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April 8th, 2010

Along with all the amazing labor-saving advances in computing and networking technology over the past decades have come some serious challenges. For whatever reasons, there will always be some people that want to bend and twist technology to destructive purposes. Computer users, both individuals and companies, are now faced with the task of protecting themselves with anti-virus tools and spyware removal.

All of CRE’s computers, from tablet PC rentals to the latest Mac Pro rentals, are certified to be free of malware, viruses, spyware and other “rogue code.” However, we cannot control the environment into which you bring them, so to keep them safe from external threats, you need to follow some simple steps. Many of these you are already doing, most likely, while some (we hope) will be good new additions to your security regimen.

Online and off, be wary of security breaches

Computer security with computer rentalsCompanies may be targeted by competitors that want to hack into financial records or trade secrets. Therefore, network security is a must. In addition to cyberstealing, outsiders may also spread damaging viruses or install various kinds of spyware. Removing these “invaders” requires state-of-the-art knowledge of the threats as well as up-to-date software tools. You, your IT manager, some other employee or a respected consulting firm must be at least as good, if not better, or you’re may have problems. Step one should always be to ensure you’ve got current anti-hacking expertise available – every day.

However, not all threats come from outside. Most companies lose more from employee theft than robberies, burglaries and hacking combined. An employee who makes off with a computer is not just taking the device, but everything that’s on it, including mission-critical work. If you have one of CRE’s iMac rentals and it is stolen, insurance will take care of the physical loss, but the computer files – new product designs, important presentations, legal documents – could be gone forever. Step two is ensuring daily backups to a central server or remote drive, and regular offsite storage of backups, as well. Backing up protects you against more than just computer crashes.

Security benefit of computer rentals

Once again, as we continually remind our clients, there are some very compelling reasons to rent some or all of your computers. Ready or not, we are all on the way to the world of the virtual office, and the cost savings for your business can be substantial if you get ahead of the curve and stay there. Step three, then, should be a complete review of your TCO (Total Cost of Operation) for your computing assets. If you have never done such a study, you may be surprised how much it costs to stay current with, and regularly replace, high-tech equipment at the level of CRE’s powerful computer rentals.

When you don’t have to keep buying new equipment, repairing it, maintaining it and replacing it every year or two, you have additional time, money and energy to do what’s really important. That means growing your business, of course. There is also a security benefit to renting, since you are assured of first-rate equipment operating in a first-rate manner. In addition, whether it’s computers or office equipment rentals, this benefit (combined with possible financial incentives) makes a good case for renting some or even all of the tools you need.

CRE has Account Executives who know the hardware, the software and the safest, most effective ways of using them. Call, send an e-mail or fill out our online Quick Rental Quote form. We can help you work more efficiently, as well as more securely, which is more important with each passing day.

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