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July 26th, 2012

In Part 1, we met übergeeks creating applications from scratch, and also discovered conference-oriented plug-ins that essentially make WordPress a development platform. In Part 2,  we offer an overview of custom conference app development as well as some basic features.

Bring on the expert coders

From freelancers specializing in coding to specialized app makers, there is a dramatic surge of custom app creation due to the growing use of “smart” electronics like GPS units, interactive devices, phones and tablets. Today’s business professionals – the people that attend conferences, corporate meetings,  trade shows – wouldn’t leave the house without their iPads, tablet PC rentals and smart phones.

Since marketing strategies need to “reach people where they are” (via whatever devices they have), you will likely need a few versions of your custom app – iOS, Android and web-based (HTML). Among the most successful apps are those that help organizations connect with their members, clients and/or customers, wherever they are, with products that are simultaneously effective and mobile (like guidebook to name one). The kind of custom conference app(s) businesses need are varied, but share some fundamental characteristics.

Custom app basic features

Besides continuing to promote the event after it has begun, which requires a bit of finesse, your custom conference app must

  • have versions for iOS (iPhone, iPad rental), Android (tablet, phone) and the web;
  • provide correct, up-to-date schedules for speakers, sessions and exhibit-floor events;
  • include an exhibit floor map that scales to viewers’ devices, whether they decide to rent laptops or bring their personal smart phones;
  • enable social media coverage via Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and the new Google+ Events (subject of an upcoming blog);
  • introduce out-of-towners to the area (what to do, where to eat); and
  • give attendees a guaranteed way to reach you if they still have questions.

As you look into producing custom iOS and Android conference apps, consider using content that your marketing department has already created (website, brochures, etc.) to guarantee the same look and feel as your app. Whether viewing your site via MacBook Pro rental or using the new app on a smart phone, you want prospects, customers and other visitors to feel at home. Using certain kinds of custom apps in conjunction with one of our Audience Response Systems just might result in the most specific, useful prospect and customer information you’ve ever gotten.

Various firms and individuals can build a custom conference app to your exacting specifications. CRE works to a similarly high standard, with expert Account Executives who can suggest the right PC desktop computer rental for your new outbound sales team, as well as the appropriate Xserve RAID for your storage needs. One call or e-mail, or a trip to our Quick Rental Quote page, and you’ll have the right solution at the right price – right away!

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