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March 1st, 2012

Despite the growing use of the Internet for communications – e-mail, Twitter, chat, Skype – tens of millions of businesses still use fax machines, especially overseas. There are millions of them still operating in the U.S., too. If you ignore faxing, there is the possibility of reducing your company’s reach – for marketing, sales and customer service. Whether you use a standalone machine, or an online service that you can access with CRE’s various computer rentals, faxing is still a viable office equipment tool.

The fax of the matter

Conventional faxing, of course, is cumbersome and costly because of the consumables – toner, paper, ink, electricity, etc. Further, the paper jams, maintenance and manual operation all cost employee time (also money). So, the smart move to reach the world’s fax-using folks is to keep faxing, but not with a fax machine. Today it’s all about online fax services.

Online FaxThese services are easy to use, and you can access them with any net-connected device, from iPods to iPad rentals. With online faxing you can reach the millions of people still using fax machines, and doing it “virtually” lets you save faxes, review activity and retrieve documents, all with a few mouse clicks. If you are tech-averse and prefer fax machines, CRE has a full line of office equipment rentals – and, based on your usage patterns, it may be better to rent than own.

Multiple advantages

With online faxing you will save on consumables. This is the “green” nature of the technology, something CRE Rentals proudly supports. You are also free to roam – you don’t have to be near a particular machine to send a fax. As long as you can access your online service, you can manage fax communications from anywhere, whether you’re in an airport lounge with your smart phone or a conference center with your Tablet PC rentals.

With your mobile device and online faxing, you can now reach people, e-mail accounts, Twitter feeds and fax machines. If you want another way to target your marketing message, faxing technology is still a good choice. It can be done from any computer in your office (or home) with no software to install, no muss and no fuss.

Get your solution now

“No muss, no fuss” could be our Account Executives’ slogan, since they will craft your unique tech solution with a single call or e-mail. Post-production pros rely on our AJA Io HD rentals just like office managers rely on our potent iMac rentals. Use the Quick Rental Quote form if you know what you need – but if you just need to talk, to figure things out, we do that, too, and don’t charge a cent for it. Call for your solution now!

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