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September 19th, 2013

GHTC-IEEEIEEE is bringing its third annual Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) to San Jose’s Airport Garden Hotel from October 20-23. The GHTC calls itself a “voice amplifier” for the needs of underserved populations. You’ll see a new iMac, a futuristic battery, or the latest smartphone at many conferences, but they’re mentioned at GHTC in the context of empowering communities and individuals. Engineers, academics, NGOs, micro-loan firms, charities, and others are seeking to develop technological solutions for the challenges facing all humans—and the world we live in.

GHTC’s goals are to foster the exchange of information, promote networking, and enable cooperation among humanitarian organizations and technology firms. The excitement of scientific progress is amplified when it is applied meaningfully in the lives of billions of disadvantaged people. A middle-class American might see tablet PC rentals as cool, but people in underdeveloped nations see them as life-changing, as a way to create new, localized solutions for their specific challenges. This is a conference to excite both mind and heart.

· · ·

CEWIT_LOGOCEWIT 2013—the 10th International Conference & Expo on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World, at the Melville Marriott Long Island in Melville, NY, on October 21 and 22—is one of the leading conferences on emerging technologies, combining academic research and industry R&D in a single forum. (The acronym is the organizer’s, the New York State Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology, CEWIT, at Stony Brook University in Long Island, NY.) CEWIT 2013 features presentations on original research, new ideas on small-scale energy production, as well as discussions of how emerging technologies are changing health care, infrastructure, and energy usage—three crucial challenges in the quest for a “smarter” global environment.

The two-day summit will feature a wide range of technical sessions on smart infrastructure; cloud, mobile, and visual computing; “big data” and analytics; intelligent power grids; smart medicine; and, very importantly, a re-imagined energy paradigm. The power management system in a modern computer rental fairly sips power, and reduced power demand means “more for everybody.” As we’ve said here a few times, the times they are a-changin’—and it’s people at these kinds of conferences that are doing much of that changing.

· · ·

AES_LOGOThe 135th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention takes over the Javits Center in New York City from October 17-20, 2013. As always, the AES conference will focus on today’s key frontiers in professional audio, broadcasting, recording, and media production. The AES is many things—networking, presentations, workshops, and fun—but it’s all about the educational sessions, and this year’s premier offerings take a close look at the new technologies affecting broadcast and streaming audio, like “Audio for 4K TV.” Addressing the public service aspect of broadcasting, the “Broadcasting During Disasters” session will examine how 2012’s Hurricane Sandy affected broadcast operations.

As a get-together of top audio pros, the AES also debates standards. One session that promises some real debate is entitled, “Is It Time To Retire the MP3 Protocol for Streaming?” This now-aging format has allowed music to proliferate on devices from computers to our iPad rental, but it may be that its continued wide use delays the introduction of superior audio codecs. Perhaps after AES is over we will be informed of something that will replace it. Or maybe that will be at the 136th meeting. There is a lot to do, after all!

· · ·

Need some trade show convention rentals for one of these conferences? We can help! Call us at (877) 266-7725, send a message, or visit the Quick Rental Quote page and tell us what you need. We are always ready to help! Call now!

July 25th, 2013

From the fringes of fantasy and sci-fi “imagineering” to the center of new, rapidly advancing optics/photonics technologies, the conferences for August 2013 are looking fantastic! Here are two of the most exciting:

Gen Con Indy 2013

Gen-Con-Indy-2013Gen Con Indy 2013, the international “gaming & fantasy” convention, will take over the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IL from August 15-18, 2013. Event organizers always like to give themselves compliments, but when its backers call Gen Con Indy “the original, longest-running, best-attended gaming convention in the world,” they aren’t exaggerating. The event started over 45 years ago, during the era of big and heavy cathode ray tube displays—when an LCD touchscreen monitor rental would have seemed straight out of Star Trek. For those of you exhibiting at this year’s conference, the range of modern technology for promoting your products and services is now simply amazing, and as futuristic as ever, as a review of our own line of trade show convention rentals shows.

