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November 29th, 2012

“Everything is everything” started out as a New Age nostrum about universal interconnectedness and quickly turned into a self-parody, losing all meaning until the modern environmental movement revived it. Now the phrase is a simple reminder that, yes, all things in creation are connected. That means today’s businesses need a strategy—a “sustainable” one, like CRE’s own—to address environmental concerns about… everything! That means your marketing efforts, too.

Marketing is going green, too!We’ve blogged quite a bit about “green matters” (here’s a recent one), but there are really just five major environmental factors businesses must contend with. About equally important, these areas are Technology, Demography, Politics, Sociocultural, and Economics. It’s much more involved than just knowing the recyclable components in your iMac, and you have to work to stay informed. Here’s a good start for you.

Technology has as much impact on businesses as anything else (usually more). Today even small companies can afford a global reach with the Internet, powering their promotions with low-cost, high-performing gear like custom Desktop Computer rentals and other cost-effective tech. Better research is a tech benefit, too, yielding highly targeted SEO instead of loosely targeted signs, brochures, and other printed materials.

Demography is the study of age, ethnicity, gender, and everything else that helps define human beings (especially in their consumer role). Around the world, as well as within countries, businesses still must consider various ethnic groups as well as generational ones like “baby boomers” and “Gen X,” along with more focused ones like “science-fiction lovers” or “pet owners”. The shift toward inbound marketing, plus the growing number of young and savvy consumers, means socially aware campaigns perform better. Younger people also drive the acceptance of touch technology like our LCD touchscreen monitor rental—and all the tablets people are poking.

Politics matters everywhere, with taxes, regulations, and labor laws being major costs for businesses globally (affecting consumer spending power, too). While traditional business plans tend to minimize startup costs, it’s far wiser to develop sustainable and ethical approaches right out of the gate. This helps manage long-term costs, since “technoprogress” brings advances in efficiency, too. Politically aware planning will help businesses contend with regulations that increase as nations grow (a) more environmentally aware and (b) wealthier.

Sociocultural factors vary from nation to nation, and within them, too. Whether in their home market or abroad, companies must be aware of dominant religions, local attitudes toward the environment, and other strongly held beliefs. But wherever you are, marketing technology for events—like business technology for the office—can be rented and reused, making a MacBook Pro rental a top example of “green” computing.

Economics affect all companies and their marketing efforts, because interest rates, inflation, and unemployment are important “general business health” indicators. You don’t need one of our plasma display rentals to advertise those facts in huge letters—everyone knows times are tough. But working smarter and harder means increased efficiency standards, thus less energy, time, and money wasted.

If your survival depends on first-rate trade show convention rentals and high-end post-production technology, the solutions are one call or e-mail away. If you know what you need, head to our Quick Rental Quote page and get in and out fast!

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