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February 17th, 2011

For years, companies that suffered theft from employees, visitors, customers and/or vendors had few unobtrusive means of monitoring the workplace. Difference between Security & SpyingToday’s security and surveillance technologies – small, diversified, high in tech and low in cost – have come to the rescue, but have also precipitated debates on privacy. We’ve blogged about security and surveillance before, mostly describing the hardware and software components. Today’s blog is about how it’s done – and how it’s explained to skeptical employees.

The company side

Cameras are still the front line of defense, and are so small they can easily be hidden – and they’re wireless, too. The technology continues getting better and cheaper, but tremendous advances have also been made in monitoring employees’ computer use “from the inside out” – meaning network security measures or spyware (like ”keystroke capture” software) installed on individual computers. CRE computer rentals, of course, arrive to you completely free of malware, spyware and everything else. But what about the computers at your business?

Few responsible business owners favor unrestrained spying, and would have a hard time keeping employees if they did. The law is still evolving in this area, but there are already limits on workplace monitoring – there are some federal laws, but state laws differ. Within these constraints, though, business owners have the legal and fiduciary responsibility to know how employees are accessing data, and keep track of its use. It is a multi-part issue – intellectual property rights, data ownership, employer rights, employee privacy and other topics are involved.

The employee side

Management must clearly inform employees about company security policies, and disclose what is taking place. When companies make it clear that they are not doing wide-ranging eavesdropping or surveillance, most employees are cooperative. One should never, ever do personal work on an employer’s computers (or their CRE iMac rentals), much less leave files on them. Some firms routinely erase document directories (even entire drives) after archiving the week’s work, so you would not only lose your files but create a permanent record of them in the company archives. Not good.

The security solution for your firm should fit the circumstances, not create more problems. Employee monitoring is a touchy subject, and employees must be brought into the process so as not to create a morale issue. If employees are treated with respect they will understand your reliance on certain safeguards. With up-to-date knowledge and a little time, you’ll have a customized plan that’s just right for your unique situation.

CRE knows what technology you need for your unique situations, too, from AJA Io HD rentals for post-production to a full range of convention rentals for your trade show booth and breakout sessions. Call or e-mail our Account Executives, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote, and you’ll get a customized plan to tackle any equipment-related obstacle.

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