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August 18th, 2010

Technology seems to breed acronyms like nothing else, from company names (IBM, AMD, NEC, etc.) to products and processes (MP3, DVD, VoIP and so on). There are a few newer ones floating around that are supposed to describe a new way of providing companies with high-tech tools, something like a subscription or monthly package deal. It’s got two main acronyms – TaaS (or TAAS) for Technology as a Service and SaaS (or SAAS) for Software as a Service. Check the technology service menu The idea is that you should order tech services like you order food a-la-carte – one from Column A, two from Column B and so forth – and thereby keep your IT expenses (and employee count) at a manageable level. There are many ‘technology service ‘ companies that work with their various vendors and partners to deliver affordable, tailor-made TaaS/SaaS programs to their customers -  small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that lack sufficient capital and staff resources to implement and manage their own computer, communications and IT functions. Software as a Service - CRE RentalsSharing desktops over the Internet and making “videophone calls” with your webcam and computer monitor are dead simple now, and the real action is with the more involved remote services. Many companies that need leading-edge technology solutions to improve efficiency and maintain competitive market advantage now rely on these technology service firms to craft customized solutions, just as L.A.-area post-production firms and other companies rely on CRE’s AJA Io HD rentals to get the job done. By using open source software and server virtualization, these TaaS firms deliver whatever is needed to the customer locations, charging just a single monthly payment to manage and maintain the agreed-upon services. These can range from server maintenance and backups to telephony, security, loss prevention and conferencing. Staying state-of-the-art The advantages, especially for SMBs and startups, are many – and the parallels to CRE are, too. Like firms that avail themselves of CRE’s Mac Pro rentals to meet a pushed-up deadline or take on a new project, TaaS/SaaS customers are relieved of the usual ongoing ownership costs – depreciation, obsolescence, maintenance, employee resources – and typically get a performance and uptime guarantee, as well. Without adding more staff, or making capital investments in rapidly changing technology, firms save money and stay technologically healthy. As with CRE’s own technology services, customers stay up with the state-of-the-art without having to buy every new version of hardware and software that comes down the pike. Here’s a real-world example: The iMac you bought just six months ago is nowhere near as fast and powerful as the recently upgraded iMacs we blogged about recently. So you could have saved that money, arranged for iMac rentals just when you needed them and been better off, overall. This is certainly not true of every company and every situation, but it is something your number-crunchers really should spend some time considering. Everything from our computer rentals to our convention rentals help you plan ahead on your corporate budget and save a few dollars, too. CRE does for creative and production operations what SaaS firms do for IT departments – takes the load off, so to speak, in ways both technological and financial. At CRE, technology is only part of the service – solutions are the core, frankly. We offer everything from Xserve RAID rentals for those storage-intensive tasks to audio visual rentals for conferences, conventions and corporate meetings. Fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form and you will discover what “SaaS” stands for at CRE – namely, Solutions as a Service.

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