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April 19th, 2012

In a slow economy, management takes a hard look at all expenses. Some firms choose to rent laptops rather than buy them, and make other cost-effective changes, but should resist zeroing out the marketing budget. It seems counter-intuitive, Recessionbut a recession can be an excellent time to inject some fresh thinking into your marketing efforts.

Here are six top tips for marketing in recessionary times.

1. Do an e-mail newsletter. Every modern iMac and Windows PC has an e-mail program with easy-to-use templates (“stationery”), so you don’t need design chops. Keeping the message short, focused and useful increases the likelihood that it will be forwarded (a good thing). However you assemble your mailing list, put an opt-out message in the footer of the newsletter.

2. Revisit your Rolodex. If there are still names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses buried in your business card pile and old paper-based Rolodex, it’s way past time to get them into your computer’s Address Book. Make a habit of visiting your (digital) Rolodex regularly.

3. Update and upgrade. When business is slow, especially in small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), some “free time” should be invested in your online presence. Whether you’re using Facebook as a business portal, working the “circles” in Google+ or doing a blog on the new all-in-one multitouch display PC, the Internet has a nearly limitless number of ways to connect, promote – and prevail!

4. Volunteer and contribute. Whether you are a creative pro that uses our AJA Io HD rental in post-production, or a CPA that “counts the beans” in the company coffers, you have valuable skills. Consider volunteering, on a one-shot or ongoing basis, at a local nonprofit. Share your corporate know-how, lend a helping hand and meet all kinds of people. You never know what it might lead to.

5. Start a breakfast meeting. One or two breakfasts each week – with former clients, current colleagues, even future competitors – can keep you abreast of potential opportunities. Take along a MacBook for written and/or verbal notes, and if you keep things interesting and useful, you could be moving from a table for two to the banquet room real soon.

6. Search offline, too. If you save all your e-mail (by archiving or using Gmail), and hang on to Post-It notes and inked-up napkins, then you should search all of it – there’s no telling what might spark a new idea. Notions that didn’t make sense at a certain time or in a certain context might be just right for today’s – or tomorrow’s – challenges.

To meet your big challenges – in post-production, at trade shows or with corporate presentations – you need the best tools and techniques. Simply call or e-mail CRE Rentals and an experienced Account Executive will assist you, or use the Quick Rental Quote form if you know what you need. We’re always ready with the right solution – right now!

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