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September 1st, 2011

Whether you are speaking to five people in a department meeting or 300 at a tradeshow, the cliche holds true: You have one chance to make a good first impression. Logistically, CRE can help you with gorgeous plasma rentals for your PowerPoint presentation, plus everything you need to fill the room with sights and sounds from our comprehensive selection of audio visual rentals. But it’s not about the room or the equipment – it’s about keeping the audience’s attention. Here are half a dozen great ways to do that.

6 Super Speaking Tips
1. Be bold. Bold statements get attention, making listeners focus on what comes next. So when you make a bold claim – “This industry will die by 2015″ or “Your grandchildren will live to 100″ – have your follow-up ready.

2. Ask a question. You can start with a question and use your presentation to answer it. Another approach is to use multiple questions throughout your presentation. By using CRE’s Audience Response System rentals you can capture valuable feedback.

3. Encourage new thinking. Asking people to use their imagination – “Imagine how to reward innovators” – puts them in the middle of the experience. As an “open, non-restrictive demand,” it allows their creativity free reign.

4. Challenge old thinking. People fall into patterns of thinking as well as behavior. “Old” thinking led many technology analysts to forecast failure for Apple’s iPad. CRE’s experience with iPad rentals, like Apple’s with the device’s phenomenal worldwide sales, clearly spells success, and also shows that innovation can be confusing and counterintuitive.

5. Tell a (true) story. People are most convincing when speaking from the heart. Your audience will sense your sincerity when you share a personal anecdote, unless you try to act sincere or lay it on too thick. You want to connect, not perform.

6. Be yourself. If you don’t tell jokes well, then don’t tell any. Make sure your presentation sounds like you, not your firm’s marketing copy writer or product manager. Digital recorder rentals can help you practice and perfect your delivery for a smooth performance.

Of course, you may run into snags. Stuff happens! Since authenticity is an important element of all these tips – and the subject of fascinating new research – be real. If you flub a line or lose your place, excuse yourself and move on. In fact, it is at these embarrassing times that seasoned speakers make use of Tips #5 and 6. Be honest, be yourself, but never forget Show Biz Rule#1: The show must go on!

If you are “putting on a show” we have a full range of convention rentals and the expert Account Executives to put it together for you. If your work involves putting on someone else’s show, we’ve got the render farm rentals and other post-production gear you need for that, too. One call or e-mail is all it takes, or a few clicks with the Quick Rental Quote form. We’re ready to help, right now, the right way!

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