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October 1st, 2009

There is a good economic case to be made for renting computers and other office equipment. However, there are other good reasons to opt for a rental instead of a purchase. We will look at the environmental, practical and logistical considerations that might also affect your decision.

The economics of renting

The first obvious advantage of getting, say, a high-powered desktop rental is reduced upfront expense. This is especially compelling if your needs for the equipment are intermittent. If your marketing department only puts together one or two “viral video ads” each month, for YouTube and other PR purposes, then it makes sense to get that Mac Pro rental from CRE. This kind of planning maintains financial flexibility, and the same reasoning applies to other equipment needs.

It is also easier to get a fully outfitted computer, with the hardware specifications and software programs you need, when you rent computers from CRE. No shopping around, no loading applications—just get what you need and get to work. You save time, money and aggravation at the same time.

Practical benefits

CRE’s long track record speaks to the fact that we really deal in solutions, not equipment. With a proactive customer service philosophy, we solve your problems—we don’t just rent you a piece of equipment. If you are working on an important print project that requires precise color matching, we know that you will need a properly calibrated LCD monitor rental to do it right. CRE is a one-stop shop, for expertise as well as high-tech tools.

When it comes to parts, service and maintenance, the practical benefit is easy to see—they’re free. You don’t have to worry about faulty equipment with our expert technicians, or spend money keeping things running right. For CRE, it is also easy to accommodate your growing needs. If your job turns out to be bigger than you thought, one phone call to CRE gets you the X Serve RAID rental that can hold an astounding 10.5TB of your data (terabytes, as in “trillions” of bytes).

Logistics: A rationale for rentals

For companies planning trade show appearances, the rationale for rentals is clear. Even if you have all the computers and displays you need for your booth, packing them up, moving them, and getting them ready to run videos or take customer input is a daunting task.

CRE has the additional expertise gained from years as an expert convention and event production firm. Not only can we arrange the projector rental that you need—in a wide range of makes and sizes—we can provide you the screen, deliver and set everything up, do a test run and (most important) put your mind at ease.

Sharing and caring for the environment

Quietly and gradually, CRE has been helping to reduce “carbon footprint” for all kinds of companies. Fewer computers, monitors and projectors are shared among more companies, creating efficiencies of use that reduce the proliferation of electronic waste.


Think, for example, of four companies that each need a half dozen tablet PC rentals for a week each month. Instead of 24 tablet PCs being purchased, used inefficiently and then added to the landfill at some point, the same six units can service two dozen users and four different firms. Add it all up, nationwide, and you can see the tremendous environmental benefit that high-tech rentals offer.

Whatever you need to get the job done, CRE is here to help you do it effectively, efficiently and sensibly as well. Our experienced Account Executives can help you ask and answer all the practical, financial, environmental and logistical questions you may have. Fill out a Quick Rental Quote web form, pick up the phone or send an e-mail. We’re ready to help right now.

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