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October 20th, 2010

There is  a lot of good advice about setting up a conference breakout session. Like anything else, there are trends to stay abreast of, like the increasing use of plasma rentals that are easier to position and use with various devices (DVD and media players, laptops, even iPad rentals with an adapter).  However, it doesn’t matter how great the breakout session plan is if no one attends. Breakout Session TipsYour first job, then, is to develop the right kind of session for the particular conference, and then get people into the room. The third little-known tip is follow-up.

1. The right kind of session

Obviously, the session topic needs to relate strongly to the conference theme. In a recessionary economy, you may need to focus on the one or two most important conferences rather than spread yourself thin covering “second-best” venues. The “right kind of session” also means the appropriate delivery method – video on LCD monitor rentals, presenter with slides, interactive, discussion panel – and compelling content. Experts note that attendees need to feel that the material they are receiving will resonate with them and be filled with concrete and practical advice.

2. Pre-session promotion

In most cases, you can buy the e-mail list of last year’s conference to promote your breakout session at the current one. You can also do some promotion via trade journals, newspapers, blogs and the Web newswire services. Don’t forget that interactive kiosk rentals can serve as “robot PR people” at the conference. The kiosks can run promotional spots as attendees walk by or showcase additional information on the spot. You need to get people to your session, so drum up some excitement!

3. All-important follow-up

Whatever the audio visual requirements are, CRE has audiovisual rentals and the broadest selection of LCD monitor rentals to fill the bill. Add  great content, and you could have a real hit.

Unfortunately, there is no way to speak with every attendee individually, so post-session and post-conference follow-up is essential. Collect attendee contact info with an old-fashioned sign-up list. Or, try polling attendees during the session using an audience response system rental. Not only will you gather feedback about the session but you can also collect attendee contact information.  Once the conference is over, you can start following-up.

Remember, whatever your situation with conventions or digital workloads, CRE is your premier solution provider. Call or e-mail an Account Executive today, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, and get moving with state-of-the-art speed and capabilities!

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