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April 9th, 2013

TimThinkGeek's Prankster Packe once again to leave the serious business behind for a few minutes and have a little fun. As today’s blog title suggests, geeks (otherwise known as nerds, techies, tech-heads, cyberdorks, etc.) are not always the frowning minions of the IT department, resetting your passwords and installing the latest OS updates on your MacBook or PC. They are also known for having an odd sense of humor, as the site ThinkGeek proves on even cursory examination.

Besides stocking a wide assortment of t-shirts with math- and science-based one-liners (“Obey Gravity: It’s the Law!”), the site has R2D2 Pillows, Titanic-shaped Unsinkable Tea Infusers, and Star Wars Watches. Besides stickers and clip-ons for decorating your cubicle or the frame of your LCD touchscreen monitor rental, there are also some products designed for more action-oriented geeknoids. Among the most popular are the prank products. Let’s take a gander.

Pranks a lot!

Perhaps the best introduction to the geek prankster mindset is a review of the best-selling items. The three most popular prank products at ThinkGeek have been grouped into a nicely discounted “Prank Bundle.” The site owners know that most business-world visitors have someone in their office they’d “like to torture” or get even with—from “that guy who is always creating emergencies” to the “lady who is [blaming you] for something that was her fault.” In some offices, pranks might even serve as a bonding agent. If your office doesn’t have enough places to hide while you pull your pranks, you could crouch behind one of our big Apple Cinema Display rentals (go for 27″ if not 30″) or something similar. You work that out. Meanwhile, ThinkGeek will provide the armaments for your office warfare.

The Prankster Pack, now on sale, gives you ThinkGeek’s top three best-selling prank products:

1. The Annoy-a-Tron — Turn on and hide the Annoy-a-tron in your target’s office or work area, and it will let loose with a variety of electronic bells, beeps, and boops. The randomly occurring sounds will confound your victim: Is it a computer error? a phone battery alert? a frying hard drive?

2. The Eviltron — An upgraded Annoy-a-Tron, the Eviltron adds voices (creepy giggling girl, sinister laughing) in addition to eerie creaking and scratching sounds. Like #1, this would work best in an area with lots of hiding places, like an office with tower workstations and Xserve RAID units to hide it behind.

3. The Phantom Keystroker — After plugging this device into a USB port of your target’s computer, a switch lets you set it to toggle the caps lock, output random gibberish while the user is typing, move the mouse erratically, or all of the above. The amount of time between these events can be adjusted, and the Phantom Keystroker works on tablet PC rentals as well as desktop computers—Macs, PCs, and even Linux (depending on configuration).

ThinkGeek does not condone destructive pranks, so the Keystroker device will activate neither the Enter key nor a mouse click, thus protecting the target’s important work files. Furthermore, ThinkGeek reminds all of its customers to use common sense or face a possible lawsuit (and that’s no joke). Responsible pranksters will resist the temptation to target a computer with critical data, and will take care to “prank responsibly” at all times. It’s about silly and creative fun, not fighting.

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