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June 18th, 2013

Apple’s sales message for last week’s Worldwide Developers ConferenceWWDC 2013, June 10-14 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center—sounded as evangelical as “original Macster” Guy Kawasaki (who just joined Google’s Motorola division, by the way). The event would provide developers “an iWWDC 2013 logon-depth look at what’s next in iOS and OS X” plus the opportunity to hang around “with Apple engineers and fellow developers for an incredible week of inspiration.” By many accounts, Apple delivered.

WWDC 2013 was “shared” with the world via live blogging and photo/video uploads from various sources including Time and the core Macintosh magazine and dedicated Apple sites. Like all Apple events, however, there was no live streaming. Apple has already posted the keynote, major presentations, some lab videos, and a variety of other media from and about the event to various websites.

Rumor mill review

The big deal as the event got underway, of course, was discovering what fabulous new product or service Apple had dreamed up now. It had to be “insanely great” or there would be more wailing and gnashing of teeth about Apple’s post-Jobs apocalypse. How did the rumors pan out? There is no new iMac, Apple “phablet,” or candidate for a new CRE iPad rental. Outside of the bogus rumor about the iWatch and the half-right one about the MacBook Air models, most of the pre-WWDC scuttlebutt was about software and services, where expectations were happily shattered.

So what about the “new stuff”? In brief:

  • Apple recycled the John Sculley-era Mac II codename (“Cabernet”) into the new OS X 10.9 Mavericks, which ends the cat-themed naming spree. The next iteration of Mac OS X, debuting this fall like most announced products, will have “power-user enhancements,” more full-screen-app support and functionality, an updated-and-sped-up Finder, and fine-tuned power management. Our potent MacBook Pro rental, for example, will get increased battery run-times to solidify its “green” standing.
  • Apple added the MacBook Air model to the MacBook line as a muscular response to the original, small, light, but impotent Windows, Linux, and (later) Chrome netbooks. Now the svelte Air gets even beefier CPUs, improved WiFi, and, as a matter of fact, insanely great battery life.
  • The free iTunes Radio service was no surprise, as Apple spent a year or more securing licensing/distribution deals with every major music group including Universal, Warner Music, and, finally, Sony. Google’s All Access subscription service launched already, and several sources report that Amazon is looking to expand into the volatile “net radio” market, a natural for the music-, video-, and book-sales powerhouse. Apple felt it had to make the move to keep iTunes on top.
  • iOS 7 was a major step forward. Operations-wise, tighter integration with OS X on your iMac or other Macintosh is on the menu. Design-wise, many rumor mills settled on a description of “black, white, and flat all over,” but design chief Jony Ive surprised most everyone with a very colorful and not-quite-flat theme.
  • The best-kept secret: the new Mac ProThis model is directly from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Wow! Thunderbolt 2, all flash drives, central cooling core in a revolutionary “silo” shaped computer—many see this as both a work of art and a technological marvel. Still, others are disappointed by reduced internal expansion options—Apple counters that a single Thunderbolt 2 connection (it has six!) adds six peripherals, and one external “chassis” can hold all of them—while some say the “silo” resembles a trash can. CRE has always proudly offered the flagship Macintosh, our Mac Pro rental, for the ultimate in workstation creativity and power. Whether you feel the latest model secures Apple’s position as the style and power leader for the entire industry, or you prefer the previous iteration, we are here to assist with the technology you need.

Over the next several weeks, we will examine these new products and services in individual detail. Our goal in doing so is to give you, our readers and customers and colleagues and friends, information that is accurate, relevant, and useful concerning the wizardry of Cupertino. Please let us know how we are doing!

We are excited about all the great news out of WWDC 2013, but our primary concern is helping you nail that big project with powerful high-tech helpers like the AJA IO HD, or make an impact at your next conference with effective trade show convention rentals. Call (877) 266-7725, send a message, or use our Quick Rental Quote form to get what you need. We always do an insanely great job for you, too!

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