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March 3rd, 2011

A recent blog on digital video provided marketing professionals with the basics of creating a simple video project.  Today, we’re not focused on professionals using high-end AJA Io HD rentals, but those professionals who want a better understanding of the different editing software programs and file format considerations when creating a video for a Web site or a PowerPoint presentation.

In the past, film editing was once a laborious process of cutting and splicing, extremely time-consuming and expensive. Today you can shoot HD video (720p or better) on under-$150 digital cameras about the size of a cell phone and edit on iMac rentals with Apple’s iMovie application.

Editing Software…big movies from a little computer

The first “real movie” made with iMovie on an iMac dates to 2004, when Jonathan Caouette combined original audio and photos, VHS home movies, new digital footage and Super-8 experimental shots into his film Tarnation. The total cost – $218.32. The gap between professionals (using Final Cut Pro on potent computers like CRE’s Mac Pro rentals) and the “pro-am” folks (using iMovie) is narrowing every year. You can make films with MacBook Pro rentals, too, as the iLife suite (which includes iMovie) ships on every Mac.

CRE supports production pros with render farm rentals and mass storage such as CRE’s über-capable Ethernet disk RAID rentals. But even novice editors can now leverage the power of iMovie and Windows Movie Maker for simple business uses, such as converting video to Flash for Web sites or company training materials. It’s important to know about the many different file formats – and how to convert raw footage into the right format for your intended use.

File Format…MP4 to the future?

Handheld cameras save video in various formats, but the Flip models and others are now settling on mp4 (MPEG-4 , Motion Picture Experts Group). Apple’s own H.264 format, used for all of its iOS devices, is a kind of mp4. Editing programs handle some conversions, but you will likely need some conversion software to have all available formats. Many converter applications are freeware and will run on everything from laptop rentals to the latest multi-core Mac towers.

Whether your goal is a modest Web site video or a feature film, we can outfit you with everything you need. It’s one of the main things we do, so call or e-mail an experienced Account Executive and we’ll get you squared away. If you know what you need, go straight to the Quick Rental Quote form. Helping you is the number one thing we do, day in and day out.

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