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March 31st, 2011

Because of all the sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the workplace – from phones, monitors, computers, radios, etc. – some people have concluded that American office workers are at heightened risk. Is this true? Do iMac rentals contribute to a “toxic work environment” or are American offices generally safe places?

Get the facts

There is no reason to worry about the non-problem of EMFs, specifically, or your office workplace in general. According to the National Safety Council, you are “safer at work [than] at home.” If you wish to put your mind at ease about EMFs, there are many Web sites, like EMF Safety Network, that have all the information you need. As for the other (and real) safety concerns for office workers, here’s what you should watch out for in today’s office environment:


Workplace Safety - Falling & SlippingThe CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says falls are by far the most common workplace accidents and cause the most disabling injuries. Interestingly, office workers are up to 2.5 times more likely to be disabled by falling than non-office workers. The most common causes of falls are tripping (furniture, cords and cables, loose flooring, rugs), using a chair instead of a ladder and slipping on wet floors. Whether in the office or at your trade show booth with CRE office equipment rentals, make sure to reduce risks by properly positioning and securing cables and cords.


Lifting even light objects incorrectly can cause injury to your neck, back and shoulders, so know your limits. You should lift things correctly by squatting to the floor and using your thigh muscles (not your back) to rise up, keeping your back straight and holding loads close to your body (don’t twist or contort your limbs). You won’t injure yourself setting up CRE plasma rentals at your trade show booth because we handle setup and breakdown for you, and that goes for any of our convention rentals. Safe and easy.

Office obstacles

Office workers are also hit by objects and bump into things. This includes running into desks, things falling off shelves, dropping items on feet, etc. Over time, too, bad workstation and chair design can cause preventable musculoskeletal problems.

Yes, there are real dangers in the office, but they don’t include cell phones and laptop rentals. There is zero evidence of harm from these devices, while paper cutters and extension cords cause cuts and sprains all the time. Focus on prevention, and you will fare better – but focus on the right things, not the latest scare stories.

Our focus, of course, is on you – equipping and empowering you to blast through production bottlenecks or blow away your breakout session audience. Call or e-mail an experienced Account Executive, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, and let’s get it done.

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