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January 6th, 2011

CES 2011 – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the annual rite of passage for all things high-tech – begins today and runs through the 9th. It is by far the planet’s biggest get-together of gadgeteers, tech writers and assorted geeks. You know the type (you may be one): If you use our Mac Pro rentals and memorize every Dashboard widget, you share the mindset prevalent at CES. We have other blogs on New Year’s resolutions, and several recent looks at tech predictions past and future, so we’re not making any predictions here. We’re just reporting on the buzz, which is already at a high pitch.

Tablets ad infinitum

You may be tired of hearing it, but tablets will be humungous this year. CRE offers iPad rentals because Apple has sold about 14 million in nine months and people want them. Now Toshiba, Asus and other firms are rushing tablets to market. Some units will run Android, and some may even run Windows. CRE began offering high-quality Motion Computing tablet PC rentals when they were about the only game in town. Before we add any new products to our list, we’ll check them out up, down and sideways. What to watch for: A tablet from HP running the “WebOS” system. What to watch out for: Cheap tablets with an old Android OS (if it’s under 2.0, fuggedabowdit).

Is that “screaming” or “streaming”?

The streaming media market took off somewhat surprisingly last year. In no time we had Google TV, a new and improved Apple TV, revamped Boxee and Roku, new offerings from Logitech and plenty of Chinese lookalikes. Many of these units attach to large LCD monitor rentals to create a great presentation setup, but TV makers are way ahead of that. Instead of using large-screen LCDs or plasma rentals with the streaming devices, you can now get a TV with Web capabilities built in, so Netflix, Hulu and other sources will stream from “the cloud.”

Another shot at 3D

The far future of 3D monitor technology looks great, and your 2018 iMac rentals may be equipped with 3D screens that are great for design, layout, engineering and (of course) watching movies. Consumers pretty much ignored the TV makers’ 3D-TV push in 2010, possibly because of the expense, possibly because of the lack of 3D content – but definitely because of those silly glasses. Vizio is attacking the price problem, while Nintendo and Toshiba are making headway in developing goggles-free 3D viewing. And James Cameron is going to make two more Avatar flicks!

We follow the technology wherever it goes, and new products that prove themselves will enter the CRE inventory. In the meantime, we have state-of-the-art equipment for your media production needs, as well as convention rentals and great advice across the board. Call or e-mail an Account Executive, or fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form, and we will find the right solution for you – right now!

December 21st, 2010

It’s not polite to point!

Microsoft’s powerful Xbox 360 got a boost in 2010 with the debut of the Kinect motion-sensing control. Players interact directly with games through gestures tracked in 3D space by two cameras. Now the company behind that technology, PrimeSense, is supplying it to makers of HTPCs (Home Theater PCs) to give movie/TV watchers remote control without the remote. Starting in 2011, watch for gesture control to move into the same areas staked out by touch screens, as well. We don’t know if CRE’s iMac rentals will be outfitted in the future with gesture control, but it is clear that through trial and error we will discover which devices are best controlled with touch, and which are best simply to wave “goodbye” to.

“Year of the Tablet”

Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the Blackberry, is set to unveil its entry into the lucrative tablet market in 2011. Its PlayBook will join such products as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, HP Slate 500, Toshiba Folio 100 and a slew of Android tablets in trying to siphon off some of the cash flowing to Apple’s iPad. With phone makers (Nokia), PC brands (Acer, Asus) and appliance firms (LG) all ready to jump in, watch for tablet power to increase and price tags to decrease. Heading from the Year of the Netbook into the Year of the Tablet makes a certain kind of sense, and if a solid product appears that will be of value to our customers, we will get it – just like we added tablet PCs way back when, and iPad rentals this year. Stay tuned for the next addition!

Wireless displays

The WiGig Alliance announced in November that it would partner with VESA – the international non-profit that “supports and sets industry-wide interface standards” for PCs, workstation and consumer electronics – on wireless DisplayPort. It will support the same two-way speeds as wired DisplayPort, carrying both audio and video data for every imaginable display device from tablets to monitors like CRE’s plasma rentals. Such diverse tech firms as Broadcom, AMD, Microsoft and Dell have joined the WiGig Alliance, and some movie studios are already expressing interest.

