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September 15th, 2011

Nothing spells “boredom” for many employees more than “training session.” The old model – somebody standing at the front of a group and talking at them, with or without projector rentals or flat screens – is, thankfully, dying off. One reason is Audience Response System rentals (ARS), which can transform a stuffy, “same-old-same-old” meeting into a productive, effective, interactive gathering.

audience response system rentalAudience response system technology has been around for years (see this interesting piece from 1999) but the new, small, super-smart and wireless systems of today are both easy to use and powerful. And audience response approaches work everywhere, from stockholder meetings to conferences. Let’s take a quick look.

For Employee Training

With Audience Response System rentals from CRE Rentals,  you can evaluate employees before and after training sessions to better gauge the effectiveness of your approach. In addition, you can arrange for plasma rentals to display important information, then measure its effectiveness in real time. Plus, feedback can be completely anonymous.

In companies where training goes on regularly (even continuously), audience response technology is a powerful tool for helping employees build the requisite knowledge base, as well as retain it. Trainers will continue to learn what works (and what doesn’t) with their specific materials and approach, and can thus “tweak” the training on a continuous basis.

For Sales/Marketing Purposes

For a product launch, sales training session or focus group – anywhere new company concepts, terms and products are being presented – using an audience response setup enables management to gather critical information. Company leaders can determine if their sales force has sufficient product and market knowledge to succeed, as well as discover what is most important to the typical user of their product or service.

Although there are some first stabs at making a Web-based ARS, using a state-of-the-art, self-contained audience polling system allows for everything we’ve mentioned – plus easy voting at stockholder meetings, and feedback on company initiatives, new products and other matters. All of this helps corporate managers determine improvements to every phase of the business, from product development to media strategies.

Top Benefits of Audience Response

Audience response rentals from CRE offer tremendous advantages:

  • Speakers can modify their presentations based on the feedback received.
  • Information is gathered on-site and in real-time, so it is more up-to-date than surveys done days or weeks after the training or focus group sessions end.
  • Votes/responses can be secret.
  • Interactivity increases attendee understanding and retention, due to increased attentiveness and participation.
  • Audience response technology is easy to use and saves time, effort and money.
  • After it is gathered, the data can be stored or output with various reporting options.
  • And a happy bonus: Audience Response technology is very green (which we support enthusiastically) and eliminates stacks and stacks of paper.

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