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August 14th, 2014

Continuing our six-part series on the many uses of this unique organizational tool, we address Evernote “Business”—the branch of the  program that’s specifically designed to aid in work collaboration. So often, the success of a business or a team depends on flawless communication.

In the business world, we all know that valuable and vital information is being forwarded to us regularly. Often, this informationEvernote Business is arriving at a time when we’re previously occupied and we’re not necessarily prepared to process it or deal with it immediately. Rather than pushing memos aside for a more convenient time, use Evernote to process data instantly. Better still, if the information helps a team member—easily share, sync, and delegate the project to another person, while still keeping impeccable records of the material. Evernote business is ideal for teams across devices, offices, and locations—even across the globe!

In the traditional business model, it’s common for a team to meet once a week. Unfortunately, using that schedule, it can take a full week evernote differentto realize a task didn’t get done, and it can take another week to confirm that the mistake was fixed! The ONLY thing worse than two team members accidentally repeating the same task, is when—through miscommunication—NO one performs the task!

Fast-forward to a business using Evernote to communicate its goals and manage its workload—if all team members are instantly connected in real time, redundancy is removed and efficiency is accelerated! Here are a few of the ways that Evernote can streamline your business operations:

  • Capture and share knowledge—in real time—on any work-related account or project
  • Share information company-wide
  • Invite team members to multiple notebooks at once—allowing employees to easily get up to speed on any project
  • Administrators—allow view-only or editing rights on shared notebooks
  • Store and share meeting notes
  • Record meetings when connected with your phone
  • Record interviews when connected with your phone
  • Access all notes—even offline—when they’re synced
  • Scan and store work receipts for business expenses and accounting
  • Keep track of brainstorming ideas
  • Use as a virtual “whiteboard” for projects—instantly update and easily share
  • Keep track of vital information – agendas, itineraries, phone numbers, and more
  • Attach files, spreadsheets, images, and documents to any note or notebook
  • Use Evernote’s “Presentation” feature to make a slide presentation out of your notes
  • Use as a “virtual Rolodex” to keep track of business contacts

Stay tuned for the next post in the series: “Evernote Illuminated—Part Five: Business Apps”, as we explore some of the amazing apps that can put Evernote to work, making work easier for you!








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