A great list!

The best, most complete list of 2011 “things to watch for” is at Writer Martin Carstens doesn’t describe any of the devices or technologies; he merely breaks it down into 13 categories including Desktop Computing, Mobile Phones, Tablet Computing, Device Interfaces and Peripherals. It’s a fascinating list!

At CRE, we actually do know what all this new technology means. Give our experienced Account Executives a call, send an e-mail or put them to work by filling out the Quick Rental Quote form. From computer rentals to conference planning, we’re on the job for you!

December 16th, 2010

Two January trade shows – NAMM, the world’s premier music products/services show, and MacWorld, the annual gathering of the Macintosh faithful – will overlap more than a little, as Macs and music have been close partners since the first day of the first Macintosh computer. Here’s a preview of what you can expect at these high-energy trade shows.

Music is NAMM

Rent Plasma for NAMM 2011The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is holding the 2011 NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 13-16, 2011. In a nod to the environment and the growing “green convention” movement, NAMM has moved registration, schedules and program material to the cloud instead of including a printed supplement in PLAYback, its member magazine. Since the online format allows continuous updating, attendees are encouraged to check the program regularly.

“Music Education Days” (Saturday and Sunday, January 15-16,) feature panel discussions, hands-on training and educator workshops in the Anaheim Hilton’s “Learning Lounge.” You can lead your own breakout sessions with Audience Response System rentals and/or audiovisual rental from CRE, an official rental vendor. With attendance strictly limited to industry professionals, NAMM is where you can target just the right buyers, vendors or potential partners. From interactive kiosk rentals to pitch your product and capture attendee information, to dramatic NAMM plasma rentals that will make your exhibit space stand out, CRE will deliver the goods, set them up, get you going and retrieve the rentals when the trade show is done. CRE takes care of you, the whole way.

Mac is Macworld

Plasma Rental for Macworld 2011Macworld 2011 is coming back to San Francisco’s Moscone Center once again, from January 26-29. All the latest software, hardware and accessories for Apple’s various product lines – Macs, iPods, iPad, AppleTV, etc. – can be viewed, reviewed and test-driven.

If you are exhibiting and need a dozen iPad rental for polling potential clients or need HD plasma rentals to showcase a product demo, CRE gives you a potent trade show presence. With Macworld offering access to the major players behind Apple-related products and services, it’s where you want to be to stay on the leading edge – while cultivating contacts, making presentations and sealing a few (or many!) deals.

One call or e-mail, or a few moments filling out our Quick Rental Quote form, will put us on the job for you. From convention rentals to strategic advice, our expert Account Executives can help you put your best foot forward at NAMM, Macworld or any other trade show event. We’re ready now!

November 11th, 2010

Think you’re up on “wireless”? If the word still means only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices like CRE’s iPad rentals, cable-free office printers and tablet PC rentals, you need a vocabulary update. The new frontier of wireless includes hard drives, monitors and (right out of sci-fi) wireless power charging. Let’s take a look!

Wireless hard drives

Wireless Hard DriveWe mentioned wireless USB in a recent blog, as it will be the primary connective technology for wireless hard drives. Wireless hard drives present a challenge to developers as security concerns are more serious than with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which have relatively weak encryption and password protection. The answer for developers came from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) – namely, a one-to-one connection with the host computer via a small USB “dongle” with a high-speed radio transceiver. This technology will be compatible with the computer rentals from CRE Rentals until such time as Apple and other manufacturers build the capability into future models.

Specifications will likely change after the rollout of USB 3.0, but for now peak speed is the USB 2.0 standard (480Mbps) within 10 feet. However, speed drops 50% with every additional 10 feet, until you’re only getting 110Mbps at 30 feet. Your wireless office will take a little planning if you are intent on sharing storage among several people, like a post-production team working collaboratively on iMac rentals. Clearly, it will be some time before standards ensure that various makes and models of devices will work together. But that day is coming.

