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April 12th, 2012

In Top Security Threats in 2012, Part 1 of 2, we discussed the increasing number of targeted attacks on websites and servers in 2011. Today’s, lets focus on social media threats and mobile mayhem.

Social media scams

Social media is among the primary means by which consumers and businesses communicate, do business, interact and share on the Internet. This makes social sites virtual magnets for criminal types. When the original iMac debuted, makers of cheap PCs immediately copied the colorful design to capitalize on Apple’s resurgence. In the same way, much of the current crop of malicious spam mimics the “look and feel” of such leading social networking sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and, increasingly, Google+.

Scams on Facebook, in particular, spread by “likejacking,” where people are fooled into “liking” a page to make their Facebook walls available to the scammer for posting ads, porn promos or who-knows-what. Facebook alone will have over a billion users before long, logging on with phones, laptops, tablet PC rentals, game consoles and as-yet-unimagined wireless doodads. Despite ongoing improvements in security measures, the concentration of users and data on a handful of sites makes an irresistible target. Expect more of the same scams, along with some new ones, in 2012.

Mobile mayhem

With social media such an inviting target, malware targeting social media will increase, especially as millions more people buy tablets, rent laptops or log on to social media from even the cheapest cell phones. In addition to stealing data, malware can also track a device’s location, a serious new risk to child safety. And personal photos on most devices get stamped with the time as well as GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken, revealing more than you may wish to share.

The primary concern with mobile malware is the vulnerability, as well as the technical ignorance, of average users. In most companies, PCs are maintained by an IT department (one person or 100, depending on the size of the firm) that handles everything from operations and upgrades to networks and security. But if employees use their own mobile devices to access, use and store corporate data, some security teams may not even know. Companies must expand their security policies to control access to company networks by mobile devices. This may just be the most serious security threat for the year ahead.

If the year ahead holds production and/or post-production challenges for your firm, CRE can help you strategize just the right solutions from our industry-leading inventory of render farms, mass storage and other specialized gear. Plus, our rental equipment is tested to ensure security threats are eliminated.  One call or e-mail, or a visit to the Quick Rental Quote page, is all it takes!

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