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May 26th, 2011

Apple is due to release the latest version of Mac OS X this summer, numbered 10.7 and code-named Lion. Let’s look at the broadest, most basic changes coming to the OS X Lion.

Mac OS X Lion

Centralized control panel

Mission Control replaces the old Exposé and Spaces control panel and adds other new ones that help you “take control” of your desktop. With the increased power in every Mac, from the awesome new iMac models to our workhorse MacBook Pro rentals, multiple Spaces (virtual desktops) help you multitask with the best of them. You can now add, remove and edit Spaces on the Mission Control screen without even opening the control panel.

Finder revisions

Finder windows now feature a drop-down menu for quickly applying the “Arrange by” commands. Arranging icons in a particular folder or accessing additional Finder options is also possible with a simple right-click, which brings up a contextual menu. This is especially handy when navigating through hundreds (thousands?) of files on one of our Etherhet disk RAID rentals.

Stylish new wallpapers

The Lion Developer Preview 3 (aka DP3) release added some new wallpapers, but did away with some old favorites. You can take a gander at these Lion-worthy wallpapers at the Cult of Mac site.

iCal upgrades

Here’s proof that the iOS “style” is coming to the Mac. The “look and feel” of the iCal application on the Mac is quite reminiscent of the Calendar app on our iPad rentals. In addition, the to-do feature of iCal now refers to items on your list as Reminders.

Safari “Reading List”

This new Safari feature is front and center in DP3 – available in the toolbar, contextual menus, dialog boxes – as opposed to being tucked away in previous versions. Like the Web and iOS app Read It Later, you use Reading List to save (bookmark) Web pages “in the cloud” for later reading. No doubt this feature will find its way to iOS, letting you sync your Reading List among home-bound and mobile devices. Of course, Safari runs in Windows, too, meaning this cool feature could run on all computer rentals from CRE.

Bottom line

Among Mac fans, there is no doubt that Mac OS X Lion will be the best Mac OS ever. That’s what we think about every Mac OS upgrade. And at CRE we know that the latest Mac computers are always the best ever, too – but if you need a potent PC, we can do that, as well! PC or Mac, convention rentals or post-production gear, we’ve got you covered. Call or e-mail (or fill out our Quick Rental Quote form) and we’ll equip you to succeed, whatever the challenge!

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