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May 4th, 2010

One area area of interest to many CRE clients is graphics performance. Designers to graphic artists doing Web work, and engineers developing circuit boards, need the best possible graphics processing, as they rely on precision, accurate color and consistent performance. So, what’s new?

Not the good old “color card” days

In most early computers, you had to specify what “color card” you wanted, first of all. In 1987, the industry settled on IBM’s Video Graphics Array (VGA) as the model for the image output. After trying various adapters and connections, cards were eventually mounted, in most cases, in PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) slots. The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) was introduced in 1997, to offload processing of graphics to a device closer to the core functioning of the computer. NVIDIA Quadro 1700 from CRE RentalsSeveral forks in the road later, there were solutions based on varying customer needs for precise imaging – from “not much” on the low end to “all you can get” at the leading edge – offered by such manufacturers as ATI and nVidia (often all-caps, NVIDIA) which CRE Rentals stocks.

What finally evolved was a way in which systems could “share” some of the CPU’s memory, RAM, with the graphics processing circuitry. This model is still in place in low-end computers. Potent PCs like the HP 8600 computer rentals and the awesome Mac Pro rentals have fast graphics processing units (GPU) mounted in PCIe (PCI Express) bus slots for maximum bandwidth. With all the graphics number-crunching (of which there is a lot) happening on a dedicated subsystem, the CPUs in these high-end computers can devote every single clock cycle to doing the unseen work.

Onward graphic processors!

Like everything else in computers, the graphics processors are getting faster, smaller and more precise. The color performance we take for granted was a far-off dream just a decade ago – and compared to the early computers’ graphics performance, today’s top performers are downright miraculous. With color calibration equipment, artists can certify that their computer is displaying (and their software generating) the precise colors called for in a particular design.

Many of those working with high-end graphics today are too young to remember how nearly impossible it was to get color consistent throughout a device chain. The advances in the unseen heavy lifting done by GPUs – combined, of course, with the progress represented by LCD rental, plasma, LED and  Apple Cinema Display rental– promises a very colorful, cost-effective future for digital artists of all kinds.

Not sure what you need? We work with you to solve production bottlenecks, help plan your conference or convention, deliver the workstations you need to take on more business – and maximize your every opportunity.  We’re ready to help, right now. Call or send an e-mail, any time, for a swift and thorough reply – or complete the Quick Rental Quote form if you know what you need.

April 20th, 2010

Rent high-def plasma for May 2010 Trade Shows and Conferences.

Web 2.0 Expo

Web2.0 ExpoWeb 2.0 Expo will feature the latest Web 2.0 business models, design strategies and development tracks for building the next-generation Web. From May 3-6 at Moscone West in San Francisco, this year’s multi-track conference brings together people, ideas, connections, products, contacts and companies to nurture stronger Web 2.0 communities.

The Web is still a powerful engine of economic growth, continuously fueled by a host of evolving business, development and design ideas that collectively fall under the umbrella of Web 2.0. The Expo features influential keynotes and speakers, info-packed workshops, an Expo show floor where your CRE interactive kiosk rentals can capture contact information from attendees of all types and the freewheeling Web2Open “unconference” and other rich, rewarding networking events. The event-wide WiFi network will allow your team of attendees, exhibitors or both to stay in touch with tablet PC rentals and leverage the network to gain even more from the event.

2010 ISRI Convention & Exposition

The scrap recycling industry’s businesses, customers and vendors will be attending the 2010 ISRI Convention and Exposition from May 4-8 at the San Diego Convention Center. They will come together to define the meaning of “success” in coming years, attending workshops and general sessions that will equip them with knowledge that will be key to success in today’s, and tomorrow’s, business operations.

Networking time will provide many opportunities to find new partners, clients and customers, while the largest scrap recycling equipment and service expo in the world will introduce attendees to new tools and technologies. It’s a perfect opportunity to deploy plasma rentals in a “TV wall” or set up the all-in-one computer rental with multi-touch screen  for crowd interaction.

