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August 16th, 2012

Modern buildings are among the largest single contributors to greenhouse emissions. In the U.S., as much as 40% of the total CO2 released annually comes from office buildings, homes and other structures. And everything’s involved from the kinds of materials being used to the upgradability of the installed systems, as well as every imaginable environmental impact.

So when buildings house conference centers and those start filling up with attendees and exhibitors, who start plugging in plasma display rentals and digital signage, we are presented with yet another opportunity to think and act “different”. We’ve blogged many times on green conferences and technology, and today we’re hitting some of the major points do some simple, innovative conference greening of your own.

Green Your Conference


  • Choose centrally located conference centers with a number of hotels and restaurants incorporated or within walking distance.
  • Note nearby stores for basic things conference-goers always need.
  • Ensure that enough hotels and other nearby businesses offer free WiFi, as you will rely on it to communicate with team members via smart phones, iPads, tablet PC rentals or their own laptops.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Encourage people to walk, use public transportation and car pool.
  • Coordinating transportation for attendees can be a huge undertaking, so contact an event transportation specialist if you need help.

Registration & Communication

  • Codify your commitment to sustainability, as CRE did with its corporate Green Statement, by posting your policy on the conference website.
  • Use e-mail and web-based forms for registration and attendance tracking of conference-goers, as well for communicating with both vendors and support staff.
  • For agendas, program materials and other giveaways, reduce or eliminate paper, ink and printing processes by distributing them online, via WiFi at the conference, on a CD or copied to a flash drive sporting the company logo.

Presentations, Meetings & Meals

  • Devise a recycling program within the meeting venue itself, starting the very first day, then promote it continuously.
  • Use only energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly office equipment rentals, if any.
  • Meals: Use no disposable items, not even napkins, to eliminate paper waste – and serve water only on request.

Consider enlisting the help of reputable event production experts such as CRE Rentals to ensure the best possible results.  A single call or e-mail, or a visit to our Quick Rental Quote form, will get you what you need so you can get back to “greening” your conference. Call now!

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