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January 13th, 2011

In November 2010, Filemaker, Inc., released a new set of templates for the iPad version of its “personal database,” Bento 3. Bento 3 Event Planner is a customized set of six new templates for managing conferences and events. The free download at the Bento Template Exchange includes a 30-day trial of the app for those who do not yet own it (or only have the Mac version). CRE iPad rentals can be quickly outfitted with it too.

The templates link so information flows from one to another without requiring redundant data entry. For organizing everything from small company meetings to trade shows, Bento 3 Event Planner syncs data among Macs, iPads and iPhones. Although the iPad and iPhone both run the latest iOS (4.2), Bento apps for each are sold separately. If you’d prefer Bento 3 installed on MacBook Pro rentals for your conference management needs, that can be done, too.

Another approach for event planners

Event managers and conference planners did not sit still waiting for Bento 3 Event Planner, of course. You can also assemble a number of separate iPad apps to customize your own approach to conference management. Here are a few suggestions:

Apple’s Keynote application has not dislodged PowerPoint from its #1 spot, but it is the favorite presentation software for a growing number of people. The iPad app will be home away from home for users of the Mac version of the software.

The online storage-site-cum-utility, Dropbox is a great way to do backups, distribute files and much more. Dropbox syncs the documents you can’t afford to lose in 2GB of free online space. Create an account, download the app(s) for your device(s), and you’re in business.

Office2 HD recognizes that document types “.doc” and “.xls” are the global standards. For opening and editing Word and Excel documents on the iPad, Office2 HD gives you near-total control over MS-Office documents.

Desktop Connect means the “I left it on my desktop” excuse is a goner. Desktop Connect lets you control your PC or Mac’s desktop from an iPad. Meeting planners, of course, need this functionality during events, whether on tablet PC rentals or an iPad, since remote access to the desktop is crucial.

Voice Memos enables recording voice memos on the go. Oddly, the iPad did not arrive with such a feature (but there is now an app available); Voice Memos is very handy and the fastest way to capture those fleeting thoughts (the ones worth saving, that is).

CRE Rentals  is an expert event planner and can supply you with iPad rentals to suit your event needs (Note: we stock “standard” iPads; for apps noted above, we can add them using trial versions and/or free downloads, upon request).  To learn more about our services, call or e-mail an Account Executive, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form.

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