Wireless monitors

IOGEAR Inc. recently introduced a product that wirelessly connects USB ports and VGA ports, allowing you to extend your desktop working space without cables. Just add the USB adapter to your computer, and the VGA adapter to the monitor, to set up the connection. The technology is not Wi-Fi and it’s not Bluetooth, and the product is currently available only in the U.S. due to the wireless regulations in the EU (European Union).

The range maxes out at about 30 feet, supporting resolutions up to 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+) with a maximum streaming resolution of 720p. This opens up all sorts of possibilities for moving one of the plasma rentals around your exhibit booth or breakout room for real presentation flexibility.

Wireless power, too

Intel’s new wireless power technology has been tested successfully, and WildCharge’s flat pad is already on sale. It can wirelessly charge various leading edge wireless devices. CRE stays on the leading edge, as well, but we don’t jump on any bandwagons until technologies are proven and stable. As the wireless confusion clears up, you can count on us to carry the best of the wireless equipment that can speed your workday along.

Now, as in the future, out Account Executives are ready to advise you about powerful tools for your digital workflow, convention rentals and storage solutions for your mountains of data. Call or e-mail, or fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form, and an experienced Account Executive will get a solution in place for you – right now, the right way!

November 4th, 2010

ASHP Midyear Conference

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists chose Anaheim, CA for the 45th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition. Meeting sessions and exhibits will take place December 5-9 at the Anaheim Convention Center, the Anaheim Marriott and the Hilton Anaheim. Some 20,000 pharmacy professionals, clinicians and vendors will gather to update their knowledge of the latest technologies, practice standards and innovations.

With hundreds of workshops, sessions, exhibits and networking opportunities, the Midyear Meeting is a great opportunity for both attendees and exhibitors . If you are exhibiting,  CRE has the convention rentals you need and can handle delivery and setup. Work with Show Management and see if a few interactive kiosk rentals can be showcased around the convention exhibit floor; they are unsurpassed for giving out promotional messages!

Hosting a planet-friendly convention

Being wireless-enabled at the Midyear Meeting with laptop rentals will help the organizers fulfill their commitment to hosting a planet-friendly convention. “ASHP has long incorporated conservation and energy efficiency into its events,” says the group’s promotional material, and this doesn’t just mean recycling. It means that ASHP is following many of the recommendations about green conventions that CRE has blogged about recently. All Midyear Meeting brochures, handouts, presentations and continuing education procedures will all be available online to minimize printing and paper waste.

CRE plasma rentals guarantee dramatic signage for your exhibit booth, but you may want to get into the “deep green” mindset of the organizers by making your own sell sheets and brochures downloadable for the wireless majority (while keeping a few print pieces for the un-wired).

We see good progress being made on the environmental front, as just about every major convention center is taking serious measures to reduce waste. This affects everything from how registration is handled to the choice of cloth napkins over paper. CRE practices what it preaches (see our corporate Green Statement), and supports good sense and sustainability by making high-tech tools available without purchase.

Exhibiting or attending ASHP and need trade show rentals? Fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, whether you need something before, during or after the ASHP convention, CRE Rentals can help!

October 20th, 2010

There is  a lot of good advice about setting up a conference breakout session. Like anything else, there are trends to stay abreast of, like the increasing use of plasma rentals that are easier to position and use with various devices (DVD and media players, laptops, even iPad rentals with an adapter).  However, it doesn’t matter how great the breakout session plan is if no one attends. Breakout Session TipsYour first job, then, is to develop the right kind of session for the particular conference, and then get people into the room. The third little-known tip is follow-up.

1. The right kind of session

Obviously, the session topic needs to relate strongly to the conference theme. In a recessionary economy, you may need to focus on the one or two most important conferences rather than spread yourself thin covering “second-best” venues. The “right kind of session” also means the appropriate delivery method – video on LCD monitor rentals, presenter with slides, interactive, discussion panel – and compelling content. Experts note that attendees need to feel that the material they are receiving will resonate with them and be filled with concrete and practical advice.

2. Pre-session promotion

In most cases, you can buy the e-mail list of last year’s conference to promote your breakout session at the current one. You can also do some promotion via trade journals, newspapers, blogs and the Web newswire services. Don’t forget that interactive kiosk rentals can serve as “robot PR people” at the conference. The kiosks can run promotional spots as attendees walk by or showcase additional information on the spot. You need to get people to your session, so drum up some excitement!