The Cable Show

Billed as the event that brings together “Hollywood creative visionaries and Silicon Valley technology leaders for a one-of-a-kind convergence of ideas and innovation,” The Cable Show runs May 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The conference, presented by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), will touch on all the program delivery models – cable, mobile, portable content, Web – where technological advances and new business models are creating new opportunities and synergies.

In addition to sessions on everything from customer service, e-care, IP (Internet Protocol) service delivery and social media, Brian Roberts, the chairman and CEO of Comcast Corp., will headline an exclusive Newsmaker Brunch on the future of entertainment. Both cable company executives and content creators attend The Cable Show, and you should consider plasma rentals or LCD monitor rentals from CRE to catch their attention at your exhibit booth.


The Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), held in conjunction with the Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (QELS), yields CLEO/QELS 2010CLEO/QELS 2010. The conference attracts top talent from the fields of optical devices and fibers, lasers and photonics. This year’s conference will be held May 16-21 at San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center.

Attendees from around the globe come to hear from leading authorities as well as new innovators, and this year CLEO will include emergent applications related to lasers. The event is organized into four main segments, the first of which is the conference itself. The second segment is CLEO: Applications, where the focus is on practical demonstrations. The CLEO Market Focus sessions, segment three, will be held on the exhibit floor (a perfect place for interactive kiosk rentals) and deal with commercialized applications in such fields as energy, defense, security and biophotonics.

The CLEO: Expo segment, where over 300 companies from around the world will exhibit their new products and demo their latest innovations, is where you want to be equipped with CRE audio visual rentals and the biggest, brightest CLEO/QELS plasma rentals to showcase your company’s offerings.

Wherever you need to make an impression as an exhibitor, CRE can outfit you just right. Call or send an e-mail to our Account Executives, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, and we will take care of you quickly and professionally. With CRE., you are always equipped to win.

April 13th, 2010

As discussed in our  April 8 blog (“Computer Security, Online and Off”), it wasn’t long before the computer revolution gave rise to the kind of negative, destructive activity that infects all other human endeavors. Hackers became the new anti-heroes – they destroyed research, stole credit card account information, brought down communications infrastructure and generally made a (costly) nuisance of themselves.

To combat these so-called cybercriminals, new technologies and techniques were developed – and are continuously updated and improved – to provide security for both information and the systems that store it. As the technologies are in a state of constant improvement, Computer Security - CRE RentalsIT security professionals must be involved in ongoing education or risk catastrophic losses. The previous blog told you what expertise you needed, while this one tells you how to get it.

The SANS Institute

Founded in 1989 to undertake collaborative research and provide state of the art education, SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security) Institute oversees programs that reach some 170,000 computer and network professionals worldwide every year. From auditors and system operators to network administrators and chief information officers (CIOs), increasing numbers of IT professionals are sharing insights, learning lessons and finding solutions to a never-ending stream of security challenges.

SANS brings together security professionals from a diverse array of global groups – including corporations, think tanks, universities, government agencies and trade associations – to benefit everyone concerned with information security. It is among the most trusted, and without question the world’s largest, independent source for IT security training and professional certification. The group is a fabulous resource for everyone, from small TV post-production firms with CRE Mac Pro rentals to financial institutions running huge databases on IBM iSeries servers.

In addition, SANS creates, maintains and distributes the most extensive set of research documents available regarding information security. Many of these valuable resources are free for the asking, including use of the Internet Storm Center (an “early warning system”), a weekly news digest called NewsBites, a weekly vulnerability report entitled @RISK and timely security alerts available by RSS  or e-mail.

Annual training conference

In San Diego, from May 7th to 15th, the group will be holding its SANS Security West 2010 training conference. To benefit fully from over 20 top-rated course offerings presented by expert instructors, make sure your show attendees pack our convenient laptop rentals to take notes, stay in touch via Wi-Fi and download course materials.

