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April 30th, 2013

CA World 2013 logoThe CA World 2013 conference, put on by IT leader CA Technologies, just wrapped up after four nonstop days in Las Vegas. Although famous for its first-rate educational sessions, more than 300 of which are already available online, the “big deal” this year was the announcement of CA Clarity Playbook. Now just hold on a minute: Is this company suggesting that there’s something going on with today’s technology (or people) that needs clarification? Say what?

Clarity for parity

It’s not a new problem, actually; it could be argued that poor communication is the cause of most of the world’s ills, from religious animosities to all-out war. The high-tech workplaces, intellectual property (IP) issues, and “creative destruction” associated with technology firms (and technological progress) are all battlefields of a kind, and clear communication is critical. CA Clarity Playbook is an iPad app that does a good job of integrating goals and strategies into the “operating reality” of a business, specifically to improve (1) communication and (2) decision making.

Clarity Playbook Screenshot

CA Clarity Playbook uses a “mobile dashboard” model for the app, which is HTML5-compliant. It will operate on devices like our MacBook Pro rental and Windows laptops, since Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and other browsers support the standard. It is likely that CA will develop versions for Android and Windows, too, to serve their many customers that are using smartphones, tablets, tablet PC rentals, and other devices. Still, CA Clarity Playbook was designed for “the iPad first, web second,” in yet another indication of how Apple has gained “pride of place” among digital doohickeys.

Using a common language

Eveline Oehrlich of Forrester Research expects the new CA Clarity Playbook app to help people communicate better in the corporate environment, which is the best way to avoid the proverbial “unintended consequences.” In fact, she says, a prime focus of good IT is to “help people get better at communicating and connecting. Tools like this make people connect.” If confusion reigns, and IT doesn’t stay abreast of business functions and goals, performance suffers. “We become dinosaurs if we don’t change,” Oehrlich adds. The best way for IT managers to do that, she suggests, is to stop all the “servers and availability and performance” talk, and engage business execs on their own terms, in their own language.

If you thought, “Hey, that’s a lot of power for an iPad app,” you’re right. CA Clarity Playbook is actually delivered to customers as SaaS (Software as a Service) at the enterprise level, and the iPad app merely grants access to the powerful tools now on the company server(s). If you’re an exec responsible for assessing market conditions as they change, as well as getting event production rentals for an upcoming conference, Clarity Playbook may be just the thing you need. One caveat: The CA pitch is that the “days of the annual, often manual, plan are gone” and that you have to “plan perpetually” now. Perhaps you’re doing fine already. Perhaps the communication at your fir
m is good. But it wouldn’t hurt to check things out and get, you know, a little clarity on the subject.

Let’s be clear about this, too: CRE really is your one-stop shop for high-tech, post-production gear, as well as trade show convention rentals for making the best impression. Call us now at (877) 266-7725, send a message, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form. CRE: Clearly the best.

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