Last year there were some 41,000 attendees of Gen Con Indy, and the event has broken attendance records almost every year. Among this number are noted authors and artists, famous actors from cult sci-fi shows, game industry leaders, designers, and developers—wearing costumes, leading workshops, having a blast in the Family Fun Pavilion, previewing the latest games, and getting to as many of the thousands of events as possible. If you’re exhibiting, there’s still time to rent interactive kiosk technology that can capture name and contact information from attendees, as well as showcase your firm. With 70+ contestants vying for the costume award, a life-size 10,000-s.f. “True Dungeon,” a freewheeling auction, a huge fantasy and sci-fi art show, and a film festival, Gen Con Indy 2013 delivers fun, excitement, and opportunity.

SPIE Optics + Photonics 2013

SPIE-Optics-PhotonicsFrom August 25-29, 2013 the San Diego Convention Center will be Ground Zero for SPIE Optics + Photonics 2013. North America’s largest global, multidisciplinary optical sciences and technology conference is your annual opportunity to exchange data, share ideas, get published, and make connections with other professionals. Whether you simply attend, manage a booth, give a presentation, or pursue some combination of activities, CRE is your smart source for that audience response system rental for your session, some laptops or tablets for your conference team—or whatever else you need to make your attendance a success.

This year’s plenary presentations feature 19 world-class experts, while more than 50 workshops, forums, receptions, banquets, student events, and special sessions combine with 41 courses and workshops for a full range of offerings. When you add in all the opportunities in the four major interest areas—NanoScience + Engineering, Solar Energy + Technology, Organic Photonics + Electronics, and Optical Engineering + Applications—there will be more than 3,200 presentations at this event. If you’re giving one, CRE has whatever you might need in the way of meeting technology, including a full line of first-rate audio visual (AV) equipment rentals. There is a special “interactive and informative pavilion” that will feature a 16-game setup for the “Khet” laser game; a telescope display courtesy of the San Diego Astronomy Club, NAOA, and Oceanside Photo & Telescope; new classroom and teaching products; and up-to-date information on the National Photonics Initiative and the International Year Of Light 2015.

A single call to (877) 266-7725, or a simple message, puts you in touch with an experienced Account Executive, who has uniquely effective solutions for all of your business-critical issues. Know what you need? Simply visit the Quick Rental Quote page and take care of business—any time, 24/7/365, including right now. We’re always ready to help!

March 29th, 2013

NAB logoIt’s time once again for the NAB Show, which will take over Las Vegas for almost a week (the conference runs April 6-11, exhibits April 8-11) to explore leading-edge technologies for communication, entertainment, education, and media management. From content creators working on a Mac Pro rental to content distributors making apps for smartphones and WiFi-enabled-everything, professionals from every stage of the “Content Lifecycle” will come together to talk, listen, network, schmooze, promote, and learn. The pitch this year is quite straightforward: “NAB Show is a must-attend event if you want to future-proof your career and your business.” No grey area there!

As the world’s largest electronic media show, NAB Show has grown from covering TV entertainment to being a main factor in what this year’s press release calls the “development, management and delivery of content across all mediums”—as visual content, it still goes to screens, but now those screens are on tablet PC rentals, phones, refrigerators, etc. Over 90,000 attendees from 150+ countries make NAB Show the premier event for digital media and entertainment, while more than 1,600+ exhibitors make it Ground Zero for solutions that are transcending traditional broadcasting and delivering “new content to new screens in new ways.”

Every step along the way

NAB’s Content Lifecycle and the conference sessions based on it cover the entire range of activities involved in the digital workflow:

Content Creation — Learn about the tools (iPad rental, computers, digitizing tablets) empowering collaborations between art and technology, and about hardware and software for image capture, digital art, filmmaking, production and post, sound design, the web and more.

Content Management — Find solutions to storage such as cloud accounts and disk arrays, while discovering novel approaches to retrieval, sharing, security, facility management and IT challenges, as well.

Content Commerce — Develop ways to buy and sell content in an active marketplace, whether via advertising, digital distribution, financing or content acquisition, whether you’re on a MacBook, a phone, or a desktop computer.

Content Distribution and Delivery — Find out about the latest, greatest delivery modes (broadcast, mobile, fiber optics, streaming, broadband video) for your content, “on air, on screen or stage, online or on the go.”

