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March 8th, 2013

The United Nations General Assembly, in December 2010, officially named tech companies go green!2012 the “International Year of Sustainable Energy For All” since worldwide sustainable development means ensuring “access to modern affordable energy services in developing countries.” The 2012 International Green Awards adopted the UN’s theme for its own awards given in categories from colleges and city governments to different kinds of businesses.

In  fact, various organizations around the world, both private and public, investigate, rate, and report on the green behavior and policies of government agencies, businesses, utilities, and other institutions. The Green America Awards are given to a broad range  of green leaders in the U.S. Many of these leaders are businesses, especially technology companies, as they were very early adopters of “greening” methods. CRE didn’t waste time, either; our Green Statement has been publicly displayed for years.

2012 Newsweek Green Rankings

In 2009, Newsweek started analyzing the 500 biggest U.S. firms “to find…the most eco-friendly” ones, of all kinds. Interestingly, although tech firms have dominated the rankings for three years now, it hasn’t been headline-grabbing boutique brands like Apple that have excelled the most, but manufacturers of un-sexy but potent, efficient, cost-effective, and green workstations that populate our own desktop PC rental inventory.

Newsweek developed its approach with the help of “an advisory panel of corporate sustainability experts” and claims that its rankings are “the most comprehensive.” We’ve blogged about the Newsweek ratings before, noting how the “Green Rankings reward firms that save energy and eliminate waste.” The 2012 Newsweek Green Rankings honor the 15 greenest companies. The complete list is available below, with the experts’ analyses of the winners’ accomplishments.

CRE’s very business model is built on the green principle of shared technological capabilities, on providing leading-edge, productive, and empowering technologies without massive capital outlays or waste. From trade show convention rentals to high-power post-production gear, CRE has the right technology. One call to (877) 266-7725, a message, or a visit to our Quick Rental Quote form is all it takes!

- – -

A Summary of the Top 5
by Newsweek (link to original slideshow with all 15 scores and analyses)

1. IBM (Green Score: 82.9) — The venerable tech giant was singled out for its money- and resource-saving “Smarter Planet” products.

2. Hewlett-Packard (Green Score: 78.5) — HP has lowered overall corporate emissions over 50% since 2005.

3. Sprint Nextel (Green Score: 77.5) — Sprint is on track to recycle nine out of every 10 devices that it sells within four years.

4. Dell (Green Score: 77.1) — An amazing 98 percent of Dell’s ” nonhazardous by-products” are recycled.

5. CA Technologies (Green Score: 77.1)  — Within 18 months, the company will derive fully one-quarter of its electric power from renewable energy sources.

February 26th, 2013

The “balanced life” has been humankind’s never-ending quest. It may turn out that it can only be approached, not attained, making it a journey rather than a destination. However you characterize it, the pace of life at work and at home—Another OS update? A new iMac? Kids’ braces are how much?—can be brutal.

Add in the mental and emotional demands of the Cyber Age, says William F. Aicher, and it can be difficult to find that “balance between nature and technology within everyday life.” Aicher, web and marketing director for, admits to being a lifelong “lover of both,” and says that one important key to fulfillment is achieving that “equilibrium” between technology and nature.

From insights to action

Aicher speaks for many of us when he admits that he recognized his imbalance—the home space was alive and varied, the office not so much—before he took action. It wasn’t as if his work environment was furnished with office equipment rentals and hardware store calendars. Aicher brought his “feel” to the space with “family photos, Batman figurines [and] some old music press photos,” but gave short shrift “to the idea of balance.”

As he sought the elusive “balance between technology and nature,” Aicher began to realize that the goal was as broad as it was narrow. That is, he knew that the journey toward balance would result in a “healthy existence [for] myself as well as for humankind.” Instead of detouring from that, well, balanced goal, and trying to “save the world,” Aicher kept his focus on “fixing my own world.”

Bringing the Outside In

Aicher was spending most of his time at the office, so that was the priority. He tells the tale:

There simply was no life where I was working, and there was no positive flow of energy. So what I did was rearrange my office… situating my desk so my back was no longer to the door, incorporating some lush plants [and] setting up a small saltwater aquarium in an eight gallon biocube (a lot of work and patience, but absolutely worth it).

