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May 8th, 2014

Events are better than phone calls, emails and tweets.  They gather people face-to-face for a myriad of reason and in numerous places.   

So put that cellphone away at your next event and really enjoy the connectivity of human contact.

But wait a second.  Don’t put that cell phone away so fast.  As the planner of this event that’s the one tool you shouldn’t live without.  Technology at events is making your life easier…right?  Ok maybe it’s just confusing things…but no longer…because there’s an app for it.

Over the next few weeks we will look at all the components of en event and tell you about some of the apps that are there to support you.


Planning – There are apps for planning (reminders, countdowns, and checklists).

Technology – There are apps that can figure out what you need for sound, Wi-Fi and layout.

Promoting – how to get your event promoted via social media, local event listings etc.


Planning – Who is where?  What is missing?  When did something get delivered?  All these questions can be tracked and answered with a few apps.

Technology – Check the back of the room for sound, update your agenda, and play a cue all from your phone

Promoting – Stay on top of your client needs with an app that monitors all the chatter in the social media space – identifying immediate hiccups that could lead to huge issues if unaddressed.


Planning – update your original event plans via app for next year (or next week)

Technology – What worked and what didn’t, what there mike feedback or downtime on the Wi-Fi system…track, report and lay out new specs for the next time

Promoting – gather all your new “friends, followers, fans” into your social media strategy so they can hear from you not before or during an event but after. Solicit feedback, offer prizes for best picture taken at event…keep the conversation going…and yes, there’s an app for that.

So whether you are a one-person show or part of a large event planning team…there’s an app that will help your event run smoother.  So Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter or Join our Circle on Google Plus for this 10 week series on what is out there in App land to make your next event less stressful and more spectacular

CRE Rentals provides the technology needed for your event to be a success.   Whether you’re looking for WiFi SolutionsiPads or Audience Response Systems we’re ready to help make your next event a success.  Give us a call today…877-266-7725

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