Content Consumption — The changing ways in which content is consumed drives all other stages of the Content Lifecycle. And it has changed one of the older clichés of the digital era: Rather than “content is king,” the saying is now, “the content user is king” (or “emperor”). However it’s defined, it takes time and effort to stay up-to-date about “fickle consumers.”

NNAB exhibit floorAB Show’s Exhibit Hall will host nearly 600 companies that are based outside of the United States. From global leaders like Sony (Japan) and Samsung (South Korea) to hundreds of others like Vizrt (Norway), Dalet Digital (France), and Quantel (UK), these international companies will showcase cutting-edge technology solutions and services from around the world. The exhibition will also feature pavilions from Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Korea and the UK, as well the Department of Commerce’s U.S. Export Pavilion.

NAB Show also offers a variety of internationally-focused conference sessions and an International Trade Center (ITC) that features onsite services for international guests including Commercial Trade Specialists and multi-lingual staff in up to eight languages.

Are you exhibiting at or attending NAB?  The exact solution to your technology needs—everything from trade show convention rentals to post-production technology—is just a call or message away, right here at CRE. Of course, if you know what you need, visit our Quick Rental Quote page and be done in a jiffy! We’re ready now if you are!

January 29th, 2013

February has three major conferences of interest to our readers, covering topics as diverse as biophotonics, lasers, concrete, construction, and new cars (okay, trucks, too). Economic indicators are always hard to read, but if, in fact, the economy is recovering, attendance should be healthy at the leading conferences that are coming up. There are certainly some exciting developments afoot, so we’re looking forward to the conferences, conventions and expos of 2013! Here’s what’s coming your way in February:

SPIE Photonics WestSPIE Photonics West 2013 — It’s the world’s premier conference for high-power lasers, biophotonics, biomedical optics, optoelectronics, and green photonics, and this year’s SPIE Photonics West comprises two complete exhibitions at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from February 2-7. The BiOS Expo (Feb. 2-3) is now the world’s biggest biomedical optics and biophotonics exhibition, selling out in 2012 with some 215 exhibitors. The Photonics West Exhibition (Feb. 5-7), the flagship event of the global photonics industry, also sold out last year with 1,200+ companies. If you’re going, CRE can handle last-minute requests from exhibitors for plasma display rentals and A/V equipment, as well as serve attendees by putting our iPad rentals in the hands of as many folks as need them.

World of ConcreteWorld of Concrete 2013 — From February 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the World of Concrete 2013 brings to town the only annual, international gathering of the commercial concrete and masonry industries. Since 1975, this event has featured both indoor and outdoor exhibits, with leading vendors bringing innovative technologies and first-rate instructional sessions to help you grow your business—whether you specialize in materials, masonry methods, or construction.

NADA 2013The NADA Convention & Expo 2013 — From Friday, Feb. 8 through Monday, Feb. 11, 2013, NADA 2013 will take up residence in the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. NADA (the National Automobile Dealers Association) started in 1917 with 30 auto dealers, and today represents nearly 16,000 new-car and new-truck dealerships with 32,500 domestic and international franchises. NADA is the premier automotive industry event every year and the planet’s single biggest event for franchised new-vehicle dealers. Whether you’re running a presentation on an LCD touchscreen monitor rental, or networking among the crowds of auto pros, the convention brings dealers, executives of major auto manufacturers, and hundreds of diverse exhibitors together to marvel at the latest and greatest vehicle services, equipment, and technologies.

From trade show and convention rentals to high-tech post production gear, CRE has the solutions, and one call or message puts an experienced Account Executive to work for you to find yours. Meanwhile, a quick visit to our Quick Rental Quote page gets you in and out quickly. We’re ready to help—right now!

November 20th, 2012


IAEE Expo! Expo!The International Association of Exhibitions and Events brings its annual convention – dubbed “Expo! Expo! 2012″ – to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, for a three-day extravaganza running December 4-6, 2012. If you are exhibiting there, remember that CRE doesn’t just rent interactive kiosk units and other trade show necessities. We help you strategize, budget, and execute the unique solution you need to really make an impression. And, for a convention of convention experts, you need to have your “A” game going!

