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September 17th, 2009

It seems that “financial experts” just pop right out of the woodwork during tough economic times. This recent recession is no different, and there are tons of ads and spam touting penny stocks, how to make money in down markets and other magical maneuvers. In times like these, however, it is wise to keep a historical perspective, and always to “go with what you know.”

CRE customers are no strangers to the ups and downs of the economy, the “whole one” or the portions of it they work in, their chosen industries. For animation pros who’ve run Final Cut Pro on a Mac Pro computer rental, working in a volatile industry is old hat. Hollywood is notoriously cyclical, although the trends have always been generally “up.” Office managers at all kinds of firms have relied on CRE for everything from that extra desktop PC to multifunction office wizardry like the Panasonic 595 Fax/Laser printer. They have done so in good times and bad.

The “in-between” times

There are also times like this, when there are definitely some big national economic issues, but certain industries are still going strong. Technology is running somewhat against the grain right now, but the real super-tech-types, the ones who know they need to get their new project backed up onto a high-capacity XServe RAID rental from CRE, aren’t always the folks watching the financial news. Sometimes it’s someone else in management, who might misinterpret economic signals at times. The techies have to educate others as to the cost-effectiveness of good backups, whatever is going on with the New York Stock Exchange.

You could call what we are going through “in-between times,” for want of a better term. There is great volatility, but this is America, after all, so there is always great hope and a lot of enthusiasm. There are a number of important technology conferences coming up in the last quarter of 2009, and CES actually starts earlier than January 2010. It looks like plenty of folks are still investing in booths to make their presence known. What kind of signal does it send when you don’t go? That may take more explaining than it’s worth. It’s less costly to go ahead and make plans for the convention rentals that CRE offers than to weather the storm of doubt that might follow you in the wake of your decision to stay home.

The right time for new marketing

Conference equipment rentals

A exhibit booth with a few high-res monitors or perhaps a high lumen projector rental from CRE, along with some enthusiastic sales reps and a tech guy (or gal) with all the answers—this is not a backbreaking expense. In fact, it’s an investment. Many marketing experts assert that the time to redefine and expand your marketing efforts is when others are not doing so. That time could be now. Don’t just follow the headlines in the business section, but dig down deep. That’s where you will find out what is really going on, like you will when you call up the people you know and ask the right questions.

Get back to the basics of business, doing good work and making good deals for your great clients and customers, and you will not simply survive, but thrive. When you start getting busier, rent the laptops or other equipment you need from CRE until you know whether you should buy any. Often the smart thing to do is stay lean, renting what you need when you need it, and directing the capital that would have gone into equipment into marketing, instead. CRE’s experienced, business-savvy Account Executives are ready to help. All you have to do is fill out a Quick Rental Quote form, give them a call or send an e-mail. We can help you get through the challenges and set yourself up for the future. With the right attitude, the right help and the usual hard work, the future usually turns out to be pretty bright.

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