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April 6th, 2010

One great thing about the blog format and hyperlinking is the ability to simply link to good information that is already available in the “‘virtual world”.  That said, we will  “review the reviewers” and recommend where the best information is. We want to point out some great sites where you can get the very best insight into LCD Monitor RentalsLCD monitors and monitor rentals that are being developed around the world.

TFT Central is a British Web site with some of the very best reviews of LCD monitors. The site has added visual documentation to increase its credibility and explain its ratings. While most Web sites view (and review) LCD monitors from just one or two perspectives – say, gaming or watching movies – the thorough evaluations at TFT Central cover the kinds of different uses found in today’s businesses, including color performance for designers, stable imaging for technologists and video playback for media professionals.

The estimable Government Computer News (GCN) Web site is a similarly trustworthy and dependable with reviews. It covers, along with its print magazine, government, technology and a wide range of products and solutions, including in-depth monitor reviews. While it also delves deeply into PCs and Apple computers, like Mac Pro rentals, its monitor reviews are particularly well-regarded by the tech press pool.

Other top LCD monitor sites

Another well-known Web site, X-bit Labs, may justly lay claim to reviewing the greatest number of LCD monitors. With thorough, formal testing and precise documentation, its reviews tend to be technical and sometimes opaque to non-techies. PC Magazine’s site also has excellent reviews, and they are written for the average user. Although the site lacks the technical depth of some other recommended reviewers, it is possibly the best starting place, and reviews all other computer technology, too. If you are looking into LCD monitors but want the specs on an iMac rental, it’s the place to go.

One thing to remember when reading any review is that one person’s dud is another’s star performer. Because of different ways of testing, and people’s natural subjectivity, you will find the very same monitors being hailed and panned. The best thing to do is read a number of competing reviews, or stick with a reviewer or review site that you have come to trust. Regardless of how you learn the inside scoop, on monitors or other displays like CRE’s plasma rentals, the more you know which monitors are best for each kind of work your business does.

Don’t have the right monitor to get the project done? Rent monitors from CRE – you’ll get exactly what you need.  Call or send an e-mail and we will help you. If you already know the monitor you need, even a non-LCD type like our LED-based 30-inch Apple Cinema HD rentals, just fill out a Quick Rental Quote form and you’ll be plugging and playing (well, “plugging and working”) in no time.

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