apps that can change the way you plan for you next big corporate event, fundraiser or other event…and even if you don’t have an iPhone or newer iPad the apps mentioned,  or their equivilant, are available  for androids and desktops.

The first app is already on your iPhone,  as long as you have IOS 7 then all the functionality of this Reminder/Scheduler will be at your fingertips.

It’s your Reminders Icon that’s part of all IOS 7…this little scheduler packs a powerful punch in organization.  But it also allows you to set reminders based on when and where you want to be reminded.

Let’s take a common scenerio with Event Planners…the To Do List has the following 3 items on it.

Corporate Event 1 – Need to order Kiosks

New Product launch 3 – order iPads

Corporate Event 5 – order LCDs

Now if you created lists for all of the events (in Bold) and set up tasks under each event then you can either set up a reminder that pops up when you enter the doors of your favorite AV rental location or,  if you are virtual,  then set up a scheduled call where all of the tasks will pop up.

There are lots of step by step guides on how to use Reminders on your iPhone…here’s one:

Also,  once a list/Event is set up you can have Siri add to that list for when you are on the go and don’t want to type it out…Tell Siri to “Add Rent Monitors to your Corporate 1 List” or “Read my Scheduled Task List” or “Remind me to call CRE tomorrow at 9 am.”

One drawback…sharing your To-Do’s is a bit cumbersome with the Reminder App.  If you have a team and loads of people to assign things to…then Asana  (downloadable for Androids, IOs and Computer interface) is the App for you!

This fantastic free app allows you to create, assign and then track tasks.

Create a project (or event) create (or  copy over)  your To Do list…then assign duties.  All conversations, updates and changes are made in a single place…you don’t have to schedule status updates, read status emails or write updates.

It’s across platforms and not email specific (meaning you all don’t have to have a address) so it works for your contractors and vendors as well.

It’s a free App and easy to set up and maintain.  Don’t leave your office without it loaded and ready to check.

Now try these two apps out and see which one makes your world just a bit smoother this week.

CRE Rentals provides the technology needed for your event to be a success.   Whether you’re looking for WiFi Solutions,  iPads or Audience Response Systems we’re ready to help make your next event a success.  Give us a call today…877-266-7725



May 8th, 2014

Events are better than phone calls, emails and tweets.  They gather people face-to-face for a myriad of reason and in numerous places.   

So put that cellphone away at your next event and really enjoy the connectivity of human contact.

But wait a second.  Don’t put that cell phone away so fast.  As the planner of this event that’s the one tool you shouldn’t live without.  Technology at events is making your life easier…right?  Ok maybe it’s just confusing things…but no longer…because there’s an app for it.

Over the next few weeks we will look at all the components of en event and tell you about some of the apps that are there to support you.


Planning – There are apps for planning (reminders, countdowns, and checklists).

Technology – There are apps that can figure out what you need for sound, Wi-Fi and layout.

Promoting – how to get your event promoted via social media, local event listings etc.


Planning – Who is where?  What is missing?  When did something get delivered?  All these questions can be tracked and answered with a few apps.

Technology – Check the back of the room for sound, update your agenda, and play a cue all from your phone

Promoting – Stay on top of your client needs with an app that monitors all the chatter in the social media space – identifying immediate hiccups that could lead to huge issues if unaddressed.


Planning – update your original event plans via app for next year (or next week)

Technology – What worked and what didn’t, what there mike feedback or downtime on the Wi-Fi system…track, report and lay out new specs for the next time

Promoting – gather all your new “friends, followers, fans” into your social media strategy so they can hear from you not before or during an event but after. Solicit feedback, offer prizes for best picture taken at event…keep the conversation going…and yes, there’s an app for that.

So whether you are a one-person show or part of a large event planning team…there’s an app that will help your event run smoother.  So Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter or Join our Circle on Google Plus for this 10 week series on what is out there in App land to make your next event less stressful and more spectacular

CRE Rentals provides the technology needed for your event to be a success.   Whether you’re looking for WiFi SolutionsiPads or Audience Response Systems we’re ready to help make your next event a success.  Give us a call today…877-266-7725