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November 17th, 2009

Forget the press releases. Forget the keynote addresses. Forget the rumor mills. If you want to know what Apple’s plans are for supporting its Macintosh computers, read the “system requirements” on their new software releases.

Within the last few months, Apple has released new versions of Final Cut, Logic Studio and its operating system, Mac OS X. All of them tell part of the story about Apple’s plans. Lets see what Apple’s OS software changes tell us about the company’s hardware strategy.

Goodbye, PowerPC

09_11_17_G4Rather than making a broad announcement, Apple has quietly noted in the system requirements that its flagship audiovisual applications, Final Cut Pro and Logic Studio, need an Intel processor running OS X 10.5.

Requirements for 10.5, now one “rev” (revision) behind state-of-the-art Snow Leopard 10.6, are increasingly common in today’s third-party Mac software releases. The need for the Intel CPUs that came to the Mac just a couple of years ago is not yet universal. However, the high-end functions for film and music, the types of work that creative pros do on a PowerMac G5 with Kona card rental, now depend on the hardware capabilities of Intel chips.

The way forward

Not every company replaces or upgrades equipment at the same rate. In addition, A/V pros, like those using AJA Io HD rentals, are known to hang on to hardware/software combinations that work “just right” for them, even when (as in the case of Mac’s OS 9) that combo workstation is out of date.

The battle to save working OS 9 workstations is pretty much over, but battle lines are now forming to keep PowerPC Macs (G3, G4 and G5 chips) in the creative arsenal. For a company like CRE, with clients in all industries using all types of hardware and software, it is important to “meet them where they’re at” with the right tools. CRE stocks PowerPC Macs (primarily G5′s, with some G4 laptops) as well as the latest Intel machines.

Whatever kind of project you need extra help with, from graphic-intense creative assignments and video post-processing to PowerPoint presentations and Flash animations, CRE can match your PC and/or Mac configurations to get you the right tools to finish the job. Fill out the Quick Rental Quote form now and expect a swift, problem-solving reply from our experienced Sales team.

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