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March 30th, 2010

Computer laptop rentalsA major advantage of renting or leasing technology is keeping up with the accelerating progress in computing and communications. As soon as a workstation or device is installed, it starts obsolescing, and is outdated within mere months (or faster). When firms make huge investments in buying computer systems, taking advantage of better and newer technology is prohibitively expensive.  This is why rental companies continue to excel and expand, and their trade group (now called the IT-RA) continues to grow.

Apple is a good example of a firm that is forever pushing its own envelope. Sometimes the firm gets on the wrong side of its own customers when it introduces a replacement early in a product cycle, as happened throughout the 1990s. Today, the company is somewhat more careful about new product introductions, spending millions on “pre-announcement” research. Still, you may have purchased a new iMac less than a year ago only to find that you now want one like the new 21.5 inch iMac rentals from CRE. Buying all the new models would be a swift road to insolvency.

Software evolves, too

It is not only hardware that evolves. With the Windows OS, three different eras are now overlapping with the widespread use of XP, Vista and the new Windows 7. Rental companies like CRE need to update customer information and preferences continuously to stay abreast of what the market demands. Right now, some customers demand good hardware like CRE’s HP 8600 computer rentals and are less choosy about which OS is installed. Others need certain applications installed, so smart rental firms need to be able to outfit a workstation in the manner the customer needs. It’s a hard balance to strike.

The “name of the game” in rentals, like everywhere else, is value added. Consulting firms like the Gartner Group advise rental and leasing firms to move to a “suite of services” model and educate customers on the different advantages and options. Instead of simply responding to a RFQ (Request For Quote) with a dollar figure and the number of tablet PC rentals needed, firms can take the opportunity to show customers the costs and benefits (and savings) that inure to their advantage. CRE has always led the way in customer education, and both company and customers benefit.

The solution business

Fact is, rental companies, like CRE, need to be in the business of offering solutions that are not cookie cutter simple, but which meet specific requirements of cost, availability, processing power and ease of use. Good rental companies will work hard to maintain the following strengths:

Flexibility – Rental firms should be able to recommend technology equipment based on a particular project need, adjust the rental period if the project wraps up sooner than expected, or  offer to exchange plasma rentals at the first sign of a glitch.

Financial stability – The financial status and length of time in business of the rental firm will assure customers that the company will be in business for the term of the rental and beyond that. CRE has been in business for over a quarter century.

Full service – The expertise of the rental firm’s employees is key to ensuring that all services, from consultation to setup and operational support, are rendered with the highest possible quality.

Know-how – You need to trust that the rental firm has employees that are in a continuous educational process concerning its inventory of high tech equipment. Whether you need audience response rentals or LCD monitor rentals, you must trust that you are getting the right one for your needs.

CRE is serious about “the solutions business,” and part of that means we listen so that we make the right recommendations. When you need an expert to help you solve a production bottleneck or set you up for a new project, call or send an e-mail to one of our Account Executives and get the assistance you need. If you know what you need, simply send a Quick Rental Quote form and we will be back to you quickly.

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