Aicher brought plants and created a new kind of space, one where he could “take a step away from my technological and Internet-focused day to zone out (some people might call it meditating).” You can use whatever props and devices you like to create your unique space—a MacBook for streaming tunes, ambient lighting (there’s an app for that!)—as we all need something different to achieve “equilibrium with life.”  Of course, these things can’t replace the need to take breaks and get out of the office and into nature from time to time, but balancing your day-to-day environment fosters peaceful moments.

Whether you call it zoning out or meditating, it is in those peaceful moments, Aicher knows, that you will learn once again to feel “whole.” As we add more blogs to this “TechLife Series” we will consider specific problems and situations, as well as consider the positive impacts of technology on such world crises as hunger, illiteracy, war, energy, disease, and poverty. In doing so, we will build on a broad, inclusive statement of principle that, like the foregoing insights, comes courtesy of William F. Aicher: “Come back to nature once in a while.”

Whether it’s conference time or you’re jammed with post-production jobs, our decades of experience and first-rate inventory of trade show convention rentals and high-tech equipment promise a quick and solid solution. Call an Account Executive at (877) 266-7725, send us a message or visit our handy Quick Rental Quote page. We’re ready when you are!

December 27th, 2012


TSE2013The Special Event 2013 (TSE2013) will be at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, from January 15 through 20, 2013 (exhibits start January 16). TSE is actually a very special event, as it is the premier conference and exhibition dedicated to event production itself.  CRE is well versed in this area, since we’re dedicated to event production rentals.

At TSE2013 you’ll find not only event producers, but creative professionals from all over—from companies looking to bring production in-house, to casino owners, resort managers, hospitality industry professionals, and many others. Trying to catch their attention with plasma display rentals and cutting-edge booth architecture will be vendors of everything from tableware to the red carpet that celebrities navigate on their way into film premieres. Booth space was gone almost three months ago, so exhibitors have had plenty of time to come up with some great ideas. (If you need one, let us know.)

The courseware at TSE2013 counts toward ISES (International Special Events Society) and CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional) certification, and is the real vein of gold that attendees should mine. (If your company’s sending miners, remember that they’re data and idea miners, not coal miners. Give them laptops or iPad rentals, not picks and shovels.) Conference tracks include professional development, sales and marketing, design, event management, tools and resources, food services, wedding trends, and more. At the workshops, as in the exhibit hall, the networking will be nonstop—and will give you global reach, as attendees come from all around the world.

 • • •



The DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition is coming to the San Diego Convention Center from January 29 through 31, 2013. The utility industry’s leading “smart grid” conference and exposition, the three-day event covers energy efficiency, automation and control systems, renewable energy, power delivery equipment, water utility technology, and other critical topics.

As you network with over 8,600 utility industry professionals—engineers, managers, researchers, technicians and administrators from 48 countries—you will get the inside track on new technologies. Meanwhile, 400+ exhibitors will target you with 76-inch displays, or throw mini-parties with audio visual (AV) equipment rentals and foldout dance floors, just to introduce you to their cutting-edge products and services in a fun way. The fun will balance the very serious work at hand, as some 350 of the industry’s top speakers will address the issues affecting global utilities, with topics broken into 14 tracks with 77 total sessions. You can continue the discussions at the Breakfast Roundtables.

It’s too late to get a booth at either of these January 2013 events, but if you booked space you always have us. Need an LCD touchscreen monitor rental for visitor interactivity? The whole technology package, complete bells and whistles? Or just tips on  the right kind of swag?—then call on us. We don’t just “deliver stuff.” We devise a unique solution for your unique goals, drawing from our decades of experience, plus our first-rate inventory of trade show convention rentals and high-tech equipment.

Whether you call one of our Account Executives at (877) 266-7725, send us a message or visit our handy Quick Rental Quote page, you will be (1) well taken care of and (2) free of event- or production-related stress. We’re ready now if you are!

December 20th, 2012

Anthony Mutua, a 24-year-old Kenyan, invented a shoe-powered charger that is at once a great advance in “green” power and a declaration of independence from traditional electric utility infrastructure. Insert the slim crystal chip into your soles and it produces electricity from pressure, sending it to a phone or iPad rental via a thin cord. Mutua says the product will last three years, and plans to sell it for under $50.

Tom Krupenkin and Ashley Taylor, engineering students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, have developed a different version of “in-shoe power generation” that harvests thermodynamic energy (body motion and, again, footsteps). Their company, InStep NanoPower, is moving forward quickly, with the device shipping sometime in 2013. This system could one day produce enough power for you to rent laptops and never plug them in anywhere else.

