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November 2nd, 2010

Web site software ranges from template-based applications that make things quick and easy (like Apple’s iWeb) to programs so complex that beginners, and a surprising number of longtime users, get lost (Adobe Dreamweaver). Of course, “code heads” can build sites with a simple text editor, since no matter how you create a Web page it’s the HTML behind the scenes that brings all the pieces – text, images, colors, links, etc. – together as a (hopefully) compelling whole.

As the Internet matured, “Web log” diaries became “blogs” while specialized tools allowed small business owners and writers to create a Web presence by themselves. WordPress: Will It Work for You?Among today’s top Content Management Systems, the 800-lb. gorilla is WordPress, which can be integrated with other site-building tools like Dreamweaver or used on its own. If you are considering WordPress, CRE Rentals’ discussion below will help you decide if it is right for you.

Word Press…it’s not Dreamweaver

Frankly, it’s not like any of the major site-building applications. Developed for writing content, WordPress is not your best choice for creating a site with a broad range of page types and media. Yes, there are templates available for making WordPress “sites,” but that’s not its strength.

It’s great for SEO

In its standard form, WordPress is good for SEO, but only gets into “great” territory after you install the “All In One SEO” plug-in. This tool greatly increases the number of SEO options, and adds some very potent capabilities. Among other things, you can stop the “spiders” from crawling through your archive pages, which eliminates the chance of their mistaking them for duplicate content.

There’s more to SEO than what’s on the page

In practice, the impact of on-page SEO will pale in comparison to what you do with backlinks and off-page SEO tactics. WordPress is designed to help writers, in particular, because “content is king.”

WordPress has got the goods behind the page, too

WordPress outputs “proper HTML” and has plenty of available plug-ins to help with SEO tasks, plus provide solid analytics. As opposed to the output of some high-cost, high-learning curve programs, HTML from WordPress is neither non-standard nor “tainted” in any fashion.

It’s not push-button simple

Once you become familiar with WordPress, it could save you a great deal of time and effort, but when starting you must allow time for a steep learning curve. The bottom line is that the look and feel of blogs are not dependent on the tools, but on the skills and know-how of the designers using those tools.

The skills and know-how of CRE Account Executives is what gets you the right Mac Pro rentals for your production personnel, and the perfectly planned package of convention rentals for exhibits, booths and breakout sessions. You can call or send an e-mail, even fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form – we make things easy. You’ll encounter no learning curve working with CRE. You get straightforward solutions, on your schedule, at your site – and done right!

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