3. All-important follow-up

Whatever the audio visual requirements are, CRE has audiovisual rentals and the broadest selection of LCD monitor rentals to fill the bill. Add  great content, and you could have a real hit.

Unfortunately, there is no way to speak with every attendee individually, so post-session and post-conference follow-up is essential. Collect attendee contact info with an old-fashioned sign-up list. Or, try polling attendees during the session using an audience response system rental. Not only will you gather feedback about the session but you can also collect attendee contact information.  Once the conference is over, you can start following-up.

Remember, whatever your situation with conventions or digital workloads, CRE is your premier solution provider. Call or e-mail an Account Executive today, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, and get moving with state-of-the-art speed and capabilities!

October 14th, 2010

Here is a look at the upcoming Trade Shows in November:

129th AES ConventionAES

AES (the Audio Engineering Society) is a driving force in the evolution of pro audio expertise and education, and it will hold its 129th annual get-together at Moscone Center in San Francisco from November 4-7, 2010.

To help you stay on time and on track, AES is following one of the primary “green convention” recommendations by maintaining a constantly updated online calendar for finding special events, workshops, presentations, tutorials and technical seminars at the event.

If you are exhibiting at the AES Convention this year, showcase your product or service to engineers, executives, marketing directors and product developers with AES plasma rentals – it will put your message on a screen that can’t be missed. If you’re planning any presentations, we’ve got you covered there, too. CRE has the full range of convention rentals to outfit your booth including an interactive kiosk rentals that can display your products and take contact information from attendees.

SEMA2010 SEMA Show

From November 2-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the premier trade event for automotive specialty and aftermarket products will showcase the latest, greatest innovations. The SEMA Show, not open to the general public, attracts industry leaders, buyers, and retailers from 100+ countries.

If you are exhibiting, consider outfitting your team with iPad rentals to survey visitors to your booth or gather contact information. Or cut through the noise and bring your message to those who need to hear it with bright, bold graphics on our SEMA plasma rentals – 50 inches of true 1080p HD quality color and action sound. The right selection of audio visual rentals guarantees your message is seen and  heard.

G2EG2E: Global Gaming Expo

The Global Gaming Expo, G2E, the only event produced “by the industry, for the industry,” has been on the leading edge of the gaming industry for a decade now and is at the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 15-18. Professionals from around the world will gather to see and learn what’s new and what’s next in a dynamic, ever-evolving marketplace.

G2E’s  exhibit floor is packed with exhibitors and if you will be among them, you need CRE to help you rise above the crowd. Touchscreen LCD monitor rentals are great for that. Splash an animated welcome sign on one and invite passersby to sample videos, watch product demos or browse through your digital brochures and product displays.  If you are conducting a breakout session and want feedback from industry pros, Audience Response System rentals are the way to go.

Exhibiting, attending or both, you will get the advice and the equipment you need with one call to a CRE Account Executive. Call or e-mail, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, and we will help you plan a powerful presence that is problem-free.

September 21st, 2010

CRE is serious about the environment, saving energy and “going green,” which is why we have a “Green Statement” front and center on our site. It’s also why we return to the subject regularly in this blog. The last time we discussed Green (5 Great Ideas for Green Meetings & Events ), it was from the perspective of the conference attendee – lightweight signage, energy-saving devices and so on. Greening of ConferencesNow that the green movement is in full swing, convention centers in cities large and small are on the bandwagon, incorporating the latest and greatest energy- and planet-saving procedures. Let’s take a look at what’s happening with these new green convention centers and how it affects building managers, exhibitors and participants.

Green convention centers are similar to the new generation of green hotels. The major areas of concern for the builders and managers of these facilities are

  • energy efficiency,
  • water efficiency,
  • transportation alternatives,
  • waste management,
  • using environmentally-friendly products,
  • indoor air quality and
  • ongoing education of guests and staff.

