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March 6th, 2012

Green GlobeThe green movement is no longer a fringe phenomenon, but a mainstream business strategy and lifestyle choice. One study shows that 56% of Americans are willing to pay a premium for green electronics that use less energy and are easily recycled. Thus, saving energy while reducing waste is a goal for manufacturers of tech devices, from the high-powered render farms that media professionals rely on, to new laptops that weigh (and cost) less all the time.

A comprehensive “green tech strategy” is unique for every product, addressing energy, cost, waste and sustainability in all phases of its life – R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales, usage and disposal/recycling. Lenovo’s new ThinkPad laptops, for instance, use 10-25% recycled plastic. Apple products, from the entire Macintosh line to CRE’s popular iPad rentals, are designed with great attention to raw materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and easy recycling.

Multiple solutions

Companies are creating both hardware and software solutions. New energy-efficient desktops can run on one-third of the power a four-year-old PC requires. Intel’s new chips are more powerful without using more energy, like the one that appears destined for an updated Mac Pro. There are various methods for keeping computers in low-energy mode until users need more “juice” for tough tasks.

Even mundane products like office equipment rentals get the energy-smart treatment. Hewlett-Packard and other firms are making great progress with printers, scanners and “all-in-ones” that snap out of sleep mode quickly when needed, then go back to snoozing until needed again. Various new energy sources and strategies are being studied, but the best ways to reduce the overall eco-impact of computing are common sense and low-tech:

  • plug computers, monitors and printers into a single power strip and turn them off when not in use;
  • set your monitor to darken during inactivity, not run a bright, watt-hungry light show;
  • keep air slots unblocked, don’t let dust build up inside your PC and “keep it cool” computer-wise; and
  • extend the useful life of high-tech devices with proper care and maintenance.

We’re getting there

Tech firms need to consider environmental impact when crafting IT solutions and developing products for long, useful lives. Whether it’s a specialized Xserve RAID or something as common as a PC desktop computer rental, when high-tech devices reach the end of their usefulness, manufacturers and retailers work together to ensure that reusable components are properly reclaimed and recycled. Cradle to grave environmental responsibility? Not quite, but we’re getting there!

CRE takes its commitment to the environment seriously, the same way we take every customer question, concern or need. Got a conference coming up where you need to make a big splash with big plasma display rentals? Need some energy-efficient iMac rentals for that new project? One call or e-mail puts an experienced Account Executive on the job for you. If you know what you need, visit the Quick Rental Quote form and be on your way in minutes!

November 1st, 2011

Hollywood: Greenest of Them All?Hollywood has been “talking the green talk” in movies and TV shows for some 30 years now, promoting sustainability, energy savings and green ideals like CRE’s all the while. Like any other group of people, of course, not all of them practiced what they preached, and critics still claim that Hollywood productions are plagued with waste and overspending.

With today’s economic challenges, cutting waste by going green is a perfect strategy for a Hollywood that already drives Priuses, eats granola, recycles and loves Apple’s iMac (because it’s green and insanely great). By adopting sustainable production techniques and rejecting waste and excess, is Hollywood now becoming the greenest of them all?

Hollywood Greens get organized

The Environmental Media Association (EMA) started its Green Seal program in 2003. EMA’s president, Debbie Levin, called on some of her board members – actors Wendy Malick and Ed Begley, Jr., producer Bill Gerber, Fox chief Kevin Reilly and others – to come up with energy-saving, waste-reducing ideas that would do some good “without driving the crews crazy.” They did so, establishing a comprehensive EMA best practices guide that continues to evolve to this day.

The EMA guide essentially walks production crews through a detailed process of “greening” their shows, covering everything from set construction to computerized reporting. As experts in post-production, computers, audiovisual equipment rentals and event production services, CRE knows that part of the “green solution” is energy-saving technology. Another important part, of course, is how you use it.

