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January 19th, 2010

Whether it’s a presentation, seminar, conference or trade show exhibit – in small rooms, large halls or a stadium – good lighting can make or break an event. As a leader in trade show management and convention rentals, CRE knows the importance not only of good equipment, but good information. Here’s some on basic lighting.

Good lighting gives presenters a more dramatic, more impressive stage presence, and also ensures that video or film recordings are clear and usable. Armed with a PowerMac G5 with Kona card rental from CRE, an artist could adjust lighting and contrast “in post,” but you always want to capture the best possible original image.

Different strobes for different folks

Lighting RentalThere are many leading specialty lighting makers offering a world of lighting products for every situation. Event lighting can include fluorescent, incandescent, strobe and LED lights, and are available in banks, spots, tubes and other shapes, in all sizes and wattages. No matter what type of lighting you need, there is a light that will meet your needs.

For large meeting halls or dinner events, theater-style lighting adds color and drama to the atmosphere, and can transform “the usual thing” into something truly memorable. Many of the new, smaller, integrated systems can be controlled by computers available to rent from CRE.

Let there be light

Consider these basic lighting tips as you plan your next event:

  • Color is proven to influence audience mood, and it’s fascinating how it works, so do a little research before your next big meeting.
  • Different colors and textures can attract or redirect people’s attention.
  • You can project graphics across the stage or wall using gobos, etched disks inside the light fixtures.
  • Make sure presenters suffer no distracting facial shadows. Do a dry run.
  • Stage “washes” keep presenters well lit as they walk the stage
  • Follow spots will pick out award winners or notables from an audience.
  • Powerful psychological effects can be achieved by lighting the entire room.
  • New, “intelligent lighting” can be programmed to sweep the room, create effects and change colors.

In Part 2, we will show how to set up lighting for a press conference or presentation in a mid-size room (think conference breakout or company meeting). In the meantime, if you’re planning an annual shareholder meeting or exhibiting at a trade show, CRE is the one-stop shop. Our experts can help you with everything from lighting to computers, audience response system rentals to kiosks– just request a Quick Rental Quote today. We can definitely throw some light on the subject for you.

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