Energy-saving operations

The new generation of green convention centers debuted in the early 2000s with a variety of new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient features. These include highly advanced, computerized building management systems with the latest in efficient lighting, plus occupancy sensors that reduce demands on lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) as meeting rooms are vacated. In the most advanced facilities, these systems also reduce power, light and HVAC for exhibit hall setup and breakdown. If you are setting up your plasma rentals and other convention rentals at your hall location, facilities managers can ensure that the power outlets to the floor are on for your convenience even when building systems are scaled back.

When the exhibit hall opens and the conference gets going, energy-conserving compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) come into play and continue reducing the expenditure of both energy (up to 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs) and money. Also making major savings contributions are such construction techniques as the Sarnafil EnergySmart Roof system, which successfully and cost-effectively reduces atmospheric heat absorption. Other green roof systems use pre-vegetated mats, some half a foot thick containing sedum plants and other greenery. to provide both short- and long-term benefits such as reduced rain runoff and improved insulation.

Cleaning, recycling, transportation

Leading edge green convention centers also focus on the back end – what happens after the conference is over. Well-designed, comprehensive recycling programs deal with everything from composting food waste, reusing oil and grease, and collecting wood pallets to gathering up all glass, metal, plastic and cardboard materials. Exhibitors that anticipate a great deal of waste can arrange with facilities management for interim waste pickups or special handling of certain materials. Environmentally safe cleaning products are used in green convention centers, as well as low-flow toilets, efficient HEPA air filtration systems and paper products that are made from a high percentage of post-consumer waste. Before, during and after the big event, the same mindset holds – think green, start to finish.

Green convention centers also extend the enviro-friendly thinking to transportation, too.  Conference center managers work with municipal and private bus systems, and also cooperate with event organizers to set up whatever shuttle systems are most suited to the event and location. The new, still-evolving green convention centers consider every step, every angle and every option that can save energy while sustaining the highest levels of comfort and quality. After you head back to HQ from the convention, and start going through the contact information you captured on your interactive kiosk rentals, the managers of the green convention centers are getting ready for the next conference – and keeping tabs on the latest energy-saving technologies, too.

That pursuit of quality and dedication to progress are qualities that CRE embodies, as well. Whether you require a touchscreen monitor rental for your booth or Audience Response System rentals for a conference breakout session, we have what you need. We also have it when you need it, and can put it where you need it, too. Fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form, and let us know how we can help you get “green”.

September 14th, 2010

The 2010 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference & Exhibition (NCE) will be at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from October 2-5. The annual event makes Continuing Medical AAP 2010 Annual MeetingEducation (CME) a central focus, while industry leaders bring important new information about recent advances. For attendees, you cannot afford to miss the premier pediatric medical educational event.

The NCE pre-conference event, “Pediatrics for the 21st Century,” will key on Health Information Technology (HIT) and quality. Speakers will explain the importance of HIT for improved patient outcomes, while the newest technology will be displayed in a “Pediatric Office of the Future” exhibit.

If you are exhibiting, consider adding an all-in-one desktop touchscreen rental to showcase your products and services or rent an interactive kiosk to capture attendee information for later follow-up.

AAO 2010AAO 2010 is the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s annual meeting taking place at Chicago’s McCormick Place from October 16-19 with Subspecialty Days on the 15th and 16th. In addition to pre-conference programs ranging from exhibits and product demos to seminars, there will be plenty of discussions in the mini-lounges, as well as 100+ hours of free scientific sessions.

Free Wi-Fi access from the AAOasis booth allows attendees to get program info, view on-demand videos and visit the Virtual Exhibition. Real exhibitors of all kinds will be on hand so, grab their attention with a plasma rental to display product demos, infomercials and other presentations using various devices.

ASTRO 2010 Annual MeetingASTRO 2010, the 52nd annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiation and Oncology, is being held at the San Diego Convention Center from October 31 to November 4.  The theme this year is “Gathering Evidence, Proving Value,” inviting participants to consider the changing realities of modern oncological medical practice and take part in the world’s premier educational radiation oncology event.

The Presidential Symposium will address the many challenges of medicine in an era of evidence-based practice. The meeting will highlight the latest advances in both research and practice. Of course, exhibitors are also an important source of information about new devices, technologies and practices. To make your most dramatic impact, CRE has an array of LCD monitor rentals and other displays that will stop people in their tracks.