Wide-ranging changes

The general goal of “going green” means cutting inefficiencies, reducing waste and designing sustainable systems, and Hollywood set managers started making changes. Every department and every production step was up for greening – post-production, too, where the efficient use of render farms saves time and money (especially if you rent render farm). Some changes were obvious, some were subtle, but they showed a comprehensive approach that still continues:

  • Construction chiefs are now sourcing sustainably-harvested lumber and using alternative power sources where possible.
  • Shooting scripts use many reams of paper and are typically sent via messenger to sets on a daily basis, but tablet PC rentals are just one of the paperless solutions to this distribution challenge.
  • From actors to electricians, everyone’s drinking bottled water on set, so installing water filtration systems for people with reusable containers is a no-brainer.
  • “Craft services” (food providers) produce huge amounts of garbage that is compostable (perishable foods) and other trash that should be compostable paper (plates, cups) but are typically plastic and Styrofoam. Our iPad rental can be outfitted with apps showing you how to calculate the quantities, order the compostable supplies and add the resulting waste to your compost heap.

Apple’s ever-greener Mac Pro features the latest, greatest, greenest technology yet, with similar energy-saving changes showing up in PC desktop computer rental inventory. One call or e-mail – or a few clicks on our Quick Rental Quote page – will put an expert Account Executive on the job for you, crafting the perfect “green” solution for your unique challenges.

October 18th, 2011

Newsweek magazine’s second annual Green Rankings for 2010 rates the most environmentally conscious, least wasteful companies in America. For the second time (the list started in 2009), the rankings were dominated by technology firms, which took eight spots in the top 10. The Green Rankings reward firms that save energy and eliminate waste, with a company’s “green score” being a weighted average of three “subscores” that quantify green policies, environmental impacts and company reputation.

High-Tech Eco-Heroes: The 2010 Green Rankings

New for 2010 is an additional assessment of corporate transparency, that is, how much data each firm discloses about its environmental policies, procedures and programs. CRE’s own Green Statement makes clear our own commitment to transparency, sensible stewardship and sustainability, and we feel it’s important to recognize the great work of other high-tech firms. So, who’s the greenest of them all?

Who’s on first?

Computer maker Dell won the #1 spot on the second annual Green Rankings with such strong and innovative environmental policies as free product recycling worldwide and a strict ban on exporting e-waste to developing nations. At #2 this time, and the 2009 winner, is Hewlett-Packard, whose energy-efficient models are well represented among CRE’s PC desktop computer rentals.

Like Dell, #2 HP brings its new, clean, future-oriented thinking to bear on all facets of its business. So, while warm, fuzzy, feel-good ads might interest some potential customers, making efficient products will actually get green consumers buying. Dell, H-P, #3 IBM and other PC makers now produce desktops and laptops that use up to 25 percent less energy than 2008 models. Many such models are available when you rent laptops from CRE.

Not only hardware

Media companies like #8 Yahoo earned points (and respect) for unique cooling solutions in their data centers, which are voracious consumers of energy. Yahoo’s “evergreen” data centers now consume 40% less energy and an astonishing 94% less water than typical installations. With all the tablet PC rentals, iPads, smart phones and mobile web gadgets in the world, and the growing demand on such data centers, this is an important development.

The rest of the tech firms in the top 10 (U.S.) are #4 Intel, #5 Sprint Nextel, #6 Adobe Systems and #7 Applied Materials.

You’re the top!

Every CRE client and customer is a “top firm,” and we’re ready to give you our very best to help you overcome a wide range of challenges. From trade show convention rentals to high-end post-production gear like mass storage and render farms, we’ve got you covered. Call or e-mail an expert Account Executive today, or “go self-serve” with our Quick Rental Quote form if you know what you need. Either way, we’ll equip you to succeed as “greenly” as possible!

August 9th, 2011

The “green” movement promotes the wise use of existing energy and the development of new, renewable resources. It’s a long-term goal, certainly, and one that CRE supports, but in the meantime you can still bring green thinking to your company’s meetings, conferences and other events. Stay on the road to sustainability with 7 simple steps for greener meetings.

1. Save trees. Materials can be distributed via Web sites, e-mail or peer-to-peer communication using iPad rentals, WiFi-enabled laptops and smart phones. For everything from pre-event PR to post-event customer follow-up, cross-platform file formats like PDF and HTML make it easy to reach wired and wireless devices of every kind.

2. Make a personal pitch. Whether in a PC video chat, over the phone, in a YouTube clip or, better yet, in person, you need to open your mouth and promote that meeting, seminar or trade show presence. Put promotional materials on the tablet PC rentals that you provide your conference team.

