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November 15th, 2012

There really are ways to use web-based tools to spread the word and “do PR” for your firm, in your own words and own style, without one-size-fits-SEO best practices can help customers find your site.all apps and services. If you need help writing, or developing a strategy, check out our blog archive for entries like 6 Top Marketing Tips During a Recession. If you’re ready to take control of your promo efforts, read on. In future blogs, we will expand on some of the points in this overview, but for now, just soak up the following observations…

The SEO Game | Everyone knows about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that semi-mythical, infinitely flexible process that puts your site or press release at the top of the search results. You have to tweak SEO to your specific industry, and you will forever be aiming at a moving target, but it can be to your benefit if you can keep a low buzzwords-to-keywords ratio. (In other words, minimize jargon to maximize understanding.) Bottom line: Don’t expect miracles.

Virtual Clubhouses | Social media marketing is nothing new. You still need to “meet people where they are,” where they congregate with others according to a galaxy of interests, but now it’s as (or more) likely to be virtual as physical. Multimedia works well (test your material by viewing it on everything from a smart phone and 7-inch tablet to one of our plasma display rentals). Release your message through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others for maximum exposure.

PR, Wired and Wireless | You have a story to tell: That’s the way to think about PR. Get your story to “key influencers” and get them to tell it to others for you, preferably millions of them. This is called multiplying your efforts, and a growing number of web-based PR services (Marketwire, PRWeb, PitchEngine, Vocus, etc.) make it mouse-click-simple for others to do just that with your story, hence more of them will.

Your Real-Time Newsroom | Whether you add it to your website, Facebook page, or web PR account, having a “newsroom” lets you reach customers, consumers, friends, fans, prospects, and key influencers, in real time. You can manage breaking news as readily as regularly scheduled features, even working remotely. Take one MacBook with its standard, installed applications, add some creativity and an Internet connection, and you’re (literally) in business.

Customize Your Distribution | A media distribution database for a small to mid-sized business (SMB) needs three to five thousand entries: news aggregators, news websites, online publications (consumer and trade), wire services, news bureaus, TV/radio news desks, print media (newspapers and magazines), business journals, cable programs, community news outlets, trade groups, and business associations. You will doubtless attend a conference or two (or 20, or 200), so CRE’s trade show convention rentals and marketing expertise will come in handy.

It’s handy to have the right render farms for your post work, too. With a single call or e-mail, or visit to the Quick Rental Quote page, we’ll get you exactly what you need to succeed!

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