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March 29th, 2011

Gadget Grab BagAs a leader in the technology rental industry, CRE Rentals prides itself on staying on top of the latest technology news and trends (check out our post, Tech Updates, Upgrades & News) .  Today, lets dig into the gadget grab bag to learn about the latest.

Remote access app for iOS

The remote access app from developer LogMeIn is getting phenomenal reviews for its recent no-cost upgrade. Being able to log in to your home computer from work, or from Paris, is nothing new, but doing it seamlessly on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) with a low-cost App Store product is newsworthy. Controlling one machine from another this easily, with a friendly interface and no “IT jargon,” is the best way to bring VNC (Virtual Network Computing)  to the non-nerd masses.

Among the upgrades to Ignition is the ability called Wake-On-Lan, by which you can turn on a remote computer. No longer do you have to leave your computer turned on while you take a two-week vacation. Ignition lets everyone enjoy quick, stable and inexpensive VNC access. CRE’s iPad rentals – original or iPad 2 – can be configured with this handy app if you so desire.

Customizing Windows look and feel

A member of the deviantART community designed a simple but gorgeous “glassy theme” for Windows 7. Or, give your computer a natural, even peaceful feel with Elune – but be careful whose instructions you follow for installing it. Several sites that feature this free download provide multi-step instructions for its installation, steps that include modifying dll system files; this could be trouble for non-tekkie users.

Want something easier? Try Custopack Tools, a free download that simplifies the “theming” process. You can also make your own themes, or modify others.

CRE believes that choosing a theme is a very personal thing – customize your own computer, but leave the B2B computer rentals alone.

Here comes King Kindle

Since at least late 2009, Amazon has been working on a tablet. Yep, another e-reader-slash-touchpad device, but based on the popular Kindle reader. The evidence piled up quickly in 2010 as Amazon bought a multi-touch developer, Touchco, and then folded the operation into the Lab126 division responsible for the Kindle. When the firm began hiring LCD experts, the recipe was clear – here comes Amazon’s iPad killer.

Most analysts are guessing that Amazon will go with a 7-inch size, as that sector of the tablet market has no clear leader. If Amazon sticks with the book-reading theme that Kindle is now focused on, the device won’t have to be a powerhouse like the iPad rentals. It may run on Android, and it may not. There are still many more questions than answers, so stay tuned.

If you know what you need, the Quick Rental Quote will save you time. If you call us or e-mail your gadget questions, our Account Executives can turn them into answers for you – the right ones, and right now.

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