3. Cultivate “enviro-allies”. Share your company’s green statement, or a new one created for your planned event, with vendors, attendees, exhibitors and speakers. Get everyone on the same page and working together toward a mutual goal.

recycling bins

4. The three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Your efforts to use the three Rs should be visible and accessible. As you reduce the use of paper, also reuse glassware instead of buying disposable cups and recycle as much metal, glass and plastic trash as you can.

5. Energy saving plans. Whether you’re running the show or using CRE’s event production services, you will need to ensure, among other things, that lights and air conditioning are turned off in empty rooms. You can tailor other energy-efficient strategies depending on the event type and building.

6. Eat green. Make local, seasonal produce part of the fare if you are also playing caterer. Fresh, healthy foods are never out of style, and eating wisely is an important part of a positive lifestyle.

7. Save gas and time. For off-site events, keep traveling distances short. The host city should be close to as many attendees as possible, and within that city pick one of the hotel conference centers near the airport.

Meeting planning and convention rentals are just two areas of CRE Rentals’ broad expertise, which ranges from all kinds of computer rentals to serious post-production gear. A simple call or e-mail gets an experienced Account Executive on the job, focused on the solution to your unique challenges. (Know what you need? Use our handy Quick Rental Quote form to start “greening” your next event.)

June 28th, 2011

Green conventions are much more numerous than they were when we first blogged about them (read our post on Best Practices Checklist) from 2009. More importantly, they are no longer an “alternative” style, but a primary one. Since CRE is the go-to firm for conferences, with expertise in everything from convention rentals and presentations to tech support and logistics, we’re well qualified to point the way to “greener pastures.”

How Green are Convention Centers

Shades of green

Rather than tactics or activities, which we’ve blogged about elsewhere, this is about how to spot a good convention facility to achieve your “green” goal.  You cannot assume anything about a hotel or convention center simply because it calls itself “green.” There are no legal standards in effect for using the term.

It’s your responsibility to figure out how to (excuse the pun) greenlight the candidates for your firm’s convention site. Consider this a “profiling” task and look for the following “character traits”:

• Accessibility (real and virtual) – The site, if not itself a hotel complex, should be within walking distance of hotels, eateries and public transportation. You also need access to both your data and your colleagues, so site-wide Wi-Fi is key to keeping your team’s iPad rentals, tablets and other devices connected to the Web – and each other.

• Saving water – The “deep green” convention sites have the latest in forced-air hand driers, low-flow toilets and other water-saving devices in restrooms.

• Serving water – Less waste is generated if the convention center provides glassware and large pitchers of water, rather than costly individual water bottles.

• The paper chase – Convention centers should help attendees reduce the use of paper, starting with Wi-Fi for programs and registration. Laptops, iPad 2, tablet PC rentals – CRE has the right wireless rental solutions for all your different needs.

• Setup and teardown efficiency – Green facilities will have a strategy for reducing utility costs (lights, a/c, heat) during setup and teardown in the exhibit area. CRE Rentals’  setup personnel will handle everything including schooling you in the most efficient use of the latest LCD touchscreen monitor rentals.

• Site-wide efficiency – The convention center should also reduce energy usage by cutting off lights in unused rooms, at all hours.

• Commitment – The convention center should have a comprehensive recycling program already in place and a policy similar to CRE’s own “Green Statement.”

CRE can help you “go green” at a convention or “stay green” right in your office – with everything from energy-saving office equipment rentals to high-end, high horsepower post-production gear that reduces project time to save you money. Ready for lean and green? Call or send an e-mail to an expert Account Executive now. As always, if you know what you need, head for the Quick Rental Quote form and we’ll be right on it!

March 17th, 2011

Green & Lean for 21st Century Business

It’s a lot of work to stay abreast of all the advances that are driving the “greening” of modern business. The new watchwords of “green” and “sustainable” echo throughout the world, motivating businesses in every imaginable industry to combine efficiency, good stewardship and sales success. To learn how to do this, as firms that use CRE’s convention rentals know, there are some conferences and trade shows you simply must attend, some you should exhibit at – and others where you should do both.

On its 2010-2011 calendar, has about 50 conferences scheduled this year, and the range of subjects is impressive. The Workshop on Sustainable Networking and the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Green Computing and Communications, both taking place in China, will address matters of concern to every company, in every country, in every industry – this is no exaggeration. There are likely other “musts” on the list for your firm, too, depending on what business you are in.