Security West 2010 is the place to be for security pros and business owners, and CRE can outfit you for attending, exhibiting or making a presentation. If you’ve reserved a spot at the Vendor Expo, we can set you up with touchscreen LCD monitor rentals, interactive kiosk rentals or anything else you need to present and promote your product or service.

Diverse and comprehensive

SANS veterans will recognize both classic, always-relevant offerings as well as exciting new courses in the comprehensive lineup. From SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style, Intrusion Detection In-Depth, Computer Forensic Essentials and Developing Exploits for Penetration Testers & Security Researchers to Comprehensive Packet Analysis, Security Architecture for Systems Administrators and Virtualization Security Fundamentals, the course offerings are both diverse and comprehensive.

The conference will also feature special events, a Vendor Expo/Reception and SANS@Night talks, all absolutely free to registered attendees. There are many informal yet enriching networking opportunities at SANS training events where you can forge valuable professional relationships that can last for years. That’s the kind of relationship that CRE has with many of its valued clients and customers. Whether you’re an old friend or a new one, call or send an e-mail to our experienced Account Executives (or use the Quick Rental Quote form) for all of your computer, networking, storage, presentation and event management rental needs.

April 6th, 2010

One great thing about the blog format and hyperlinking is the ability to simply link to good information that is already available in the “‘virtual world”.  That said, we will  “review the reviewers” and recommend where the best information is. We want to point out some great sites where you can get the very best insight into LCD Monitor RentalsLCD monitors and monitor rentals that are being developed around the world.

TFT Central is a British Web site with some of the very best reviews of LCD monitors. The site has added visual documentation to increase its credibility and explain its ratings. While most Web sites view (and review) LCD monitors from just one or two perspectives – say, gaming or watching movies – the thorough evaluations at TFT Central cover the kinds of different uses found in today’s businesses, including color performance for designers, stable imaging for technologists and video playback for media professionals.

The estimable Government Computer News (GCN) Web site is a similarly trustworthy and dependable with reviews. It covers, along with its print magazine, government, technology and a wide range of products and solutions, including in-depth monitor reviews. While it also delves deeply into PCs and Apple computers, like Mac Pro rentals, its monitor reviews are particularly well-regarded by the tech press pool.

Other top LCD monitor sites

Another well-known Web site, X-bit Labs, may justly lay claim to reviewing the greatest number of LCD monitors. With thorough, formal testing and precise documentation, its reviews tend to be technical and sometimes opaque to non-techies. PC Magazine’s site also has excellent reviews, and they are written for the average user. Although the site lacks the technical depth of some other recommended reviewers, it is possibly the best starting place, and reviews all other computer technology, too. If you are looking into LCD monitors but want the specs on an iMac rental, it’s the place to go.

One thing to remember when reading any review is that one person’s dud is another’s star performer. Because of different ways of testing, and people’s natural subjectivity, you will find the very same monitors being hailed and panned. The best thing to do is read a number of competing reviews, or stick with a reviewer or review site that you have come to trust. Regardless of how you learn the inside scoop, on monitors or other displays like CRE’s plasma rentals, the more you know which monitors are best for each kind of work your business does.

Don’t have the right monitor to get the project done? Rent monitors from CRE – you’ll get exactly what you need.  Call or send an e-mail and we will help you. If you already know the monitor you need, even a non-LCD type like our LED-based 30-inch Apple Cinema HD rentals, just fill out a Quick Rental Quote form and you’ll be plugging and playing (well, “plugging and working”) in no time.

April 1st, 2010

The standalone kiosk has become a mainstay of conventions and typically consists of  a computer and touchscreen monitor, housed in a (usually) vertical cabinet. In some models, the kiosk will also contain credit card readers and printers. They can be deployed to deliver or capture information on various products and services. Outside of convention and corporate use, kiosks have literally hundreds of uses, and can be found in airports, malls, retail stores, hotel lobbies and corporate foyers.