With one-on-one networking, group sessions, and “experiential education opportunities” covering every conceivable topic, IAEE has put together a solid, sensible agenda. Whether you attend, exhibit, or both, the amount of information being dispensed will easily overwhelm the unprepared. Each member of your conference team should be equipped with an iPad rental, a tablet PC, or another way of taking written, spoken, and video-recorded notes. If it’s a green-aware conference, too, you will be downloading conference materials, as well. Be ready.

Perhaps the most exciting time at the event will be when exhibition and event professionals from around the globe gather on Wednesday, December 5 from 11am to 5pm in the West Concourse Hall C of the Convention Center. That’s where they will be looking for new and innovative technologies, creative partnerships, dynamic new projects, and strategic allies for the future. So if you’re looking to catch their attention, read our blogs about drawing people to your booth, get hold of the right tradeshow convention rentals (crystal clear and BIG displays, audio/video gear), and then — whenever and wherever it is you need to put it all together — we’re ready to help.


The San Diego International Auto Show (SDIAS) roars into the San Diego Convention Center from December 27-30, 2012, with over 400 new vehicles on display, as well as a slew of aftermarket suppliers, specialty service firms, and other auto-related vendors.  Featured attractions include the Exotics Salon, Ride & Drive events, and the  Think Blue Eco Center.

San Diego International Auto Show logo

If you are in one of the many industries supporting vehicle manufacturing, maintenance, repair, or even general transportation, you will feel right at home at SDIAS. Better yet, the SDIAS is among the largest auto shows in the U.S., and the second highest-drawing show in California. If you’re exhibiting at this show, your investment in plasma display rentals and other attention-getting technology items will be well rewarded.

With an auto-themed gallery in the middle of the Center, having an iPad rental would again be ideal – for its good camera in addition to everything else. Sure, you’ll be networking; promoting your product or service; you know, “taking care of business.” But you can also take time, in a grand gallery space, to relax among fine works of art and snap great shots of cars of “historical or geographical distinction” and others that fall under the heading “teen nostalgia.” Remember car songs?

For everything from high-end post-production equipment to audio visual (AV) equipment rentals, your solutions are a single call or e-mail away. Know what you need? Visit our Quick Rental Quote page!

November 8th, 2012

Wi-Fi at Events can be QuestionableGoogle once held a press conference to announce that the firm and its partner, EarthLink, would provide San Francisco with free Wi-Fi. It didn’t instill much confidence in the attendees that the conference Wi-Fi was down until the event’s last few minutes. This is not rare. Wi-Fi gridlock at conferences is embarrassingly commonplace.

“OUTGROWING THE SPEC”. When wireless devices first appeared and the iPad rental was a novelty, conferences offered free Wi-Fi to keep attendees surfing happily. All that personal, bandwidth-wasting activity continues to this day with many more users, even as conference Wi-Fi is also pressed into service for official activities and communications.

Conference WI-Fi can be hazardousThe problem? Wi-Fi was not designed for auditoriums with thousands of people milling about, backpacks and pockets stuffed with iPods, tablet PC rentals, laptops, and smart phones. (Truth be told, there’d be no Wi-Fi problem if people would leave everything in those backpacks and pockets.) What to do? Let’s review…

EVOLUTION OF WI-FI. Standard Wi-Fi covers relatively small areas, providing access to devices making only modest demands for bandwidth. Even now, conference organizers and Wi-Fi consultants still underestimate bandwidth requirements and other factors. It is not only a matter of attendance figures, or how many attendees will have a net-ready laptop computer and other gizmos. Many things come into play, from the size of the room(s) to the amount of reflectivity (hard walls) and absorption (bodies, carpets).

CONFERENCE SOLUTIONS. Simply adding access points won’t guarantee success. In fact, that is likely to make things worse by creating more interference and introducing additional security flaws. The following actions can help:

  • Choose wisely: Read our blogs, do some research, ask questions, and check references so that you can choose a venue that has already solved the problem. 
  • Down, boy: Attendees can be advised to turn off devices that aren’t mission-critical, and to avoid downloading large files.  It won’t be the most popular mandate, but it will help.
  • Wired ports in a storm: Our MacBook Pro rental has an Ethernet port, but Apple’s next generation won’t. As many wireless problems (interference, signal loss) have yet to be resolved, a wired Ethernet port comes in handy. Of course, this won’t help all of your attendees and it’s far from ideal.  But in a pinch, it can be helpful.
  • The simplest move? Talk to us. We have custom event Wi-Fi service solutions that can put signals in places that have none (it sounds like magic, but it really works!) and can distribute Wi-Fi access to hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous users without service drops.

