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October 18th, 2011

Newsweek magazine’s second annual Green Rankings for 2010 rates the most environmentally conscious, least wasteful companies in America. For the second time (the list started in 2009), the rankings were dominated by technology firms, which took eight spots in the top 10. The Green Rankings reward firms that save energy and eliminate waste, with a company’s “green score” being a weighted average of three “subscores” that quantify green policies, environmental impacts and company reputation.

High-Tech Eco-Heroes: The 2010 Green Rankings

New for 2010 is an additional assessment of corporate transparency, that is, how much data each firm discloses about its environmental policies, procedures and programs. CRE’s own Green Statement makes clear our own commitment to transparency, sensible stewardship and sustainability, and we feel it’s important to recognize the great work of other high-tech firms. So, who’s the greenest of them all?

Who’s on first?

Computer maker Dell won the #1 spot on the second annual Green Rankings with such strong and innovative environmental policies as free product recycling worldwide and a strict ban on exporting e-waste to developing nations. At #2 this time, and the 2009 winner, is Hewlett-Packard, whose energy-efficient models are well represented among CRE’s PC desktop computer rentals.

Like Dell, #2 HP brings its new, clean, future-oriented thinking to bear on all facets of its business. So, while warm, fuzzy, feel-good ads might interest some potential customers, making efficient products will actually get green consumers buying. Dell, H-P, #3 IBM and other PC makers now produce desktops and laptops that use up to 25 percent less energy than 2008 models. Many such models are available when you rent laptops from CRE.

Not only hardware

Media companies like #8 Yahoo earned points (and respect) for unique cooling solutions in their data centers, which are voracious consumers of energy. Yahoo’s “evergreen” data centers now consume 40% less energy and an astonishing 94% less water than typical installations. With all the tablet PC rentals, iPads, smart phones and mobile web gadgets in the world, and the growing demand on such data centers, this is an important development.

The rest of the tech firms in the top 10 (U.S.) are #4 Intel, #5 Sprint Nextel, #6 Adobe Systems and #7 Applied Materials.

You’re the top!

Every CRE client and customer is a “top firm,” and we’re ready to give you our very best to help you overcome a wide range of challenges. From trade show convention rentals to high-end post-production gear like mass storage and render farms, we’ve got you covered. Call or e-mail an expert Account Executive today, or “go self-serve” with our Quick Rental Quote form if you know what you need. Either way, we’ll equip you to succeed as “greenly” as possible!

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