Kiosk rentals in the convention space

CRE’s interactive kiosk rentals are used by companies in many ways, particularly as a way of deploying additional “virtual employees” at conventions and events.  Some of the obvious uses at conventions include:

  • collecting names and addresses of people interested in your product or service
  • dispensing information directly
  • displaying a slideshow or playing a video presentation.

The newest kiosks include Web connectivity so that a marketing team with their tablet PC rentals can actually update the kiosk contents, download captured data and otherwise manage the device’s various tasks. In fact, quite soon many kiosks will be more akin to what IT people call “thin clients,” meaning there will be limited computing horsepower and storage in the physical unit, and it will take its orders and get its presentation material over the Internet.

Kiosk (rentals) in the future

With continuing advances in multimedia processing, new generations of ever-more advanced tools will further reduce development costs of kiosks while increasing their capabilities. A range of other new technologies – like signature cards, smart cards, 3G/4G cell phone connectivity, etc. – will lead to kiosk solutions yet to be imagined. While this is happening with the standalone kiosk rental model, there are other interesting “kiosk-ish” things happening as a result of touchscreen technology coming to PCs.

For one example, CRE has touchscreen LCD monitor rentals and the all-in-one desktop computer rental (Sony’s VAIO L model) that can be used in kiosk-type ways. By installing some special software, you can create your own kiosk and station it at your exhibit booth’s entrance or on a second table. Your “virtual partner” will help you capture more information from more people, perhaps twice as much, since you would be able to assist more than one person at the same time. There are other creative ways to employ kiosk technology that we will address in a future blogs (so check back).

CRE’s Account Executives are up to speed on all the technologies you need for success on an trade show exhibit floor or convention. Call, send an e-mail or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form and we will help you find the solutions you need to the challenges you face. With CRE, you are never in it alone.

March 30th, 2010

Computer laptop rentalsA major advantage of renting or leasing technology is keeping up with the accelerating progress in computing and communications. As soon as a workstation or device is installed, it starts obsolescing, and is outdated within mere months (or faster). When firms make huge investments in buying computer systems, taking advantage of better and newer technology is prohibitively expensive.  This is why rental companies continue to excel and expand, and their trade group (now called the IT-RA) continues to grow.

Apple is a good example of a firm that is forever pushing its own envelope. Sometimes the firm gets on the wrong side of its own customers when it introduces a replacement early in a product cycle, as happened throughout the 1990s. Today, the company is somewhat more careful about new product introductions, spending millions on “pre-announcement” research. Still, you may have purchased a new iMac less than a year ago only to find that you now want one like the new 21.5 inch iMac rentals from CRE. Buying all the new models would be a swift road to insolvency.

Software evolves, too

It is not only hardware that evolves. With the Windows OS, three different eras are now overlapping with the widespread use of XP, Vista and the new Windows 7. Rental companies like CRE need to update customer information and preferences continuously to stay abreast of what the market demands. Right now, some customers demand good hardware like CRE’s HP 8600 computer rentals and are less choosy about which OS is installed. Others need certain applications installed, so smart rental firms need to be able to outfit a workstation in the manner the customer needs. It’s a hard balance to strike.

The “name of the game” in rentals, like everywhere else, is value added. Consulting firms like the Gartner Group advise rental and leasing firms to move to a “suite of services” model and educate customers on the different advantages and options. Instead of simply responding to a RFQ (Request For Quote) with a dollar figure and the number of tablet PC rentals needed, firms can take the opportunity to show customers the costs and benefits (and savings) that inure to their advantage. CRE has always led the way in customer education, and both company and customers benefit.

The solution business

Fact is, rental companies, like CRE, need to be in the business of offering solutions that are not cookie cutter simple, but which meet specific requirements of cost, availability, processing power and ease of use. Good rental companies will work hard to maintain the following strengths:

Flexibility – Rental firms should be able to recommend technology equipment based on a particular project need, adjust the rental period if the project wraps up sooner than expected, or  offer to exchange plasma rentals at the first sign of a glitch.