EXHIBIT SPACE SOLUTIONS. If you will attend and/or exhibit at a conference that you know will have Wi-Fi problems, you can soften the impact with some planning:

  • Minimize Wi-Fi: Make phone calls and access online resources in advance, and locate wired access points to use when needed.
  • Try Mi-Fi instead: Personal hot spots through many carriers can support up to five devices, but there may still be interference issues.
  • Teamwork: One conference team member can be the communications hub, securing a wired access point, even if it’s in a hotel room, and keeping everyone connected and informed. If you rent laptops, you can share files without Wi-Fi via flash drives, AirDrop (with Macs) or cross-platform with the nearly ubiquitous Bluetooth.
  • Once again, you could call on us

…for everything from event production rentals to mountainous mounds of high-speed storage, one call or e-mail connects you to an experienced CRE Account Executive. Already know what you need? Just use the handy Quick Rental Quote form.

October 11th, 2012

Long Beach Comic & Horror ConThe 2012 edition of the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con (LBCHC) is set for November 3-4 at the Long Beach Convention Center. This annual celebration of pop culture, kitsch, and creativity is an evolving showcase for artists, writers, and other imaginative folks - the sort that use CRE render farms and other high-tech gear. If you plan to promote your publication, products, educational program, or secret decoder ring, check out our conference tips (here’s a good one to start with).

In addition to scheduling celebs for meet-and-greets, guest signings, and Q&A sessions, LBCHC is welcoming award-winning IDW Publishing for the second year. LBCHC is now “one of the staples of our trade show schedule,” says Dirk Wood, IDW marketing veep, about the firm’s powerful profile at the show. Whether your firm is big or small, you can empower your presence, too, with the right array of trade show convention rentals. It all depends on your particular strategy, but remember: If you want to participate at conferences in the most eco-friendly way possible, join CRE on the green path to a sustainable future.

You could attend LBCHC as a fan instead of an exhibitor, but why not get those two birds with one stone? If you’ve studied up on pulling passersby into your booth, and have your slam-bang-totally-cool company presentation ready to loop-play on one of CRE’s plasma display rentals, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the surroundings like the fanboy or fangirl that you are. Have fun!

•  •  •

Designer Con 2012 LogoDesigner Con 2012 (D-Con), now in its seventh year, takes place Saturday, November 3, from 9am-6pm at the Pasadena Convention Center. Already a “must-attend” event, D-Con calls itself a “smashup” (one step up from “mashup”?). It’s an expansive, artsy get-together whose ingredients range from designer fashions, collectible toys and gadgets, to fine art, urban style, underground inventions, and pop art.

The one-day event will be full of activity, including a custom toy show, live painting, carnival games, and dozens of original LEGO™ creations curated by Brandon Griffith. We’ve blogged about mass-media-style programming being produced specifically for Internet distribution, and here’s yet another example: will broadcast D-Con’s live, uncensored “Suckathon” all day long (courtesy of DKE Toys).

Many noted artists – including Ragnar, Scott Tolleson, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas – will be displaying works, chatting up the crowds and putting paint on canvas, skin, paper, cars, laptops, whatever. (Just keep that iPad rental clean, eh?) The story goes that show organizers Ben Goretsky and Ayleen Gaspar joined forces based on their mutual love of L.A.’s lowbrow art scene, designer toys, mini-figures, and Disneyland. Sounds like a great party!

When the party’s over and it’s time to get things done, CRE is your one-stop high-tech shop. From desktop PC computer rentals for your temps, to all the mass storage and servers you could possibly need, we are a single call or e-mail away. In a hurry? Visit the Quick Rental Quote page and be done in minutes!

