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January 25th, 2011

We blog about high-tech gadgets and toys at times (check out this post) just to balance all the hard work with a little fun. Today we’re talking playthings again – not Android tablets or the “big news” from CES (check our recent CES coverage for that). As the New Year starts picking up momentum, let’s take just a moment for a few smiles, shall we?

Robot teacher

Robot buddyThe ReCon Rover 6.0 promotes logical thinking in kids (plenty of adults could use a refresher, too) and the more they learn, the more of the Rover’s behavior they can control. Using the same technology as in CRE’s LCD monitor rentals, the unit’s bright LCD screen shows all the routes programmed with its 10-button keypad and directional buttons.

The Rover can negotiate obstacle courses in a room full of iMac rentals, carry small items, stand guard and go on missions (with 10 routes in memory at once). It is equipped with LED headlights, microphone and speaker, caterpillar tracks, a “third wheel,” a cargo bay, a “ReCon go home” command and sound effects. In addition to included sounds, there is memory space reserved for four more (like this cool sound).

Indoor/outdoor flying

Radio controlled (RC) devices are nothing new, and helicopters are quite popular. The latest advance is voice control, and the aptly named Voice Control Helicopter that recently hit the market follows five commands: start engine, fly higher, fly lower, hold an item and turn off upon landing. A standard joystick remote control turns it right and left, while a ceiling sensor prevents in-home crashes.

New Mac Pro rentals, of course, have powerful speech command capabilities built in for doing serious work more easily. RC copter makers want to make it easy to have serious fun, too. Thus, the Voice Control Helicopter understands commands in English, French or Spanish, while another copter from Japan needs some commands in Japanese and others in English. Get set for more innovations from this industry.

Party lights for Jedi Knights

If you want a unique touch for a party, consider Illoom glowing balloons. There are LEDs built in, so you just pull a tab before blowing them up for über-cool lighting effects. In a room full of computer rentals with glowing plasma rentals, the balloons would complement the lighting nicely – another instant workplace party recipe. And there’s more to the Illoom balloons than a choice of colors, such as pumpkin and ghost images for Halloween, and others for different holidays and purposes.

Make sure to have fun to balance your hard work, but when you need to blow through a production bottleneck, or put on a great show with our soup-to-nuts convention rentals, we’re ready with everything you need. Call or e-mail our experienced Account Executives, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, and let’s get it done.

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