Small Green Conventions are beautiful, too

One green event – the International Conference on Data Compression, Communication and Processing – will be of particular interest to the kind of companies that use AJA Io HD rentals and RAID storage solutions for digital media production and post-production. Even with storage costs decreasing, better compression means smaller files, fewer hard drives or other storage devices, faster processing and thus, lower overall costs.

The Renewable Energy Conferences Worldwide page lists over 100 conferences around the globe in 2011, from the 6th Annual Columbia University Energy Symposium to the Second International Conference on Green & Sustainable Technology. These conferences cover the many aspects of energy creation and use, pointing the way to the future for both governments and private enterprises. If you exhibit, CRE’s touchscreen LCD monitor rentals will let attendees point their own way through your presentation to learn about your product or service.

Shared resources – a key to sustainability

Resource planning, including various approaches to resource sharing, is a key component of sustainable business practices. If you do a monthly training session for 20 customer service representatives, buying 20 computers to use them so infrequently fairly defines “unsustainable.” Save money and be “lean and green” by availing yourself of CRE’s iMac rentals instead – fewer boxes, less Styrofoam and less waste all around.

CRE is serious about its environmental policy and responsible corporate citizenship. We are similarly committed to our customers, as our experienced Account Executives will prove when you call or e-mail them. If you know what you need, use the Quick Rental Quote form and you’re done. If you’re committed to going (and staying) green like we are, helping you is good for everybody – Mother Earth included!

September 21st, 2010

CRE is serious about the environment, saving energy and “going green,” which is why we have a “Green Statement” front and center on our site. It’s also why we return to the subject regularly in this blog. The last time we discussed Green (5 Great Ideas for Green Meetings & Events ), it was from the perspective of the conference attendee – lightweight signage, energy-saving devices and so on. Greening of ConferencesNow that the green movement is in full swing, convention centers in cities large and small are on the bandwagon, incorporating the latest and greatest energy- and planet-saving procedures. Let’s take a look at what’s happening with these new green convention centers and how it affects building managers, exhibitors and participants.

Green convention centers are similar to the new generation of green hotels. The major areas of concern for the builders and managers of these facilities are

  • energy efficiency,
  • water efficiency,
  • transportation alternatives,
  • waste management,
  • using environmentally-friendly products,
  • indoor air quality and
  • ongoing education of guests and staff.

Energy-saving operations

The new generation of green convention centers debuted in the early 2000s with a variety of new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient features. These include highly advanced, computerized building management systems with the latest in efficient lighting, plus occupancy sensors that reduce demands on lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) as meeting rooms are vacated. In the most advanced facilities, these systems also reduce power, light and HVAC for exhibit hall setup and breakdown. If you are setting up your plasma rentals and other convention rentals at your hall location, facilities managers can ensure that the power outlets to the floor are on for your convenience even when building systems are scaled back.

When the exhibit hall opens and the conference gets going, energy-conserving compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) come into play and continue reducing the expenditure of both energy (up to 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs) and money. Also making major savings contributions are such construction techniques as the Sarnafil EnergySmart Roof system, which successfully and cost-effectively reduces atmospheric heat absorption. Other green roof systems use pre-vegetated mats, some half a foot thick containing sedum plants and other greenery. to provide both short- and long-term benefits such as reduced rain runoff and improved insulation.

Cleaning, recycling, transportation

Leading edge green convention centers also focus on the back end – what happens after the conference is over. Well-designed, comprehensive recycling programs deal with everything from composting food waste, reusing oil and grease, and collecting wood pallets to gathering up all glass, metal, plastic and cardboard materials. Exhibitors that anticipate a great deal of waste can arrange with facilities management for interim waste pickups or special handling of certain materials. Environmentally safe cleaning products are used in green convention centers, as well as low-flow toilets, efficient HEPA air filtration systems and paper products that are made from a high percentage of post-consumer waste. Before, during and after the big event, the same mindset holds – think green, start to finish.

Green convention centers also extend the enviro-friendly thinking to transportation, too.  Conference center managers work with municipal and private bus systems, and also cooperate with event organizers to set up whatever shuttle systems are most suited to the event and location. The new, still-evolving green convention centers consider every step, every angle and every option that can save energy while sustaining the highest levels of comfort and quality. After you head back to HQ from the convention, and start going through the contact information you captured on your interactive kiosk rentals, the managers of the green convention centers are getting ready for the next conference – and keeping tabs on the latest energy-saving technologies, too.

