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August 13th, 2013

Favi E3 pico projectorIt’s hard enough to master the personal communications skills in business, like making an effective presentation, without having so-called technological “helpers” get in the way. But the size and complexity of some A-list business-class projectors are daunting to some professionals, who nonetheless realize nothing makes an impression like great images (especially great big ones). The evolution of smart, simple, and scaled-down projectors could solve some of these operational issues, with a footprint often smaller than a paperback book.

We will give you the basics, and tell you what “tech and specs” you need to know. A four-point checklist, handy for comparing models, is followed by short reviews of three top products. We will not suggest any particular models, as we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We start the discussion, you make the decisions.

Pico projector checklist

1. Form/Features: In addition to a small size you want quality construction, of course. Also consider the projection distance and aspect ratio, and look for expandable internal memory, battery life, and audio output.

2. Compatibility: Even if a projector has WiFi, wired connections are far more trustworthy in critical situations. Absent sufficient internal memory, you may need to connect a smartphone, USB drive, or computer rental to give the presentation. You need a projector that works with “your stuff.” Composite, BNC, S-video—you need to know what you’re working with, and how it works.

3. Image: A high contrast ratio, wide range of brightness settings, and sufficient resolution describe the ideal projected image. Of course, that could describe our iPad rentals, so don’t forget image size.

4. Help/Support: Good customer support often makes a good product an excellent one. It doesn’t take long to get ratings on projectors from various customer reviews, reporting services, and user forums—to discover, among other things, how they treat their customers.

Some top picks

Digipro pico projectorDigipro: A weakness in many portable projectors is the bulb, typically 5-10 lumens, not enough for detail. Although it can fit in your pocket, the Digipro puts out 15 lumens at SVGA resolution, rather than basic VGA, making once-illegible maps, schematics, and other details readable.

Favi E3: This device would vault to the top five or so in most anyone’s list, simply for having a bulb with 30,000+ hours of life. But there’s more, such as an even smaller form factor, multiple connection options, a bright and clear projected image, and expandable internal memory. Holy Grail? That’s your call.

Optoma Pico PK320: If you want to know about the few flaws in this near-perfect model, go to the manufacturer site and search a few tech forums. There are no big, obvious deal-breakerOptoma PK320 pico projectors, but check it out yourself and see if it passes muster. It’s tiny and well-built, with a super contrast ratio and a big, bold image. It’s as good a choice as either of the above for the title of “standard-setter.”

If you need a full-scale professional projector with more lumens and a bigger picture for an event or large meeting, get help selecting the right LCD projector rental with the proper resolution and brightness for your venue. An experienced CRE Account Executive is ready to help at (877) 266-7725, or you can send a message or use our Quick Rental Quote page. Do it now!

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