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January 27th, 2011

Touchscreen technology now works on screens of all sizes, so it’s turning up everywhere. CRE has a range of touchscreen devices, because there are many ways they can help you. We’ve blogged about touchscreens before, but here’s a review of CRE’s wide-ranging touchscreen capabilities, from “small” to “extra large.”

Small touchscreen

Rent an iPadCRE Rentals iPad rentals show just how good touch technology has gotten. Like the iPhone and iPod Touch, the device runs iOS 4.2 for integrating into any digital workflow. It’s great for sales pros, department managers and conference-goers, as there are few better tools for staying in touch, scheduling, collaborating and showing presentations – on the go and without an extension cord.

The iPad is already so potent that you can plan a conference with it, and when it debuts “sometime in 2011″ the upcoming iPad 2 will sport two cameras that definitely make it ready for prime time. More importantly, it will be ready for FaceTime, the videochat app with a version for every Apple computer and “iDevice.”

Medium touchscreen

When you need first-rate tablet PC rentals, go with the company that set the standard: Motion Computing. The workhorse portable that CRE rents has a fast Intel Core 2 Duo processor and weighs just three pounds. It features a 12.1-inch UltraView screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and twin batteries for extended use.

You also get a choice of OS (Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux). This unit excels at the demanding regimens of doctors, warehouse professionals, sales reps, meeting/event planners and others needing portable power and total connectivity in a tough, dependable package.

Large touchscreen

The Sony VAIO L, a special member of our computer rentals lineup, offers a giant 24-inch multitouch screen. Get a few for your next trade show booth so potential customers can “touch” their way through product and service offerings. The simplicity of the interface and endless variety of Windows programs also make the VAIO L perfect for customer service and order-taking duty.

CRE also has interactive kiosk rentals with touchscreen interfaces. Kiosks can extend your reach beyond your exhibit to other high-traffic areas, displaying presentations or offering touch-to-see options. The communication goes both ways, too, so the kiosk will also take contact information for later use.

Extra large touchscreen

For your breakout session or presentation, nothing holds attention like 42″ HD touchscreen LCD monitor rentals.  With infrared touch technology, this sleek touch-sensitive display recognizes multi-touch gestures for onscreen interaction. The high definition resolution and ultra-wide viewing angle make it an ideal “digital signage” display for all types of events.  It just gets better when you connect it to a MacBook laptop for a “super-sized” iPad feel.

Are you ready to add a touch of class to your next event?  CRE Rentals can help you get the right touch. Just call or e-mail or submit our Quick Rental Quote form to get an Account Executive on the job for you – now!

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