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December 10th, 2013

Yes, there were environmental movements in the 1980s and 1990s, too. These movements took root right alongside the Macintosh computers, digital media, and other high-tech tools whose evolution has brought us to today. There have been incredible advances in computing power and storage, as well as in less wasteful business practices. But one signature movement from the past aimed at greening the corporate world has returned – building your own “paperless office”.

Paper in the work place

Paperless …it’s not that complicated

The basic paperless office was conceived 30+ years ago, but still works (or doesn’t work) the same way:

  • Scan everything,
  • save it to some Xserve RAID mass storage or the cloud, and
  • establish a workflow without printed output.

Simple, right? Simple enough to conceptualize, certainly, but most paperless office attempts fail, and many companies output even more paper than before. That’s why a paperless campaign today should encourage, not mandate—and implement proven paper-saving policies, not start a perfectionist crusade. “Progress, not perfection” is a self-help saying that encapsulates the “deliberate gradualism” of iMac development, for example. Don’t think “paperless.” Think “less paper” meaning:

Digitization of paper documents: use scanner or multifunction printer, possible in combination, to scan and store to folder.

Access, search or processing of electronic documents can be handled using applications available from Windows, Mac, or incorporating browser-like features to handle the “search” functionality.

Archiving of data: use in-house solutions or in the cloud archiving system

Since there is no magic method to going instantly paperless, you are best advised to read about the process and make gradual changes, rather than choose a one-size-fits-all solution. You do not need to buy a paperless office. You need to run one that uses less paper.

Are you ready to use less paper? CRE Rentals can help with office equipment rentals as well as laptop rentals and iPad rental for professionals on the go. Give us a call today at  (877) 266-7725!

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