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June 30th, 2009

A kiosk is a fully self-contained audio/visual display system built around a small-format, Intel-based PC. Integrated into a housing unit with a regular or touch-screen monitor, a sturdy, enterprise-grade keyboard and pointing device are usually the only other controls needed. A sleek, attractive design fits in anywhere, and you can customize the look and feel of the graphics to carry your company name, logo and other branding components.

If you manage trade shows, conventions or company conferences then you already know about all the things you need to take with you, configure and set up, things that are vital to success. Desktops and laptops, tablet PCs and projectors, marketing materials and product samples—some or all of these things are crucial to the success of your convention or trade show. Another important component, of course, is a kiosk. Some strategic planning will help you determine which of these items you want to take, and which you would prefer to have show up where and when you need them, correctly configured by expert technicians and guaranteed to work.

One of many great tools

Experienced convention planners and event organizers know that CRE is the leading source for Friendlyway kiosk rentals—sleek, attractive, functional and interactive gear that can run custom applications—for trade shows, conventions and promotional events. It is also the source for the laptop rentals, computer rentals, projectors and other tools you need for a successful effort.

Your kiosk rental can be deployed for a wide range of functions, Kiosk Rentalfrom simple Internet stations, automated visitor greeters and registration terminals to signposts, marketing communications outlets and productivity devices. They can be used at all kinds of events, too, not just annual conferences or public tradeshows. Businesses small and large have found them to be invaluable at stockholder meetings, company seminars, interdepartmental meetings, executive sessions and training programs, as well.

Customized capabilities

If you want to start some marketing buzz for a new product rollout, a short- or long-term kiosk rental can help get that viral marketing message moving. Installations in shopping malls, airports or busy business centers can position your message among people on the move, ones whose attention you can grab with a smart kiosk presentation. That’s why your CRE kiosk rental is tailored to your precise needs, custom-configured to deliver the right message to the right people in the right place. You can easily have one or more set up as sales points, lead-generating devices, courtesy Internet access, interactive PowerPoint presentations or any combination of the foregoing.

Whatever the critical time of year is for your business—fall fashion season, the winter holidays, spring break, summer vacation or all of the above—CRE is ready to set up the right kiosk system for you. Since the kiosk’s system is PC- and browser-based, you can use all the various media/communications formats including Quicktime, HTML, DVD, video, PowerPoint, Newsticker and RSS (Real Simple Syndication), while supplying WiFi connectivity, as well. With new tools coming out all the time for making your own news ticker, the sky’s the limit.

Our kiosks’ powerful graphics abilities enable you to use dynamic, high-resolution color images for dramatic presentations that support clear, solid audio, too. Naturally, all cabling and connections are neatly out of sight, making for a handsome device. CRE technicians can configure your kiosk rental to your precise specifications so that it is ready to plug and play when you are. Contact one of our professionals today and discover the many ways CRE can help you present (and obtain) important information with a computer kiosk.

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