More “personal” energy ideas

Muller's Electree - a New Form for Green EnergyCRE, already committed to green principles, encourages responsible activity in both private life and business. Alternative energy sources, as well as more efficient use of current ones, holds out great promise for a truly sustainable future. Further, the more people that go “off the grid” to personally power their mobile devices, the better. Here are a few other green-power solutions being developed on the “personal scale” for everything from tablet PC rentals to phones:

Capturing sonic energy—Sound vibrations (we hope their Good Vibrations) are converted to usable electricity by a piezoelectric component in a mesh fabric, as demonstrated at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival in 2012. T-shirts with a “piezo pocket” kept concert-goers’ phones charged up while the music kept the people charged up.

Soaking up Old Sol—Solar panels on backpacks (Ralph Lauren) and other form factors (like Vivian Muller’s Electree) are effective alternatives if you live in a sunny clime. If you keep your MacBook or PC charged up this way, you can “piggyback” your cell phone and charge it via your laptop’s USB port, too.

Using your head (and legs)—A German firm, Silverback, has debuted its line of “Starke” bicycles that will charge your devices as you pedal. Their marketing materials refer to “long rides” a few times, so this solution is for veteran bikers, not noobs. If you’re not charging, say, your cell phone on that “long ride” to the office, the power will not be wasted—it’ll keep the headlight battery charged, so you’ll never buy another. Win-win-win!

The Starke Bike saves your pedaling energy

Worldwide, the need for connectivity keeps growing, including third world nations where power sources are undependable, scarce, or nonexistent. For those in advanced nations, personal-scale solutions like the Starke bikes encourage exercise while reducing energy demand. CRE will keep you posted on alternative energy sources as part of our “green technology” coverage—check it out, there’s great information there!

We have the right information, the right gear and the right people to help you with everything from event production rentals to mountains of mass storage. A single call or e-mail, or a trip to our Quick Rental Quote form, will get it done. We’re ready when you are—like now!

November 29th, 2012

“Everything is everything” started out as a New Age nostrum about universal interconnectedness and quickly turned into a self-parody, losing all meaning until the modern environmental movement revived it. Now the phrase is a simple reminder that, yes, all things in creation are connected. That means today’s businesses need a strategy—a “sustainable” one, like CRE’s own—to address environmental concerns about… everything! That means your marketing efforts, too.

Marketing is going green, too!We’ve blogged quite a bit about “green matters” (here’s a recent one), but there are really just five major environmental factors businesses must contend with. About equally important, these areas are Technology, Demography, Politics, Sociocultural, and Economics. It’s much more involved than just knowing the recyclable components in your iMac, and you have to work to stay informed. Here’s a good start for you.

Technology has as much impact on businesses as anything else (usually more). Today even small companies can afford a global reach with the Internet, powering their promotions with low-cost, high-performing gear like custom Desktop Computer rentals and other cost-effective tech. Better research is a tech benefit, too, yielding highly targeted SEO instead of loosely targeted signs, brochures, and other printed materials.

Demography is the study of age, ethnicity, gender, and everything else that helps define human beings (especially in their consumer role). Around the world, as well as within countries, businesses still must consider various ethnic groups as well as generational ones like “baby boomers” and “Gen X,” along with more focused ones like “science-fiction lovers” or “pet owners”. The shift toward inbound marketing, plus the growing number of young and savvy consumers, means socially aware campaigns perform better. Younger people also drive the acceptance of touch technology like our LCD touchscreen monitor rental—and all the tablets people are poking.

Politics matters everywhere, with taxes, regulations, and labor laws being major costs for businesses globally (affecting consumer spending power, too). While traditional business plans tend to minimize startup costs, it’s far wiser to develop sustainable and ethical approaches right out of the gate. This helps manage long-term costs, since “technoprogress” brings advances in efficiency, too. Politically aware planning will help businesses contend with regulations that increase as nations grow (a) more environmentally aware and (b) wealthier.

Sociocultural factors vary from nation to nation, and within them, too. Whether in their home market or abroad, companies must be aware of dominant religions, local attitudes toward the environment, and other strongly held beliefs. But wherever you are, marketing technology for events—like business technology for the office—can be rented and reused, making a MacBook Pro rental a top example of “green” computing.