Financial stability – The financial status and length of time in business of the rental firm will assure customers that the company will be in business for the term of the rental and beyond that. CRE has been in business for over a quarter century.

Full service – The expertise of the rental firm’s employees is key to ensuring that all services, from consultation to setup and operational support, are rendered with the highest possible quality.

Know-how – You need to trust that the rental firm has employees that are in a continuous educational process concerning its inventory of high tech equipment. Whether you need audience response rentals or LCD monitor rentals, you must trust that you are getting the right one for your needs.

CRE is serious about “the solutions business,” and part of that means we listen so that we make the right recommendations. When you need an expert to help you solve a production bottleneck or set you up for a new project, call or send an e-mail to one of our Account Executives and get the assistance you need. If you know what you need, simply send a Quick Rental Quote form and we will be back to you quickly.

March 23rd, 2010

Mini Projector for iPhone/iPod

Miniaturized projectors are getting popular and  better all the time. Business professionals who don’t want to lug around big, expensive projectors now have another choice. They won’t usurp the projector rentals available from CRE Rentals for conferences and top corporate events, but mini projectors certainly have their place.

Mini Projector The MiLi Pro connects to an iPhone or iPod Touch and projects a 640×480 resolution image as far as 30 inches away. Much farther, and the lumens just dissolve. It won’t work well in a large room, but is fine for small groups where presentations are projected just a few feet away on up to 40 (diagonal) inches of screen area.

In addition to a dock for the iPod Touch and iPhone, the MiLi Pro has VGA and RCA connectors that allow it to work directly with LCD monitor rentals. Its built-in, adjustable stand is easily adjusted to get the image just right, but remember it is only about VHS quality. The device charges in roughly three hours and includes integrated speakers.

Walkie-talkie watches for conventions

Walkie Talkie for Convention RentalsHoly chitchat, Batman! The Royal walkie-talkie watches are not much bigger than the first “data bank” watches of the 1980s, with collapsible antennas and permanent rechargeable batteries (AC adapter included). They have 22 channels, each with sub-channels, and once the aerial is flipped out the built-in channel scan will find its counterpart so you can start talking.

There are no buttons to push as the devices are voice activated and an incoming call alert lets you know someone wants to chat. With an impressive range of nearly three miles, these “walkie talkies”  keep you in touch with colleagues at a conference or convention.

A simpler “pad” computer device

It will never be mistaken for the new Apple iPad, as the Adesso CyberPad A4 is an entirely different creature – it is made for taking notes, which it saves to its 32MB of internal memory or SecureDigital (SD) cards in an integrated slot. Connect the included USB cable to your computer and download your doodlings – rather, your mission-critical meeting notes – with the included software.

The utility software is also capable of converting your handwritten notes into text, but like many OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs it is somewhat of a “lite” version and will need some “on the job training” to work right. Digital recorder rentals from CRE are another way of capturing notes on the fly, but together they could make one complete, seemingly foolproof solution.

“Gadget” technology rentals

At CRE, we stay abreast of all modern “gadget” technologies, particularly those that help busy creative and administrative professionals get their work done more efficiently. From tablet PC rentals to convention rentals, our Account Executives can help you push through any obstacles that are delaying your projects– whatever you need, we’re here to help!

Fill out our online Quick Rental Quote form, and get a swift reply and a thorough solution using the newest gadgets.

March 16th, 2010

Scott Harris is the founder and principal of Mustang Marketing in Thousand Oaks. He writes columns for various publications, including the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, and has recently been reminding companies that tough economic times should encourage them to revisit their marketing plans – and that doesn’t mean cutting the budget arbitrarily to save money.

“Today’s economy is our new reality,” says Harris, “and blaming Wall Street is not an acceptable excuse for not doing well in 2010. We’re all dealing with the same economic environment, which means we have the same opportunities and the same challenges that our competitors do.” Marketing TipsIf you are new to marketing, or need a fresh way to look at things, a review of some marketing basics from the perspective of our “new reality” may be just what you need.