August 23rd, 2012

In Tuesday’s Part 1, we began defining the essential terms of hotel venue contracts (a study you should finish up with your attorney, if necessary). Today we will continue with the terms Be Prepared when Booking the HotelGroup Cancellation, Group Rate, Meeting Space, Reservation Method, and Room Block.

Group Cancellation

Like Attrition and Performance, Group Cancellation clauses can be misunderstood. However, the clause is not invoked nearly as often as Attrition, and most hotels will specify a penalty for cancelled events, whatever the reason, often on a sliding scale (how large an event, how early it is cancelled and so on). You want all this tightened up before investing in trade show equipment rentals, that’s for sure.

Group Rate

When you negotiate for rooms, you will encounter the Group Rate, which is affected by the rates for different room types (single, double, triple, multi-occupancy suites). The hotel guarantees this rate for reservations made after the contract is signed and before the Cut-off Date (see Part 1). The rate should be lower than that offered individual travelers, and “set in stone” (read, “written in the contract”) so attendees can make an informed decision.

Meeting Space

Planning a conference requires you to determine the proper amount of meeting space. You may need tables and chairs for a dozen desktop PC rental units, a dining hall for a keynote luncheon, or “all of the above” (and more). The contract should therefore describe the rooms, their dimensions and seating capacity, date/time availability and the exact fees. Meeting space is sometimes included at no cost. If you don’t think you’re a tough enough negotiator to get it, study up or get (paid) professional help.

Reservation Method

Even with a signed contract, attendees at your event need reservations. Having a Room Block (below) does not mean attendees can simply show up and check in. All attendees bring unique needs – different arrival/departure dates, smoking and handicap preferences, single/multiple occupancy room, etc. – so they should handle their own reservations. There are different ways to do it – some easier for the hotel, others for the meeting coordinator – but online registration programs have simplified the process tremendously.

Room Block

This simply means the number of rooms that the hotel will hold for a group on particular dates at agreed rates. As the foundation of the hotel venue contract, the Room Block guarantees a rate for a specific period of time. After the contract is signed, the hotel takes the rooms off the market and attendees must make reservations before the Cut-off Date. Such room details as ensuring Wireless Internet Access for your iPad rentals should be handled at this point if not previously negotiated for the group as a whole.

Call or e-mail a knowledgeable Account Executive about your upcoming conference and we’ll make it a real winner. Know what you need? Visit our Quick Rental Quote page and you’ll be in and out in no time!

August 21st, 2012

If you need to book a hotel for a conference, you will quickly become familiar with the intricacies of the hotel sales contract. They are convoluted enough that lawyers hold seminars about them. Because conference bookings are often done a year or more in advance, the hotel sales contract must explain how to manage potential changes in pricing, availability, equipment, and so on.

Are you ready to sign a Venue Contract?

We are certainly not providing you legal advice on your contracts, for which you should consult an attorney. However, we will define the major clauses and contract elements to give you a good start at understanding hotel sales contracts. Today, in Part 1 we will define:

  • Attrition/Performance
  • Audiovisual (AV)
  • Concessions
  • Cut-off Date
  • Food/Beverage Minimum
  • Force Majeure

In Thursday’s Part 2, we will give you the scoop on:

  • Group Cancellation
  • Group Rate
  • Meeting Space
  • Reservation Method
  • Room Block

Let’s get to it!


The interchangeable terms ‘Attrition’ and ‘Performance’ and are possibly the most confusing terms in the hotel and conference industries. If you book a certain number of rooms, for lodging as well as breakout sessions with Audience Response Systems (ARS) and other CRE meeting technology, the hotel will expect them to be used and paid for at the agreed rate. Hotel professionals realize the near-impossibility of predicting room reservations accurately, especially when booking in advance, and typically set the contractual obligation at 80-95% of the full booking. Unless the hotel is able to book those rooms at the last minute, you’ll pay for this minimum irrespective of attendance, so consider your needs carefully before reserving.

Audiovisual (AV)

Audiovisual equipment services included in the contract (sometimes as an “exclusivity clause” and sometimes as part of the Food & Beverage package), is often worth negotiating. The in-house AV provider may be limited in both variety of equipment and technical support. And, using an outside company like CRE for your audio visual (AV) equipment rentals, for the keynote presentation and everything else, is usually far more cost-effective than renting from the hotel.  Be sure to look into local AV rental options before signing away your options.  