That pursuit of quality and dedication to progress are qualities that CRE embodies, as well. Whether you require a touchscreen monitor rental for your booth or Audience Response System rentals for a conference breakout session, we have what you need. We also have it when you need it, and can put it where you need it, too. Fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form, and let us know how we can help you get “green”.

July 8th, 2010

CRE Rentals' Commitment to Green“Going green” has been promoted as responsible corporate behavior, and it is. The new model for going green, however, focuses on its ability to save money as well as resources, and you get the added benefit of the good press this can bring your firm. For convention planners, exhibitors, host facilities and all kinds of vendors, highlighted are five green, moneysaving ideas:

1. Deploy lightweight booths
2. Minimize paper, maximize wireless
3. Coordinate transportation
4. Review food service
5. Cultivate a green mindset

1. Deploy lightweight booths

You certainly don’t need to gut your marketing budget because of a recessionary economy, and it’s not wise, anyway. A new generation of lightweight booth designs can save you a bundle in shipping (and associated fuel costs and carbon footprints). New wrinkle-resistant fabrics, or plastics made from over 80% recycled material, are stretched over recyclable aluminum frames, allowing different panels to be swapped in and out to create unique looks at various events. New retractable banner stands take the same approach, and are easy to set up, recyclable and all of 10-15 pounds in weight.

2. Minimize paper, maximize wireless

Literally tons of paper are used for meetings and conferences so much that even state agencies (like the State of Virginia) are getting involved by certifying convention centers as “green.”  The overriding goal is to minimize paper use as much as possible, by making online registration the preferred method for signing up, and delivering program materials via PDF downloads and other eco-friendly means. Convention centers are rapidly deploying wireless networks to capture more business, and exhibitors of all sizes are prepared to distribute even post-conference materials by download rather than in printed form.

3. Coordinate transportation

Even when a conference is held in a single location, attendees should be encouraged to carpool, walk and use alternatives to single-passenger cars. Exhibitors who use CRE for convention rentals do not have to transport any equipment to the site, as CRE can take care of delivery, setup and breakdown in most cities. Conference managers may be able to strike a deal with local public transportation agencies for discounted passes, and simply providing rate and fare information has been shown to increase the use of public transportation and cooperative carpools by conference participants.

4. Review food services

If food preparation is part of the plan, reusable dishes, flatware and glassware should be considered in place of disposables, as the American Chemical Society included in the municipal plan it did for Boston. Unserved food portions are often overlooked in planning, and last-minute notions of distributing them to food banks or missions will not pass muster with most municipal, county and state food handling laws. Check on food-handling regulations, federal and state, and remember that unserved portions must be kept separate from food waste.

5. Cultivate a green mindset

Conference participants, from presenters to exhibitors, should all be encouraged to cultivate an attitude supporting reduced waste and increased recycling. Green events do not happen automatically, but through careful planning and the cultivation of a take-charge, can-do mindset. You are doing the right thing ecologically and, even better, you are saving some green while you’re acting green. CRE can help, since we are convention experts as well as the premier source for the computer rentals, large monitors, audio-visual equipment and plasma rentals that will make your exhibit a success. Call, send an e-mail or fill out a Quick Rental Quote form and an experienced Account Executive will be on the job for you right away.

May 27th, 2010

The 2010 Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow, attended by event planners, show operators and industry leaders, is one of the top annual shows in the conference industry.  This year, the state of the industry discussion, “Where We Are Now & Where We’re Headed,” was presented by a panel of top industry professionals addressing concerns about design trends, green events, pricing and shortened production times.  In addition, educational sessions featured topics such as customer loyalty, green events, social media and more.

Trade show riches, green niches

The trade show portion of the Event Solutions Conference was, as always, overflowing with new ideas, technologies and trends. Exhibitors showcased such creative event ideas as entertainment-centric presentations, portable ice arenas, the latest display and gaming technologies, and future directions in décor and design. During an exhibitor debriefing session, many noted that new event professionals are continuing to enter the industry, pointing up the power of networking and relationship building.

