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March 13th, 2012

The rumor mill is closed, the guesses and predictions are old news, and the new iPad is here. It has neither “3″ nor “HD” in its name. It’s “the new iPad” or, simply, “the iPad.” For CRE, iPad rentals will include iPad 2 as well as the model just introduced, which has some serious upgrades. Enough to get every iPad 2 owner to make the move? Let’s find out. Here’s part 1 of a two-part blog all about Apple’s latest core product.

new iPad

The top upgrades

The consensus “killer feature” is the Retina display that debuted on the iPhone, which doubles the pixels of the iPad 2 screen to a bright, sharp 2048 x 1536. The enhanced pixel count blows away the previous screens, and finally competes with other ultra-HD tablets in browsing, reading and especially gaming. The type of tech going into a high-resolution LCD touchscreen monitor rental is now being configured for smaller and smaller devices. Your eyes will be quite pleased with the new iPad.

In addition to having a great new screen – will rumors have it hitting the MacBook next? – the iPad marks Apple’s first “true” 4G device. Much faster than 3G, today’s 4G networks from Verizon and AT&T (which calls it “LTE”) promise video and everything else in a fast, fluid, stable stream. Of course, greater data speed makes it easy to download “stuff,” leading to costly overages, a main gripe against one of the Big Two iPad carriers (AT&T).

CPU, graphics, cameras also improved

As expected, Apple increased CPU power. While most prognosticators claimed the new iPad would have the A6, it has the quad-core A5X processor, which naturally has much in common with both the iPad 2′s dual-core A5 and the quad A6. Now endowed with true “high-def  gaming” power, the new iPad moves beyond the level of tablet PC rentals, and pretty close to pricey gamer dream machines like the Razer Project Fiona.

The original iPad had no cameras. The iPad 2′s front-facing one is okay for video chatting, but the back-facing one has under one megapixel for stills. The new iPad now surpasses the MacBook Pro in this department, with a solid 5MP camera for sharp stills and 1080p video, and Apple’s “photo-friendly experience” includes an iOS version of iPhoto. The “tablet photography” sector is brand new, so Apple is intent on conquering it. How? By helping you create as much or more content on the iPad as you consume with it.

Now appearing at CRE, of course, are all the great computers, trade show convention rentals and the high-tech post-production gear that media pros need. One call or e-mail, or one short visit to our Quick Rental Quote form, puts us to work for you right away!

Make sure to check out – “The New iPad: The More Things Change… (Part 2)” – on Thursday, March 15, 2012.

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