Product position, value proposition

Generally speaking, your mission as a business owner is to identify and bring to market quality products and services, delivering better value than competitors. You need to develop unique insights about your customers’ buying behaviors – as well as those of potential customers. This way, you can tailor your message.

Your core message,  sometimes between the lines and sometimes explicit, tells customers the benefits of doing business with you (your “value proposition”). It may, for example, be something like “big enough to get you the best price, small enough to know your name.” Depending on needs and venues, particular ads could focus on just one proposition, or bring in some others. The point is, are you communicating your message clearly and consistently?

Market and competitor research

You need to know your competitors well, and stay abreast of what they are doing (and saying) so you can better position your sales efforts. By identifying segmentation, competitive behavior, market opportunities and product/service “gaps,” you will discover opportunities you may well have missed.

Market research can be as vast or as focused as you need it to be. Online databases from both corporate America and government have a treasure trove of information about businesses in every state. Remember, too, that the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) many of you have used for years was replaced by the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). The NAICS breaks down businesses in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada by type and location.

Online resources

Below are some very valuable online resources to assist you in researching and developing your marketing plan, or at least getting your pump primed. The list cannot possibly be exhaustive, of course, so use the links to bridge to others that will get you where you want to go, and tell you what you want to know.

When you want to know how to get your overflow work handled, or meet a shortened production deadline, CRE has Mac Pro rentals, computer rentals and every other tool you need for a digital work flow. Whether you work with audio, video, design programs or publishing packages, we have the solution to your challenge, from office equipment rentals to LCD monitor rentals. Call or e-mail an expert and attentive Account Executive, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, and we will get right to it. That brings us to one of CRE’s value propositions: Expert solutions, fast!

- – -

Resource list

A great place to begin your research is the Carnegie Business Library.

Fedstats is “the gateway” to statistics from some 100 federal agencies and departments.

The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) is just one of many, many useful databases from the Census Bureau.

The Service Corps Of Retired Executives (SCORE) offers  free online business tools.

You can easily send out your press releases via the Internet with PR Newswire.

Verizon offers a number of documents on “Expanding into New Markets.”

March 2nd, 2010

CRE Rentals highlights the upcoming Trade Shows and Conferences in April.


IPC APEX plasma rentalIPC, the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, is holding its annual conference April 6-8 at Las Vegas’ famed Mandalay Bay resort. For electronics industry firms seeking new solutions in a tumultuous global economy, IPC’s APEX EXPO 2010 will offer answers as well as access to experts and engineers. Various venues – from the exhibit floor with over 300 suppliers to breakout sessions and an “Online Exhibit Hall” – will cover today’s critical areas, from reliability and decontamination to such emerging technologies as embedded devices and new solar panel technology.

The EXPO features the industry’s best standards development discussions, technical conferences and professional development training, as well as an exhibition featuring the industry’s top suppliers.  If you are exhibiting, you need to grab the attention of the thousands of passersby, which can be done with plasma rentals displaying your company products, Web site or even a live webcam feed.

NAB 2010

NAB RentalCalled the NAB Show, the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual conference will take place April 10-15, with exhibits opening on the 12th, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is the world’s premier electronic media event, covering filmed entertainment as well as the creation, management and distribution of content across all media. The NAB Show is putting into practice many of the same “green meeting” ideas discussed in this blog, making it a living laboratory for continuing progress.

The Show was promoted with electronic communications instead of direct mail, social networking sites were leveraged for publicity and registration took place online. Post-consumer recycled materials are being used for conference bags and the limited amount of printing required. CRE can supply exhibitors with energy-effective rentals for NAB, from modern LCD monitor rentals that draw half the power of 5-year-old models to wireless tablet PC rentals for taking notes, downloading conference materials and communicating with others via Skype, chat or e-mail.

The NAB Show’s famous annual exhibition features some 1,500 companies covering over 800,000 square feet. Special pavilions include Destination Broadband, with more than 50 cutting-edge firms and a theater, which will showcase the online video experience and map out the “broadband ecosystem” from basic infrastructure to the latest home entertainment technologies. Other technology-focused pavilions include the 3D Pavilion, Mobile DTV Pavilion, Technologies for Worship and Content Central.