Green Statement - CRE RentalsThe “greening of the events industry” continues to be a ‘hot topic’ and has already produced numerous money- and environment-saving practices. In addition to affecting conference planning, environmental concerns have spurred a great deal of new research into electronic devices that both use and waste less power, are easily recycled, have eco-friendly components and are not designed for obsolescence. “Going green” is one of the strongest trends in business today, and shows now sign of abating.

Real-world solutions for greening events

From holding events outdoors, maximizing natural light and leveraging wireless technology to replace printed materials, to reducing food waste and recycling every possible item, green goals were widely discussed at the conference – and used by exhibitors and attendees alike. Many made use of Wi-Fi to reduce the distribution of paper programs, just like CRE can equip conference teams (again, both exhibitors and attendees) with laptop rentals or other devices to save on paper, printing costs and cleanup. CRE is serious about enviro-friendliness, too, as its corporate green statement makes clear. The balance is a tough one to strike – business growth along with environmental stewardship – but it is worth our best efforts.

CRE always gives you its best efforts, too, recommending appropriate solutions to your workflow bottlenecks and advising you on everything from technology to outfitting your trade show exhibit booth. Call or e-mail one our Account Executives today, or fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form, and let us help you make your next move towards ‘greening’ your event.

May 13th, 2010

Because of our own commitment to sustainability, we’ve covered a number of green topics in our blog this past year (yes, it’s been a year now), but have discovered one glaring oversight. We never gave you, in one place at one time, a simple action plan or quick overview for having the greenest possible conference. Today, we will address conference exhibitors, but the ideas will be applicable to in-house meetings and events, too.

Green is the goal

CRE Rentals Commitment to GreenAlong with everything else that goes into your conference preparation – writing and design, layouts and animations, schedules and assignments – you need a strategy for equipment. The challenge is to balance your corporate conference goal with the green goal of minimizing waste of all kinds. This means not only saving paper by creating virtual sell sheets and brochures that can be downloaded, but saving on conference incidental costs by using one of CRE’s interactive kiosk rentals as both a “presentation station” and a data collector.

If you are scheduling a live presentation, the same thing goes for any ”handouts” – make PDFs available for download. (Most conferences these days have onsite wireless set up for attendees’ use.) For feedback on the presentation, forget the paper and pencils again, because Audience Response System rentals will get you much more feedback, and in a form you can immediately put to use on your computer. The presentation itself can be done in several ways, either with projector rentals or large-screen monitors (like CRE’s plasma rentals). You can attach a digital media player or your laptop to either a projector or a LCD monitor, and remotely control the whole thing.

More green tips for your conference

If you really want to limit your conference team’s paper use, you may want to outfit everyone with tablet PC rentals. This way, the team’s note-taking can be handled with the various “pen computing” tools. Using the stylus and a “notepad” program, you can take digital notes, saving them as-is or converting them in real-time (or later) with character recognition software. A tablet PC, of course, is multipurpose wireless device and can be used to keep team members connected and coordinated, no matter how busy and demanding the conference gets. (Tip: Don’t forget the AC adapter, and plug in the unit at all possible times to keep it charged for those times you need to be “untethered.”)

If you need to record a conversation with a potential customer, a keynote speech or a breakout session, digital recorder rentals can provide massive amounts of speech-quality recording time. Again, you will have no consumables, no waste, a low cost and high quality results. Instead of pages of random, unsorted notes (plus the occasional napkin or envelope with someone’s name and phone number), you will leave the conference with a useful collection of digital assets – audio notes, imported/downloaded video, drawings, doodles and handwriting converted to editable text.

Always back up your digital assets!

In addition to carrying your digital assets out of the convention center on your laptop, you can upload them to your company’s server (or elsewhere) as you go along from session to session, day to day, in a sort of ongoing online backup routine. This is the way to safeguard against loss of your laptop, file or disk corruption or other catastrophes. After planning a Earth-friendly, green conference appearance, the last thing you need is a technological breakdown. Don’t forget to make backup an important part of your strategic planning.

CRE’s experienced Account Executives can help you “green” your next conference or event, or set you up with everything from computers to office equipment. Our expertise is yours with a simple phone call or e-mail, or if you know what you need, use our Quick Rental Quote form. We are here to help. Let us know how we can help with your next green event!

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