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December 20th, 2011

Microsoft has many customers, clients, fans and followers around the world to go along with its huge market share. And it seems like all of them are already excited about what 2012 holds for the Redmond firm. The Windows operating system (OS) passed a billion installed units, worldwide, back in 2007, and is the OS of choice for our all-in-one multitouch display PC and other leading-edge computers.

Microsoft Cloud ComputingMicrosoft has leading products in a number of other categories and 2012 promises new versions of many of them. The enterprise market (read “big business”) is huge for Microsoft, and in the coming year the company will release SQL Server 2012 and System Center 2012. IT executives and managers will need to stay on top of these changes, especially as they will be rolling out while the whole “cloud” thing is being settled.

Windows 8 at the gate!

It is the upcoming Windows 8, though, that will affect most people directly. Last Thursday’s blog addressed the fact that the look and feel of “tablet tech” is coming to the desktop OS, and this is nowhere more controversial than with Win8. Microsoft is quite conscious of the “consumerization of IT,” realizing that people want to use a tablet, smart phone, iPad rental or other web-connected device in the office. People also want safe, simple access to their business documents, apps and e-mail when they are not in the office.

Microsoft wants to be in the middle of all of this “cloud action.” The company is positioning itself as the go-to cloud provider, both public and private. Push-button simple, with built-in access and control – that’s the idea. With Windows, SQL Server and the rest, Microsoft provides an inter-operating set of technology services to connect private and public clouds, and enabling easy transitions between them. Users of the Mac Pro and other Apple CPUs can join all the fun by running Windows on their computers, too.

System Center – technology bridge to the future

System Center 2012 will be a core part of the “technology bridge,” with such new features as App Controller for cross-cloud monitoring. Microsoft is developing a major security feature for IT managers, namely, how to ensure access to business documents via cloud-ready devices, whether they’re tablet PC rentals signing in over WiFi or phones on 3G/4G networks.

Maintaining tight security during diverse connections has been problematic, but System Center 2012 holds this promise. In fact, top tech pundits are saying that System Center 2012 is “looking like the real deal.” It may be a few weeks until 2012 but it’s hard not to get excited if you use Windows or Microsoft enterprise software. Remember, when the New Year arrives, the game is afoot!

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