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May 12th, 2009

The Apple Macintosh has officially celebrated its Silver Anniversary. Today’s college students have never lived in a Mac-less universe. They may not know just how lucky they are, considering how often the media rang the death knell for the Silicon Valley stalwart over the years.

The “death of Apple” stories pretty much ended in December 1996 when Steve Jobs returned as “interim CEO.” In August 1998, the first iMac debuted, and times have been very good for Apple ever since. The Mac image of visionary design, ease of use and dependability has now come to include ever increasing processing power, too.

For companies needing that power for projects, presentations, conferences and conventions, CRE continues its own tradition of making the finest Mac models available by rental, allowing firms to manage capital outlays while still getting the job done. CRE and Apple offer a number of ways to do that.

The product lines today

It’s fitting that the original “bondi blue” iMac G3 looked like a big egg, as it has hatched some incredible descendants. The iMac G4 came out in 2002 with its free-floating flat panel on a hemispherical base, to be replaced in August 2004 with the first G5 iteration of the current iMac design, essentially a slightly thickened flat-panel monitor.

The current iMac line has one 20- and three 24-inch models, boasting Intel Core 2 Duo processors up to 3.06GHz. Every model has an 8x double-layer SuperDrive, NVIDIA GeForce graphics, a hard drive from 340GB to 1TB and RAM that’s expandable to 8GB.

Although it’s a consumer model, professional designers, film editors, recording engineers and research scientists use the iMac every day for the most strenuous digital duties. Renting the iMac “consumer” model today gets you the pro-level processing power of just a year or two ago. CRE keeps up with the technology so you can keep up with your work.

Featherweights and heavyweights

MacBook Air Rental
The featherweight MacBook Air made the Apple laptop line a triumphant trio instead of the dynamic duo of MacBook and MacBook Pro. The latest revisions to the latter two include aluminum unibody construction. The MacBook Air has some seriously upgraded specs, too, so if you need to rent a powerful laptop that will add only three pounds to your briefcase or backpack, this is it.

The Mac Pro line with the astonishing Intel Nehalem processor provides brute force for design, audio/video processing or (no kidding) rocket science. When you need a workstation for a big project and there’s no time to waste, call CRE and get to work right away. Want to run Final Cut Studio, record 64 tracks of 24-bit audio or render a 3D image in Maya – today? CRE has both quad- and 8-core Mac Pro rentals available now.

Macs have come a long way since the first model, with its built-in black-and-white 9-inch monitor, and the evolution continues. At CRE, we are evolving, too,with the introduction of our blog – your one-stop shop for tips, troubleshooting, news and reviews. It’s everything Mac and so much more, so keep coming back.

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