Interop Plasma RentalsInterop, being held at the Mandalay Bay resort from April 25-29, is the best event for getting a comprehensive, unbiased view of all the latest IT innovations, from cloud computing and virtualization to security, mobility and data center innovations. A member of the TechWeb family, Interop drives adoption of new and emerging technology by providing expertise, insight and hands-on investigation of products that help IT managers and company decision-makers succeed.

For exhibitors who need to be in two (or more) places at once, CRE interactive kiosk rentals are a good move. You can capture attendee contact information, offer product specs and maximize your conference investment. If you have a booth, nothing grabs and holds attention like touchscreen feature available in the all-in-one computer rental with some “push-button fun.” You could also plug a laptop, a DVD player or a home-theater system into a plasma rental to present a PowerPoint slideshow, Flash animation or multimedia brochure.

You will also see new technology being deployed, as the InteropNet will be offering a stable high-speed network for attendees and exhibitors, from the conference rooms to the exhibition floor. InteropNet will showcase leading technologies in a live environment, with “virtualization in action” and information on bringing the same cost-effective power to your company.

If your company is exhibiting at any of these events and needs technology rentals, partner with CRE Rentals – your one-stop conference and expo shop. Fill out the Quick Rental Quote form and one of our expert Account Executives will work with you to ensure you get the gear needed to make your conference presence a success!

February 23rd, 2010

Those of you who read Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, not to mention all the specialty TV-biz newsletters, know that the last six weeks or so have seen a lot of action on the TV pilot front. ABC gave the greenlight to two dramas and a comedy in one day, with Fox, NBC and CBS spreading out their action over a bit more calendar space. Fact is, though, that the pilot season is in full swing, which means companies great and small will be doing title sequences, post-processing, digital effects and other work for the producers of the shows. CRE, of course, specializes in supporting the entertainment industry with the best computers and other high-tech equipment.

Entertainment Industry Rentals

It was not that long ago that it took a room full of computing power to produce a single four-minute cartoon. Now there are independent films being created on single Macintoshes. Even the 17-inch iMac, for example, has a Core 2 Duo processor and a gigabyte of RAM, an unthinkably powerful combination that would have seemed otherworldly in the 2001 TV season (remember The Lone Gunmen?). It is muscular enough for audio/video chores and provides a potent platform for Adobe’s Creative Suite, too.

Technology rentals for the  entertainment industry

Running hither and yon to meetings, day and night? If you take along one of the CRE laptop rentals, like the HP NX9010 with a 3GHz Pentium, you will power your way through them all. You will be in constant contact with its WiFi, and the 1GB of RAM will keep you multitasking with notes, video clips, audio addenda and everything else that is likely to come up. Staying put at your desk? Offload your extra work to your assistant or pilot-season temp, outfitted with an HP/Compaq D510, a desktop rentals star with a 2.4GHz Pentium 4. This rental package comes with a 17-inch LCD monitor, too.

CRE covers you no matter what your production needs. From 30″ Apple Cinema Display rental for a big-screen work window, to powerful video and post solutions like the PowerMac G5 with Kona card rentals, we have it all. No matter what you have to do, we have the equipment to help you get it done, and everything arrives to you tested, double-checked and ready to rock, every time. Even more, we can provide the office equipment rentals to tie everything together – whether it’s an HP 4000N B&W laser printer or an all-in-one printer/fax/scanner. CRE has got you covered.

Need some help configuring a system or figuring out a solution for your pilot season workload? Our Account Executives know what you need and have been helping entertainment industry professionals of all kinds for a long, long time. We know what you’re up against, and we know how to help. Contact us today, or fill out a Quick Rental Quote form if you already know what you need, and we will get on the job for you, right now. We do our best to help you do your best, which is the kind of win-win formula we like.

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