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October 15th, 2009

In the “old days”—say, the 1980s and 1990s—it was hard and/or expensive for solo creative professionals and small firms to handle their own computer maintenance. If the designer wasn’t a hardware geek, or one of the partners couldn’t handle the tech work, solving problems was costly. Somewhat counter-intuitively, as the Internet has matured and technology has gotten more complex, tech and web solutions have gotten less expensive.

Some information technology (IT) terms are being turned into empty buzzwords because of the way they’re (mis)used. One such term is “managed services.” What it means in practice is that creative types, like the many animation and video pros that use Mac Pro computer rentals, can run their operations affordably with full network backup capabilities, distributed computing and other now-affordable IT services.

Managed IT Services

Order just what you need

There are hundreds of firms that want to be your IT partner if you are a solo computer professional or small firm. Just like ordering from a Chinese menu, you can decide exactly what services you want. You can get a “total solution package” or a narrowly defined one, like off-site backup and one-click restoration of your files. Before investing in a storage solution, you might want to rent Xserve RAID array and see what your true needs are. Once you figure out what services you need managed, you can choose just the company and support you need.

You might determine you have the production side covered with the computers you own, complemented at “crunch time” by an LCD monitor rental or two for those widescreen video and animation projects. However, in addition to your own on-site backup, you may want the added security of offline storage. When you can’t afford for your work flow to be interrupted by crashes, you can ‘order’ off-site network backup services with disaster recovery services.

Ask lots of questions

“Managed services” can mean just about anything and cover a few or all of your needs. Before you decide what IT services you need, you should always consult a few experts. Check out the tech blogs, visit a few IT company sites, write e-mails, ask questions and take your time making a decision. CRE is not an IT firm, but when you’re ready to do some serious backups to prepare for your new “managed package,” we have storage solutions to aid your transition. We also have the PC and Mac desktop rental to keep you on schedule if you need to take your systems offline to get your new IT solution set up.

With your IT services managed by an outside firm, you will get exactly what you need, right when you need it. Companies that are specifically organized to provide wholesale amounts of network services can do it at a wholesale price, so the affordability might surprise you. À la carte solutions with the best IT firms are as good as solutions that are part of a larger package. Whatever IT managed services you need, a few or a “total” solution, there are plenty of firms out there ready to compete for your business. Since their business is to keep you in business, it should be happy hunting for you.

Of course, whatever your needs, CRE is here with Account Executives ready to answer questions, make suggestions and devise solutions. From our Contact page you can call or send an e-mail, and our Quick Rental Quote form is ready if you know what you need. We’re ready to help, all the time.

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