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March 8th, 2011

Tough Economic TimesBudgets are busted all over. The federal government may shut down. The State of California is nearly bankrupt. There is strong agreement at all levels of government that we need to do more with less. In tough economies, some businesses have to do the same thing.

One very important benefit of CRE computer rentals, like all our high-tech rentals, is a straightforward financial one: You save money. If you need render farm rentals a few times per month, purchasing the equipment is not a good investment for you. You have to maintain it, repair it and upgrade it – and ultimately you have to replace it. It’s a costly cycle. For monthly training sessions, getting a dozen or 20 iMac rentals is a bargain compared to buying the computers to sit idle most of the time.

The dismal science

Every business has a unique situation with respect to equipment needs, budgets, production demands and so forth. Yet no matter what your needs, CRE has you covered. As just one example of the real-world edge CRE offers, we know that your marketing and trade show dollars need to go farther and do more than ever. CRE convention rentals will bring your exhibit area to life.

You could have your interactive product demos running on touchscreen LCD monitor rentals, or stop passers-by and show them the same thing on the bright, colorful screen of our iPad rentals. Send some of your team members around the conference center, with iPads or even tablet PC rentals, and they can stay in touch with Wi-Fi, capture information from attendees, show product videos or PDF brochures, and check work e-mail. Work efficiently, follow your plan, remain positive – and you will stretch that budget.

Micro and macro

On the micro level – you, your company – it’s easy to see the benefits of CRE for everything from the aforementioned tech gear to office equipment rentals. There’s lower capital investment, reduced production overhead and predictable expenses. On the macro level – everyone else, the rest of the planet – CRE rentals are a nice shade of green. With multiple production companies, studios and animators using potent Mac Pro with Kona Card rentals just when they need them, there is no “inefficient ownership.”

CRE offers efficient rentals to counter the inefficiencies that some businesses experience with costly hardware that needs continuous upgrading. Whether it’s one of our Xserve RAID rentals or a slick way of enhancing your small firm’s presence in a cavernous conference center, we’re ready to equip you for whatever it is that you need to do. Call or e-mail an Account Executive and we’ll show you how efficient and effective CRE service and support can be.

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