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November 27th, 2012


Sun Seeker (iOS $8.99; Android $5.99) maps Old Sol’s path via “augmented reality” and indicates hourly intervals, sunrise/sunset and winter/summer solstice paths so you can set up outdoor shots. A map view gives you the sun’s direction for every hour of the day.

Final Cut Pro field guideMoviola’s Final Cut Pro Field Guide (iOS $3.99) is a must-have for anyone working with FCP (for which you want Mac Pro rental power). Get help with troubleshooting, editorial workflows, emerging tech (RED, P2, etc.), keyboard shortcuts and more. With great resources – from software and hardware to reviews and online forums – shutterbugs, lensers, and cutters are never alone.

The Filmmakers Guide to Location Filming (Android, free) from the Location Managers Guild of America is the primo resource guide for auteurs in every niche: feature films, TV episodes and newfangled webisodes, music videos, commercials and more. Whatever you do, if you need render farms or a van full of servers, this guide will steer you to the right people, places, and things.


Tcoder AppUsing TCoder (iOS, $3.99) results in “notes with a timeline” to keep notes from interviews, live presentations and press conferences in sync with, say, audio captured on one of our digital recorder rentals. You can e-mail your notes from within the app, a real time-saver.

Producer (iOS, $14.99) is finely tuned for managing film and video projects. From budgeting and personnel to shooting schedules and inventory, it’s right at hand on the set or in the field. Export PDFs to share with other crew that may be using tablet PC rentals running Windows.


ProPrompter (iOS, $9.99; Android, $9.99) does an effective job as a teleprompter on an iPad rental or Android tablet. You can import MS-Word files directly from Word and control scrolling speed, looping, countdown, cue points and more, via Bluetooth remote control if you like.

Softbox Lite (iOS, freeAndroid, free) is a portable lighting system with soft box or light table options, color temperature support for matching white balance and an efficient, minimalist interface. Don’t get caught in the dark again.


Reel Director (iOS, $1.99) offers HD output with little quality loss due to editing, and has a full range of effects, from totally customizable text to 28 unique transitions. With real multitasking, it’s like having iMovie on an iMac – except it’s on an iPad or iPhone.

FiRe 2 appFiRe 2 (iOS, $5.99) is a recent upgrade of the first iPhone recorder to display real-time waveforms accurately, support markers and offer native SoundCloud integration. New features: advanced editing, EQ and effects by Audiofile Engineering, iZotope input processing, Dropbox integration and region support.


The last app is actually half app and half service, and comes with a lot of different labels for the same commodity: cloud storage. You can get from 2GB to 10GB free from Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, ASUS WebStorage and Drive from Google, among many others. Why do you need cloud storage? We tell you all about it here and here.

Besides having the post-production gear and trade show convention rentals you need, we can’t stop thinking of new ways to help. So watch for more blogs like this one to give you the top apps for meeting planners, conference organizers, trade show exhibitors, marketing managers, and other professionals. A single call or e-mail puts an experienced Account Executive to work developing solutions uniquely suited to your situation. If you already know what you need, hit the Quick Rental Quote page and get it handled ASAP!

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