Economics affect all companies and their marketing efforts, because interest rates, inflation, and unemployment are important “general business health” indicators. You don’t need one of our plasma display rentals to advertise those facts in huge letters—everyone knows times are tough. But working smarter and harder means increased efficiency standards, thus less energy, time, and money wasted.

If your survival depends on first-rate trade show convention rentals and high-end post-production technology, the solutions are one call or e-mail away. If you know what you need, head to our Quick Rental Quote page and get in and out fast!

November 20th, 2012


IAEE Expo! Expo!The International Association of Exhibitions and Events brings its annual convention – dubbed “Expo! Expo! 2012″ – to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, for a three-day extravaganza running December 4-6, 2012. If you are exhibiting there, remember that CRE doesn’t just rent interactive kiosk units and other trade show necessities. We help you strategize, budget, and execute the unique solution you need to really make an impression. And, for a convention of convention experts, you need to have your “A” game going!

With one-on-one networking, group sessions, and “experiential education opportunities” covering every conceivable topic, IAEE has put together a solid, sensible agenda. Whether you attend, exhibit, or both, the amount of information being dispensed will easily overwhelm the unprepared. Each member of your conference team should be equipped with an iPad rental, a tablet PC, or another way of taking written, spoken, and video-recorded notes. If it’s a green-aware conference, too, you will be downloading conference materials, as well. Be ready.

Perhaps the most exciting time at the event will be when exhibition and event professionals from around the globe gather on Wednesday, December 5 from 11am to 5pm in the West Concourse Hall C of the Convention Center. That’s where they will be looking for new and innovative technologies, creative partnerships, dynamic new projects, and strategic allies for the future. So if you’re looking to catch their attention, read our blogs about drawing people to your booth, get hold of the right tradeshow convention rentals (crystal clear and BIG displays, audio/video gear), and then — whenever and wherever it is you need to put it all together — we’re ready to help.


The San Diego International Auto Show (SDIAS) roars into the San Diego Convention Center from December 27-30, 2012, with over 400 new vehicles on display, as well as a slew of aftermarket suppliers, specialty service firms, and other auto-related vendors.  Featured attractions include the Exotics Salon, Ride & Drive events, and the  Think Blue Eco Center.

San Diego International Auto Show logo

If you are in one of the many industries supporting vehicle manufacturing, maintenance, repair, or even general transportation, you will feel right at home at SDIAS. Better yet, the SDIAS is among the largest auto shows in the U.S., and the second highest-drawing show in California. If you’re exhibiting at this show, your investment in plasma display rentals and other attention-getting technology items will be well rewarded.

With an auto-themed gallery in the middle of the Center, having an iPad rental would again be ideal – for its good camera in addition to everything else. Sure, you’ll be networking; promoting your product or service; you know, “taking care of business.” But you can also take time, in a grand gallery space, to relax among fine works of art and snap great shots of cars of “historical or geographical distinction” and others that fall under the heading “teen nostalgia.” Remember car songs?

For everything from high-end post-production equipment to audio visual (AV) equipment rentals, your solutions are a single call or e-mail away. Know what you need? Visit our Quick Rental Quote page!

October 4th, 2012

digital communication isn't exactly as imaginedFrom our earliest days we humans have let our imaginations run wild. Of the dreams that have come true over the last few millennia, some are considered nightmares now (nuclear power, for instance). In Top 10 Tech Dreams that Came True, Part 1, we looked at such wonders as submarines, earbuds, and the modern office (as opposed to The Office, which no one could have predicted). But do you realize how far back the ideas for video chat, radar, and the iPad  go? Read and learn! And remember, your dreams can come true, too.

Top 10 Tech Dreams that Came True, Part 2 (6-10)

6. Video Chat, 1911 – AT&T debuted its “Picturephone” at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. It didn’t catch on due to bulky equipment, user-unfriendly controls, and poor video resolution. Today, Skype and FaceTime (the videochat service on all Apple devices from iPhones to the iMac) offer simple, free, and crystal-clear connections.

7. The iPad, 1968 – It was Arthur C. Clarke, once again, who foresaw tablet PCs and e-readers. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the astronauts used a small, handheld “newspad” to “scan the latest reports from Earth [in] the world’s major electronic papers.” After choosing what stories to read, a simple tap on each “postage-stamp-size rectangle would expand [it] until it nearly filled the screen.” Exactly!