Concessions are all the extras, upgrades and freebies included in the contract. Absolutely everything is negotiable and the number and variety of extras that can be included in your rate may surprise the uninitiated. You can get free suites and meals, use of the spa, frequent flyer miles and more. Negotiate like a pro (or hire one) and you’ll save enough for extra plasma display rentals or other equipment.

Cut-off Date

This vital date must be clearly defined in the contract, as it’s the date that your group rate and room reservations expire. A typical cut-off date is from 10 to 30 days before the arrival date.

Food/Beverage Minimum

If you are reserving space for receptions, cocktail hours, lunches, dinners or other events, you will be negotiating a food and beverage minimum. This may be a flat dollar amount that you must spend on food and drinks, and you may be responsible for the unused balance. Make the hotel guarantee the meal prices for any catered events and ensure your attendee count is accurate. 

Force Majeure

Force Majeure supersedes any group cancellation clause (covered in Part 2) and was once called the “Acts of God” clause. It offers a penalty-free cancellation if your plans are altered by “events beyond control,” protecting you against losses from terrorist acts, government regulations, natural disasters, labor strikes, and other situations beyond human control.

From the finest event production rentals to potent post-production technology, our expert Account Executives are ready to help you with a single call or e-mail, or you can help yourself wit our Quick Rental Quote form!

August 7th, 2012

RTECCThe Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference (RTECC) is a unique one-day event that takes place in dozens of locations around the globe every year. In the third week of August, RTECC will be in Irvine (Tuesday, the 21st) and San Diego (Thursday, the 23rd), bringing leading-edge thinking and in-demand information about the many existing and emerging opportunities for real-time and embedded computing. And check this out: It’s all free, including the parking.

What is real-time, embedded computing?

Briefly and broadly, real-time and embedded computing refers to operations carried out by devices with built-in (embedded) software. Modern vehicle braking systems and vending machines are good examples, and you’ll see another if you rent interactive kiosk units from CRE. At an RTECC event, (software) programmers, (hardware) engineers and (corporate) managers focus on specialized computing systems for

  • military and aerospace,
  • image processing and medical instrumentation,
  • telephony and data communication,
  • industrial and process control,
  • vehicular maintenance and control,
  • consumer devices and more.

Free… and valuable event!

A highly focused conference comprising keynotes, workshops and exhibits, RTECC offers free registration, open-door sessions and complete access to the exhibition hall. With parking and lunch also complimentary, your budget for trade show convention rentals and other promotional expenses is looking better all the time. A free conference with all the bells and whistles is great in and of itself, but as real-time and embedded computing is a huge, broad, growing niche, RTECC is a no-brainer for many.

In fact, real-time and embedded computing is among the most exciting new technology fields, with innovative products, sophisticated professional journals and significant industry buzz. If you have reserved an RTECC booth (or intend to now) consider running an eye-grabbing presentation on an all-in-one multitouch display PC, perhaps requesting visitors’ contact info in exchange for a bit of convention swag. RTECC invites you to explore opportunities, network with colleagues, meet industry experts – and get a look at the competition while you’re at it.

“Technology knows no borders”

Year after year, thousands of people attend RTECC events all over the world because they get what they need to succeed. Open-door breakout sessions, the latest on emerging technologies, top industry experts – there’s so much to see, hear and do that you’ll need an iPad rental for each of your conference team members. The iPad is ideal for audio, typed or handwritten notes, still photos or video.

RTECC Irvine
8:30am-2:30pm on Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Hilton Irvine (Orange County Airport Hotel)
18800 MacArthur Blvd.
Irvine CA 92612

RTECC San Diego
8:30am-3:30pm on Thursday, August 23, 2012
San Diego Marriott, La Jolla Hotel
4240 La Jolla Village Dr.
La Jolla CA 92037

CRE can multiply the effectiveness of every cent you invest in conferences or computing. Call or e-mail an experienced Account Executive about your next conference or critical post-production project. Visit our Quick Rental Quote page if you know what you need, and you’ll be in and out in a jiffy.

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