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May 10th, 2012

It’s hard to make predictions about technology trends, killer apps or which Palo Alto start up will be the next Google. Even when we go real slow and simply review products “in the pipeline” – as we did in the two-part “10 New Technologies You’ll See in 2012″ last August – it is still hard to forecast accurately.

It gets even harder when Apple is involved. The most successful, respected, innovative and admired brand in the world is the subject of literally thousands of blogs, magazines, websites, user forums and conferences. No matter how hard you work to sort through the rumors and hype, it’s tough going and never-ending. Now that the CRE iPad rental is the latest and greatest from Cupertino, Apple fans have turned their attention to the next big deal, iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 rumors abound

iPhone 5The iPhone 5, of course, was developed alongside the model christened the iPhone 4S. and other top Apple watchers seem fairly certain about a release date of “early summer”. Interestingly, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is in San Francisco this year from June 11-15, and it has seen many key product announcements, including MacBook Pro rental introduced last year.

The iPhone 5 rumors range from ludicrous (a new length of four inches!) to such safe bets as iCloud integration. The form factor is set, so it’s all about ensuring that the iPhone’s software and hardware continue to “mature” so that the device — like iPads, the iPod touch, the iMac and other Apple computers – is fully functional in Apple’s iCloud environment. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, such as “Cloud of Confusion?” in January, “total connectivity” is the mantra of the moment, so the new iPhone will have GSM, CDMA and LTE network compatibility. The final prediction is for dual 8MP cameras.

A little surprise, perhaps?

Among the “iffier” rumors, Apple is alleged to be working on a low-cost “mini iPhone” connected to iCloud. One imaginative blogger  likens the concept to a “nano phone” that is specifically targeting a young demographic that expects low prices on high tech. An A5 dual-core processor with a clock speed of around 1.2-1.5 GHz – the “CPU class” and power level equivalent to a tablet PC rentals – will supposedly power the small phone, whose flash memory storage capacity is thought to be 1GB. But who knows? It’s a rumor, right?

Sometimes it’s hard to separate rumors from facts, but at CRE we do that every single day. We try to keep you informed, and we run our business to keep you productive. Whether you need a range of trade show convention rentals or some mass storage for a video project or post-production task, a single e-mail or call does it all. In a hurry? Head to our aptly named Quick Rental Quote page and tell us what you need.

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