8. Automatic Doors, 1899 – While today’s ecologically minded engineers focus on greening conventions and saving energy, labor-savers like automatic doors were once the height of futuristic fantasizing. Here’s Wells again, from When the Sleeper Wakes: “The two men…walked straight to the dead wall of the apartment… a long strip of this apparently solid wall rolled up with a snap, hung over the two retreating men and fell again.”

9. Tanks, 1903 – The first tank battle took place in 1916, although Leonardo Da Vinci designed various armored vehicles in the 15th century. Warfare changed in a big way during World War I, as the Industrial Revolution made previously unthinkable technology possible. Weapons systems were being developed as swiftly, and with as much public excitement, as high-tech gadgets are introduced today.

10. Radar, 1911 – Hugo Gernsback precisely described radar in his 12-part serial from 1911, Ralph 124C 41+. Guglielmo Marconi didn’t develop a device to detect remote objects by reflected signals until 1933, but would have recognized Gernsback’s description: Radio waves “can be reflected in the same manner as a light ray is reflected,” and when sent “back to the sending apparatus” will show the target’s speed and direction.

CRE will keep you, your projects, and your company moving forward with the right speed and direction, too. With everything from the best PC rentals to network attached storage, CRE is your one-stop shop for technology and trade shows. One call or e-mail, or a visit to the Quick Rental Quote page, is all it takes. Call, write or click now!

September 27th, 2012

Most historians date the beginning of the modern environmental movement to 1970, as that is the year of the first Earth Day. (The main worry then was that we’d all freeze, remember?) By the 1980s, consumers in industrialized nations were concerned with household chemicals, energy conservation, air quality, and alternative fuels – and energy, always energy. These were the issues that influenced the eco-sensitive lifestyles of today, and will influence tomorrow’s.

A new era, a new definition

The high-tech sector began its biggest growth at the end of the 20th century, at the same time that the term (and goal) of “greening” entered most every Earthling’s vocabulary. From smart phones and TVs to household appliances and the latest desktop computer rental, it’s all about getting more work and play from fewer amps and volts. This mindset is just now taking hold in another commercial area, that of signage. The fact that its definition has completely changed in just a couple of years makes a little bit of a history lesson necessary (but worthwhile).

Digital signage began as a high-tech green alternative to such large displays as printed billboards and building signs, but with costs dropping precipitously and screen sizes available from a few inches to stadium size, the applications are now nearly numberless. With recent and ongoing advances in digital display technology like ultra-efficient LED-LCDs and our interactive LCD touchscreen monitor rentals, extending your green strategies into digital signage – the traditional areas as well as new ones – can help the planet and your business at the same time.

Not just for retail anymore

touchscreen digital signageSignage applications are most numerous, perhaps, for retail firms, and not only for large-scale advertising or building signs. With flat panels popping up everywhere – small 15- to 20-inch screens at grocery checkouts, big ones like CRE plasma display rentals on sports bar and hotel walls – and in-store displays capable of integrating various screen sizes, retailers can save serious money by reducing or eliminating printed materials. Easy-to-use software that runs on everything from a computer to an iPad rental empowers you to change messages, schedule on/off times and manage display settings.

Compared to disposable or recyclable printed materials – signs, sale sheets, price lists, in-store directions, company office locations, etc. – digital signage is almost always greener. It saves both paper and plastic while eliminating the purchase of inks, paper, and chemical coatings used in printing. This is especially true at special events. Renting digital signage displays in place of single-use printed guides and maps can add up to make a huge difference, and since the displays are rented they can continue to be used for numerous events – reducing electronic waste as well. The environment wins in many ways, a goal of CRE’s own Green Statement, from the reduced use of chemicals to the dramatic reduction in trash created by mountains of signs, flyers, catalogs, etc. In addition to the aesthetic value, green alternatives will save you a good chunk of “green” in the long run.

For everything from trade show convention rentals to high-end post-production technology, your solutions are a single call or e-mail away, right here at CRE. Know what you need? Then visit our Quick Rental Quote page and be in and out fast.

August 16th, 2012

Modern buildings are among the largest single contributors to greenhouse emissions. In the U.S., as much as 40% of the total CO2 released annually comes from office buildings, homes and other structures. And everything’s involved from the kinds of materials being used to the upgradability of the installed systems, as well as every imaginable environmental impact.

