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February 15th, 2011

Surface Table from Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled its new Surface Table at January’s CES, the first upgrade since its 2007 debut. Although fine for a single-user PC, the 2.9GHZ AMD Athlon II X2 may be a bit sluggish while processing media files from multiple people and input sources. The CPU is not as capable as those in CRE Rentals’ high-end computer rentals, and may be replaced before production ramps up in the next several months. But the concept? Wow!

New Table with new apps coming

The new unit, made by Samsung, has a gorgeous, 40-inch, full-HD LCD display like state-of-the-art LCD monitor rentals. Reviewers have noted that the people in the Microsoft promo spots look a bit cramped standing around it. Still, there’s a bit more room up close now, since unlike the original Vista-based model, the new Surface Table doesn’t require connecting a mouse and keyboard to complete the setup.

Surface Tables now use Windows 7 (and supports 64-bit computing), so the entire experience, from setup through use of all available and potential applications, is touch-driven. The Tables are now about half the original price, making them affordable as interactive solutions as well as graphic arts production aids. The new Surface 2.0 Software Developers Kit (SDK) ships later this year, and the next development phase is all about third parties coming up with the requisite “killer apps.”

Surface Table magic show

Amnesia Razorfish has said goodbye to the antiquated “send and receive” procedure for file transfer with Surface Table software named Amnesia Connect. It uses a natural, gesture-based interface – like iPad rentals for instance – so tablet and smart phone users can move digital content between devices easily. How?

Content is transferred to the Surface Table with a single swiping gesture on a smart phone or iPad. With the same motion, it can be sent to another device – but before it finishes the user will get a live preview like an X-ray going through to the Surface display. (check out the video).  Amnesia says using its product with the Surface Table “promises a range of new possibilities,” and the company believes people will soon use their digital devices – from tablet PC rentals to phones and iPads – for fast, safe “commercial transactions for both physical and digital content.”

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