Consider promoting your “green-ness” by incorporating some of these green ideas at your next conference. When you need to put your best foot forward as an exhibitor, CRE can help — we have decades of experience and can help you strategize an effective trade show floor presence. Simply complete our  Quick Rental Quote form and get a speedy reply.

August 12th, 2010

Oracle OpenWorld

Rent Plasma for Oracle Open World We’re headed toward Fall, which means it’s time for Oracle OpenWorld, being held September 19-23 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. As the most important meeting for Oracle users and experts, Oracle OpenWorld is the premier place to meet business leaders, researchers and innovators from all kinds of industries and scores of countries around the world. If you want to master the Oracle technology stack with which your run your business, then more than 1,800 sessions, a full Saturday of MySQL offerings, 400+ exhibits, scores of Oracle demos and keynotes from global tech leaders will make the event a surefire winner.

For years, CRE has been providing solutions for presentations, breakout sessions, networking and everything else you need to do at conferences. We have Oracle OpenWorld plasma rentals for dramatic displays and signage if you will be exhibiting, and tablet PC rentals to ensure your conference team captures all the information your firm needs. Our wireless gear will help you take control of session notes, manage downloadable conference materials, save prospects’ contact information – and get maps to find your way around The City by the Bay if you don’t know the lay of the land. Oracle promises “five days of education,” with insights and connections that will “transform your business.” Don’t miss it!

Interbike 2010

Interbike Plasma RentalsInterbike 2010, set for September 22-24 at The Venetian & The Sands Expo in Las Vegas, is North America’s largest bicycle trade show and a key event for the entire global cycling community. There will be over 1,000 top brands represented, showing wares and sharing insights with some 22,000 attendees from 60+ countries. Industry leaders, R&D innovators, parts suppliers and bike enthusiasts will mingle and converse at breakout sessions, following keynote speeches and around the hundreds of exhibits.

If you’re exhibiting at this year’s show, CRE has special Interbike plasma rentals to help you make your best impression to buyers, first-tier retailers and product experts from around the world. Get some laptop rentals and you will be equipped to fill an array of monitors with your PowerPoint presentations, Flash animations and digital signage to make booth your a surefire hit.

Make sure your team members have the tools they need to interact with the hundreds of journalists expected at the event, like digital recorder rentals for audio notes and office equipment rentals to print, fax or copy press and marketing materials. Whatever you need to succeed at this important venue, which is co-located for 2010 with the Health and Fitness Business Expo, CRE has it, ready to go.

Digital Video Expo 2010

Digital Video ExpoDigital Video Expo 2010 will be “Delivering the Digital Video Industry” to some 6,500 attendees at the Pasadena Convention Center from September 28-30. Digital video professionals from around the world will discuss current issues, network with experts and check out the latest and greatest processes and products. If you are attending in any capacity, you have to put your best foot forward, because this is the number one must-attend event for production, post-production, storage and IT experts.

The 2010 event dedicates more hours to “show-floor time,” scheduled and ad hoc meetings for building newpartnerships, hands-on product demos and educational sessions right on the exhibit floor. Representatives from the leading publications, blogs and Web sites in the digital video marketplace will cover all that’s new and exciting in videography, broadcasting, digital video, TV and film, computers and display technology.

Last year’s Digital Video Expo 2009 made a big upgrade by moving to the state-of-the-art Pasadena Convention Center, a comfortable and classy destination for So Cal’s (and the world’s) legions of digital pros. Among the top focuses this year is networking, so consider both presentation technology (LCD monitor rentals) as well as two-way technology like interactive kiosk rentals that can both make presentations and capture prospects’ contact information.

Whatever event you are planning to attend, and whatever you need to accomplish, CRE is ready to support you with a iPad rental or a thoroughly outfitted exhibit area. We’ve got you covered from iMac rentals for your digital control center to audio visual rentals for making a powerful impact. Contact one of our experienced Account Executives today and see what kind of power and control CRE can put in your hands for conquering a convention or two.

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