So when buildings house conference centers and those start filling up with attendees and exhibitors, who start plugging in plasma display rentals and digital signage, we are presented with yet another opportunity to think and act “different”. We’ve blogged many times on green conferences and technology, and today we’re hitting some of the major points do some simple, innovative conference greening of your own.

Green Your Conference


  • Choose centrally located conference centers with a number of hotels and restaurants incorporated or within walking distance.
  • Note nearby stores for basic things conference-goers always need.
  • Ensure that enough hotels and other nearby businesses offer free WiFi, as you will rely on it to communicate with team members via smart phones, iPads, tablet PC rentals or their own laptops.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Encourage people to walk, use public transportation and car pool.
  • Coordinating transportation for attendees can be a huge undertaking, so contact an event transportation specialist if you need help.

Registration & Communication

  • Codify your commitment to sustainability, as CRE did with its corporate Green Statement, by posting your policy on the conference website.
  • Use e-mail and web-based forms for registration and attendance tracking of conference-goers, as well for communicating with both vendors and support staff.
  • For agendas, program materials and other giveaways, reduce or eliminate paper, ink and printing processes by distributing them online, via WiFi at the conference, on a CD or copied to a flash drive sporting the company logo.

Presentations, Meetings & Meals

  • Devise a recycling program within the meeting venue itself, starting the very first day, then promote it continuously.
  • Use only energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly office equipment rentals, if any.
  • Meals: Use no disposable items, not even napkins, to eliminate paper waste – and serve water only on request.

Consider enlisting the help of reputable event production experts such as CRE Rentals to ensure the best possible results.  A single call or e-mail, or a visit to our Quick Rental Quote form, will get you what you need so you can get back to “greening” your conference. Call now!

March 6th, 2012

Green GlobeThe green movement is no longer a fringe phenomenon, but a mainstream business strategy and lifestyle choice. One study shows that 56% of Americans are willing to pay a premium for green electronics that use less energy and are easily recycled. Thus, saving energy while reducing waste is a goal for manufacturers of tech devices, from the high-powered render farms that media professionals rely on, to new laptops that weigh (and cost) less all the time.

A comprehensive “green tech strategy” is unique for every product, addressing energy, cost, waste and sustainability in all phases of its life – R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales, usage and disposal/recycling. Lenovo’s new ThinkPad laptops, for instance, use 10-25% recycled plastic. Apple products, from the entire Macintosh line to CRE’s popular iPad rentals, are designed with great attention to raw materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and easy recycling.

Multiple solutions

Companies are creating both hardware and software solutions. New energy-efficient desktops can run on one-third of the power a four-year-old PC requires. Intel’s new chips are more powerful without using more energy, like the one that appears destined for an updated Mac Pro. There are various methods for keeping computers in low-energy mode until users need more “juice” for tough tasks.

Even mundane products like office equipment rentals get the energy-smart treatment. Hewlett-Packard and other firms are making great progress with printers, scanners and “all-in-ones” that snap out of sleep mode quickly when needed, then go back to snoozing until needed again. Various new energy sources and strategies are being studied, but the best ways to reduce the overall eco-impact of computing are common sense and low-tech:

  • plug computers, monitors and printers into a single power strip and turn them off when not in use;
  • set your monitor to darken during inactivity, not run a bright, watt-hungry light show;
  • keep air slots unblocked, don’t let dust build up inside your PC and “keep it cool” computer-wise; and
  • extend the useful life of high-tech devices with proper care and maintenance.

We’re getting there

Tech firms need to consider environmental impact when crafting IT solutions and developing products for long, useful lives. Whether it’s a specialized Xserve RAID or something as common as a PC desktop computer rental, when high-tech devices reach the end of their usefulness, manufacturers and retailers work together to ensure that reusable components are properly reclaimed and recycled. Cradle to grave environmental responsibility? Not quite, but we’re getting there!

CRE takes its commitment to the environment seriously, the same way we take every customer question, concern or need. Got a conference coming up where you need to make a big splash with big plasma display rentals? Need some energy-efficient iMac rentals for that new project? One call or e-mail puts an experienced Account Executive on the job for you. If you know what you need, visit the Quick Rental Quote form and be on your way in minutes!

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